What’s going to be served at the royal wedding?

 Buddha bowl

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming nuptials are groundbreaking for many reasons, now including the food to be served as well. We previously reported on how the royal couple chose a non-traditional wedding cake to be baked by Claire Ptak. Now we’re learning a few details about the food that will be served on Saturday, which also bucks tradition

While we will not know the details of the menu until a good while after the ceremony,  Windsor Castle’s royalchef Mark Flanagan released a teaser of what will be offered at the reception banquet. Keeping with their previous non-traditional choices, the Prince and his bride will forego the usual sit-down wedding breakfast and will instead be treated to trendy bowl dishes and small canapés, much of which will include local produce, including items from the royal gardens, and prepared in the Windsor Castle kitchen. 

“We know the couple wanted us to make sure we used all of the local seasonal produce as much as possible throughout their menu, and this recent good weather is really helping us to achieve that,” Chef Flanagan said in an official statement. “(For) all their decisions, we purely made suggestions and the couple… they’ve tasted everything, they’ve been involved in every detail.”

In addition to the bowl food and canapés, sweet treats including chocolate truffles, crèmes brûlées, and other small bites will be served at the afternoon reception for a large crowd of approximately 1,200 people. Later that evening, a formal dinner, hosted by Prince Charles, will be held at Frogmore House and attended by a more select group of 200 guests.  Millions more people around the world will celebrate vicariously by making our own special dishes to enjoy while viewing the wedding. 

Photo of Big buddha bowl from Great Bowls of Food by Robin Asbell 

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