Cookware everywhere you turn


Scrolling through my social media feeds today, I admit I felt a bit overwhelmed with the volume of cookware-related tweets. Michael Symon was announcing his new line of branded pots and pans, Food52 was featuring a glass-lidded cast-iron brasier, and then I spied another post from Bon Appetit announcing Le Creuset’s new tri-ply stainless steel cookware line. 

Those are just a few of the posts selling pots, pans, and bakeware. Then there are the blog posts that include twee coquettes, burnished vintage baking molds, cast iron of all hues and shapes, stunning ceramic pie pans, and an array of collectible tools. If we are living in a golden age of cookbooks, we must be living in a platinum age of cookware. 

The exponential advancement of technology may have outpaced that of cookware development, but in its own way, that has been amazing as well. Today we have new lines of cast iron that are finely machined for improved nonstick capabilities, while weighing about 30 percent less than the pans of yesteryear. Tri-ply stainless and explosion-bonded copper clad pans utilize space-age technologies in something you can use every day. 

We’ve even achieved marriages between techology and cookware, with smart bakeware that will send you a text when you cake is ready. What I find fascinating about much of this development is that unlike your cell phone, you can purchase one of the next-generation cast iron pans and pass it down to your children. While it is unlikely that the smart cookware or digital items like the Instant Pot will have the same longevity, it’s comforting to know that your skillet will be sweating onions long after you are no longer standing behind the stove. 

I’m not quite ready to purchase the smart bakeware – or even stainless Le Creuset, for that matter. I do enjoy my new cast iron, which complements the hand-me-down pans I’ve had for years. And I will continue to take delight in witnessing both the technological leaps and the lasting value of quality made cookware and bakeware. We’ve featured several giveaways featuring the latter – and you’ll be happy to know that many more are on the way!

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