Epic vegetable rant on Twitter

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are filled with gorgeous food photos and people fawning over their favorite foods. In a twist on these typical positive posts, a recent Twitter thread gained a lot of attention for allowing people to rant about foods – vegetables, to be precise – that they hated. 

It all began when legal analyst Imani Gandy posted a photo of sauteed spinach with the caption “Is there a vegetable that’s a bigger liar than spinach? This is half a pound. LIAR!!” 


Others soon joined in, lambasting everything from celery, calling it “just water, neatly organised into lines,” to kale to sweet potatoes. 

While some people stuck to the original theme of “lying vegetables”, others expressed strong dislike for specific vegetables. “Parsnips. They’re Satanic carrots,” one person remarked. Perhaps the most damning comment was saved for asparagus: “Asparagus tastes of bitterness and despair. It’s like late middle age in vegetable form,” was the tweet. 

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