Dorie Greenspan’s advice to new cooks

Everyday DorieWhile we patiently wait for Dorie Greenspan’s new cookbook to arrive (Everyday Dorie, coming this October), we can get more of her sage advice from indexed blog Food52. Dorie recently provided the site with her top eight tips for novice cooks, and while they may be aimed at beginners, even confident home cooks will find them useful. 

Among the wise advice, Dorie says one thing that all cooks can benefit from is being fearless – or at least not afraid. Even beginners should branch out beyond the basics as they learn the craft. Says Dorie, “I think you become a better cook, faster, if you cook the foods you’re craving and the ones you’re excited about learning to make,” and she reminds us that “Most mistakes are edible. Some are even really tasty.” 

The popular author says that having the right tools can make cooking easier and better, but she advises new cooks not to worry about getting everything all at once. Building up your collection a piece at a time so you can purchase quality gear. Some items can be expensive, but “if you buy good stuff, you’ll have it forever.” Dorie finds some items in unusual places, like the hardware store. There you’ll find paint brushes that you can use for basting, and screwdrivers. Dorie uses the latter, along with a rubber mallet also found at the hardware store, to help her chop chocolate. 

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