Disney is launching an online food channel

Chef MickeyAt its annual presentation to advertisers of upcoming new video content, the Walt Disney Company announced that it was creating a new online channel and editorial site dedicated to food. The digital brand, called Disney Eats, will host culinary shows and products aimed at families.

The content, much of which was created in a partnership with global entertainment company  Tastemade, includes shows like “Kitchen Little,” which features children working with celebrity chefs; “Tiny Kitchen,” where chefs create small replicas of Disney food; and a kitchen science program. The shows will focus on “co-cooking” experiences, or parents and children cooking together. 

Disney hopes to draw in a new generation of viewers by pitching the shows at their parents, who grew up watching YouTube videos and are now looking for suitable content for their children. Naturally, there will be product tie-ins to the shows, with branded products, like kitchen utensils and bakeware, as well as cookbooks. While the online food channel may be new, Disney is no stranger to cookbook publishings; the EYB Library contains dozens of Disney-themed books

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