April 1st - Kindle Cookbook Deals

Act quickly if any of these cookbooks interest you, as I'm not sure how long they will remain on sale. Newer additions to this list begin at the top. I will update during the week and re-share on social media so check back.

Please note books range from .99 to 9.99 (the higher priced kindle books are typically far more expensive for hard copies i.e., newer titles and Thomas Keller and the like). We are working on obtaining individual Canadian and UK links until we straighten that out our UK affiliate link and CA affiliate link can be pulled up and you may search for the titles or use our BUY BOOK link.

A reminder that I am continually updating our 2018 preview post, you may wish to bookmark that post in your browser for future reference and be sure you have entered all our giveaways. Our social media buttons can be found on the right lower sidebar of our home page along with links to our affiliate stores that help support the site and indexing efforts.

Lastly, our EYB Book Preview and EYB Recipe Preview was launched last week. We are working on more EYB Book Previews and will update you when available. This link will take you to the books that currently have this feature.

Preorders and Sneak Peeks:

UK members, these titles, along with others, are currently on sale for £0.99 each - click the link - and choose Kindle to see the sale. Also you should be able to see other recommendations for sale books. We are working with Amazon.uk and Amazon.ca to make this easier for us all:

US New additions:

May be ending soon:

Still on sale:

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