The case for white chocolate

white chocolate parfaits

It's not difficult to find diehard dark or milk chocolate fans. People swoon over decadent brownies, wax poetic about rich, dense fudge, and fawn over a molten chocolate cake. Mention white chocolate, however, and you'll probably encounter entirely different reactions ranging from indifference to outright disdain. That's just not fair, says Annabel Crabb. She provides a stirring defense of white chocolate

Crabb opines that the reasons most people don't like white chocolate have to do with using it improperly and consuming low-cost versions that have been adulterated with additives like palm oil and copious quantities of sugar. When handled properly, she explains, white chocolate can shine and elevate a dish. 

Pairing white chocolate with anything sweet is a recipe for disaster, Crabb says. To get the most out of its delicate flavors, you should instead pair it with tart foods like sour cherries, passionfruit, or dried apricot. Another way to tame the sweetness of white chocolate is to roast it. Crabb opines that "its rich, buttery brown hue and toasty flavour are ample rewards for a quiet declaration of faith in this much-reviled ingredient."

Photo of White chocolate and crème fraîche mousse with passionfruit syrup from Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine

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