Le Creuset Mini Cocettes with Flower Knob Giveaway and Mother’s Day Ideas

Before I left for New York to visit with publicists and attend the James Beard awards with Jane, I had fun baking and photographing this charming set of Mini Round Cocotte with Flower Knobs from Le Creuset. I am not a person who loves flowers unless they are growing outside but these flowers, I can get behind. It is no secret I adore Le Creuset, and yes, I love other types of cookware as well but Le Creuset delivers so many beautiful colors and designs that they are my kryptonite.

Today, I am going to share some photos of a few things I made in the cocottes with recipes to come soon, but before that I want to tell you about some of Le Creuset’s products that would be ideal for Mother’s Day, bridal showers and summer brunches.

First up, the Fleur matte pieces are stunning. I have the oval pot picture below as well as the round cocotte that my husband generously bought me for Mother’s Day last year. While matte isn’t my favorite finish, I can’t resist the embossed floral design and especially the floral knob that can be found on some of the cast iron enamel – so cute! 

And just when I thought I had everything I wanted, they did it again. Le Creuset has a new line of Lavender cook and stoneware which is now on my never-ending wish list. The 4 1/2 quart Dutch Oven, the Provence lavender plates, and the Au Gratin dish are available now on Le Creuset and they are beautiful!


Any of these gorgeous pieces would make Mom (or a new bride) happy this time of year and if you really love mom make her the Onion soup from the Le Creuset: A Collection of Recipes from Our French Table cookbook and deliver dinner to her in the pot (bonus points for buying her the book, too). The little cocottes would be wonderful to serve the soup in as they are broiler safe.

I have a few recipe ideas that I played around with using these adorable cocottes – one was a brownie and cinnamon roll mashup which went over huge at our house and I am planning on creating a bread pudding that is a play on a famous international dessert. I hope to get those recipes up for you before Mother’s Day and definitely before summer arrives here in North America. 

Other great Mother’s Day gifts from Le Creuset include:

Scroll through Le Creuset’s Mother’s Day suggestions and give a gift they will never forget. Le Creuset is giving one of you a set of these beautiful cocottes in our giveaway below. Special thanks to Le Creuset for providing me a set to experiment with and enjoy.


Le Creuset is offering one set of the Mini Round Cocotte with Flower Knob to a EYB Member in the US. One of the entry options is to answer the following question in the comments section of this blog post.

Which Le Creuset product  would you like to own?

Please note that you must be logged into the Rafflecopter contest before posting or your entry won’t be counted. For more information on this process, please see our step-by-step help post. Be sure to check your spam filters to receive our email notifications. Prizes can take up to 6 weeks to arrive from the publishers. If you are not already a Member, you can join at no cost. The contest ends at midnight on June 9th, 2018.

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  • stephdayl  on  May 2, 2018

    I’ve always wanted a set of mini cocottes and these are gorgeous! The 4 1/2 quart is also beautiful too.

  • Lkvoyer  on  May 2, 2018

    I have always wanted a 5 qt braiser!!

  • sushimaven  on  May 2, 2018

    I would love to own the Flower Cocotte! It's so pretty and I love the color

  • dbielick  on  May 2, 2018

    I'd like the sakura round dutch oven

  • jenlhawes  on  May 2, 2018

    The flower topped cocottes are to die for!

  • Rosesrpink50  on  May 2, 2018

    Those cocottes with flower knobs are adorable! I also love the Beauty and Beast Soup Pot. Brings back memories with my daughter! I've never had a piece of Le Creuset that didn't love.

  • chileheaddave  on  May 2, 2018

    A Dutch oven

  • kmn4  on  May 2, 2018

    Well, as long as we're wishing, I'd like the Ultimate Cast Iron Set in Caribbean, please! πŸ™‚

  • Kellyr78  on  May 2, 2018

    I would like the Au Gratin Dish Set.

  • Teruska  on  May 2, 2018

    Pate terrine with a press. I shall put it on my wish list!

  • matag  on  May 2, 2018

    3 1/2 quart dutch oven

  • MadMom  on  May 2, 2018

    I would love any of them! I used to have three shelves full of Le Cruset, but it's all in storage until we add onto the house. The mini cocottes are great!

  • laffersk  on  May 2, 2018

    Flower cocotte in Purple! I love it and I don't own anything purple. Honestly I want it all. My kids will get me something terrible that I will pretend to love. lol LOVE all this!

  • valorie  on  May 2, 2018

    I love anything lavender! The Flower Cocotte is beautiful!!

  • lydiag12  on  May 2, 2018

    I'd love a nice large pot for soups!

  • MollyB  on  May 2, 2018

    I'd love some of the mini cocottes. I would also love to have one of the 7 1/4 qt. Dutch ovens, but I don't know where I'd put it!

  • JJWong  on  May 2, 2018

    The Mini Round Cocette collection with flower knobs are adorable!! I would love to add those to my collection.

  • contest718  on  May 2, 2018

    Is every Le Creuset product too many? I have about 20 already from bake ware to dutch-ovens but on the question note: 4 1/2 quart Dutch Oven & Beauty and Beast collection from here.

  • amyz218  on  May 2, 2018

    A Dutch oven would be my dream item.

  • thewife1992  on  May 2, 2018

    I love the Provence (purple) collection. Hard to choose, but wouldn't the flower cocotte be adorable!

  • MiMi60  on  May 2, 2018

    I love it all. I really would like the frying pans.. and oh I want it all…

  • Laura1  on  May 2, 2018

    I've been longing for a Le Creuset dutch oven for years

  • Dannausc  on  May 2, 2018

    All of them! Though the flower cocottes are beautiful!

  • sir_ken_g  on  May 2, 2018


  • rchesser  on  May 2, 2018

    The Snow White Apple Cocotte Set.

  • ravensfan  on  May 2, 2018

    Ultimate Cast Iron Set

  • eileen2015  on  May 2, 2018

    I would love any one of their pieces.

  • Puguppy  on  May 2, 2018

    Blue dutch oven

  • TuesdayM  on  May 2, 2018

    Dutch Oven

  • juazella  on  May 3, 2018

    I want one of their covered casseroles

  • AnnaZed  on  May 3, 2018

    O gosh, I want the PROVENCE LAVENDER PLATES, SET OF 4 even though they don't go with anything that I have!

  • Betsy775  on  May 3, 2018

    I have my eye on a new 7.5 quart dutch oven!

  • JRumi  on  May 3, 2018

    I would like a Signature Roaster

  • lean1  on  May 3, 2018

    Sakura Dutch oven.

  • sarahawker  on  May 3, 2018

    Oval Dutch Oven with Grill Pan Lid

  • vickster  on  May 3, 2018

    That Lavender cocotte is incredibly beautiful. Le Creuset is my all-time favorite!

  • bakeswithlove2369  on  May 3, 2018

    any of them..but a dutch oven I can bake bread in would be fab…

  • JamieLondonK  on  May 3, 2018

    I’ll never turn down another Dutch Oven!

  • immortalb4  on  May 3, 2018

    I've always wanted a cocette and that flower one is amazing!

  • lgroom  on  May 3, 2018

    Dutch Oven in flame orange.

  • janv  on  May 3, 2018

    I also love their Coupe Pasta Bowls

  • jmay42066  on  May 3, 2018

    Ultimate Cast Iron Set

  • mpdeb98  on  May 3, 2018

    Heritage tart tatin dish

  • ktwalla  on  May 3, 2018

    Ultimate Cast Iron Set

  • Jennybec  on  May 3, 2018

    The cocettes are so sweet and would get a lot of use but my most coveted piece is the braiser. They’re all pretty great, though.

  • cecrofts  on  May 3, 2018

    The oval cocotte – so lovely!

  • Yarnia  on  May 3, 2018

    le creuset loewy coquelle

  • Amdona  on  May 4, 2018

    The oval cocotte

  • uclangel422  on  May 4, 2018

    These are so beautiful. I would love to own one of their dutch ovens

  • starrie143  on  May 4, 2018

    I love Le Creuset and have quite a few pieces but would love to add the Provence Lavender Round Dutch Oven!

  • minilynn3  on  May 4, 2018

    A large casserole dish!

  • Lorihahn  on  May 4, 2018

    I want all of them!!!!!! But the mini ones are so cute and great when entertaining…everyone gets their own little coquette with something delicious in it!

  • HeatherLynn  on  May 4, 2018

    I am in love with the FLEUR HERITAGE ROUND CASSEROLE!! Beautiful stuff!!

  • RSW  on  May 4, 2018

    Classic Whistling Kettle

  • southerncooker  on  May 4, 2018

    I'd love to own a 7 1/4 quart in Cerise

  • larksong  on  May 4, 2018

    I'd love the Fleur Cocotte in Soleil!

  • LaurenE  on  May 4, 2018

    the Flower Cocotte

  • t.t  on  May 5, 2018

    Moroccan Tagine

  • jezpurr  on  May 5, 2018

    I'd love to own the French Press Set and lots of other stuff!!!^_^

  • coupcrazy  on  May 5, 2018

    I love Le Creuset! I really admire their Dutch Ovens and Braisers.

  • sparkfan1965  on  May 5, 2018

    I would love to have the Fleur Oval Cocotte. It is beautiful!

  • AsTheNight  on  May 5, 2018

    I'd love to own their cassadou. I make a lot of braised dishes and this would be perfect.

  • rusthawk  on  May 5, 2018

    The covered braiser and the 11.75-Inch skillet are two that I think would be most useful!

  • greentopiaries  on  May 5, 2018

    I would love to have the utensil set. Thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  • eggplantolive  on  May 5, 2018

    I would love a 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 qt. round dutch oven!

  • Shelley.b  on  May 5, 2018

    Mini flower cocette

  • Bolerorkm  on  May 5, 2018

    I would love the Shamrock Dutch Oven – gorgeous piece.

  • FireRunner2379  on  May 6, 2018

    I would like the 5 1/2 quart Round Dutch Cast Iron Oven in Cerise. I would use it for making stews, pasta dishes and baking bread!

  • heyjude  on  May 7, 2018

    The Oolong Kettle

  • outsidereader  on  May 7, 2018

    I would love to own the braiser in flame.

  • ket06e  on  May 7, 2018

    The piece I've been eyeing for months is the 5.5qt dutch oven in Amethyst

  • thecharlah  on  May 8, 2018

    Would love to own a Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Nonstick Rack

  • EmilyR  on  May 9, 2018

    Those matte fleur pieces are gorgeous… I also want the balti.

  • cheftina888  on  May 9, 2018

    do I have to choose? I want all their products but if I have to narrow it down i'd choose a dutch oven for a practical choice or the matte fleur pieces because they are so pretty and still functional.

  • jc214a  on  May 11, 2018

    I like the Sakura Round Dutch Oven.

  • catmommy9  on  May 11, 2018

    I'd love to own this very set of mini-cocottes!

  • lauriesk  on  May 11, 2018

    I would love to own the 5 qt. oval dutch oven in Cerisse.

  • bdmltm  on  May 11, 2018

    I would love any of the matte fleur collection.

  • babyfork  on  May 11, 2018

    I would love anything in the mint color!

  • LMS209  on  May 12, 2018

    fleur cocotte πŸ™‚

  • Megoola  on  May 12, 2018

    Id like the fleur matte oval piece.

  • eboogie  on  May 12, 2018

    The 8 quart oval dutch oven.

  • clairew137  on  May 13, 2018

    The Mini Round Cocette collection with flower knobs

  • artthecat  on  May 13, 2018

    any size Dutch oven!

  • ElaineMM  on  May 13, 2018

    The provance lavender plates.

  • floridagld  on  May 14, 2018

    That green! In anything. Love it.
    Starting with the braiser please and thanks

  • lpatterson412  on  May 14, 2018

    I have always wanted to try one of their dutch ovens!!

  • amylou61  on  May 14, 2018

    I'd love to own the Provence Lavender Round Dutch Oven. So pretty!

  • leilx  on  May 16, 2018

    I'd like to own the round wide dutch oven in Provence lavender! I need a dutch oven.

  • jluvs2bake  on  May 19, 2018

    The fleur cocotte. Irresistible.

  • rosalee  on  May 19, 2018

    Any of their classic Dutch Ovens

  • Siegal  on  May 20, 2018

    I would love the oval Dutch oven

  • marsmomma  on  May 20, 2018

    I would love any of their dutch ovens in Provence lavender.

  • nomadchowwoman  on  May 21, 2018

    I have a large collection of LC cookware, and I love them all, but I do not have these adorable mini round cocottes with the flowers. I would welcome them into my home!

  • abihamm  on  May 22, 2018

    I would love any if the pans! I have 1 dutch oven and she is lonely. πŸ™‚

  • eatysmith  on  May 23, 2018

    "Which Le Creuset product would you love to own?" Sakura round dutch oven!

  • fbrunetti  on  May 25, 2018

    oval dutch oven

  • Ozma81  on  May 25, 2018

    I would love the tangine and a few sizes of dutch oven πŸ™‚

  • MaineDruid  on  May 25, 2018

    I find the round platter with a cutting board in the middle very attractive.

  • ktpotat  on  May 25, 2018

    I would love a dutch oven

  • demomcook  on  May 25, 2018

    I have always wanted a tangine.

  • two2babykitties  on  May 26, 2018


  • Debcancook  on  May 26, 2018

    The the flower cocottes have my undivided attention! They would be perfect for making mini summer desserts.

  • sally0630  on  May 26, 2018


  • threefourpfeif  on  May 27, 2018

    I'd love to own one of their classic dutch ovens

  • LABeachGal  on  May 28, 2018

    I have always wanted an Oval Dutch Oven.

  • nova  on  May 28, 2018

    I would love the 7 + 1/4 Round Dutch Oven in Caribbean!. simply beautiful!

  • Lmocooks  on  May 28, 2018

    Any of the stackable canisters. Gorgeous!

  • Mrs.Soule  on  May 28, 2018

    This is so hard to choose! The Dutch Ovens are famous of course, but after browsing the site I'd love to try the Pie Bird and French Press.

  • Littlebirdchoc  on  May 28, 2018

    I love the look and feel of so many of their products…I think I'd have to go for a classic Dutch Oven though. Start with the classics!

  • skyejaden  on  May 30, 2018

    I really want an oval casserole dish!

  • NaomiH  on  May 30, 2018

    Saucier in Provence

  • lhudson  on  May 31, 2018

    My grandkids love Mickey Mouse so I will have to go with the Mickey Mouse Round Dutch Oven

  • cindymisho  on  June 1, 2018

    The mini cocettes are beautiful and would love to own won.

  • auntietina  on  June 1, 2018

    I am in love with the Fleur Oval Cocotte, I think I would keep it on the table 90% of the time because it is so beautiful. But the piece I really really want is the red pepper-shaped pot I bought years ago that somehow disappeared when I moved out of the house I shared with my ex.

  • kroshey  on  June 1, 2018

    I would love to have a 4 1/2 at size pot!

  • riley  on  June 2, 2018

    I would love to own the 7 1/4 Qt. Round Dutch Oven in Caribbean.

  • KarenDel  on  June 2, 2018

    I'd love to have the Oval Dutch Oven with Grill Pan Lid

  • sallansd  on  June 3, 2018

    I'd love one of their Dutch Ovens!

  • Katiefayhutson  on  June 3, 2018

    Dutch oven or French press

  • MusicCityMissy  on  June 3, 2018

    The Ultimate cast iron set of course – it's technically one item catalog/buying wise. LOL but if not, you can never have enough of the larger Dutch ovens. Anything but black/gray/or white. I don't stick to just one color.

  • orchidlady01  on  June 4, 2018

    The Le Creuset Round Dutch oven 5 1/2 qt. in the color Provence.

  • pcaradonna  on  June 4, 2018

    The 4 1/2 quart Dutch Oven is my choice.

  • kkarin  on  June 4, 2018

    They are all beautiful and useful. I would love both the flower cocotte and the Sakura round dutch oven.

  • mph993  on  June 5, 2018

    Any Dutch oven would thrill me!

  • Mariaannette  on  June 8, 2018

    I love the little mini coquettes, and I've been lusting after LC's Balti dish for awhile now, and I could use a saucier – enameled or SS. πŸ˜€

  • JanScholl  on  June 8, 2018

    Anything would be perfect as long as it's purple. Granddaughter wants the entire world to be all purple.

  • lindyjane  on  June 8, 2018

    I like the dutch oven with the lavender painted on it.

  • Cotonqueen  on  June 9, 2018

    Love the mini cocotte with rose finial.

  • horselady57  on  June 9, 2018

    The Cocotte Purple flower dish is beautiful!!

  • Jenamarie  on  June 9, 2018

    The Pumpkin Cocotte, but I also love the Beauty and the Beast soup pot – too cute!

  • kkhammer123  on  June 9, 2018

    The fleur oval cocotte

  • VeryVigario  on  June 9, 2018

    Anything in the fleur collection- I love when I can find cookware with a touch of feminine charm in there πŸ™‚ I really love the Fleur Cocette and could see using that quite a bit.

  • LSanders  on  June 9, 2018

    Mini cocottes!

  • littleminxgirl  on  June 9, 2018

    I love all of these.. especially the little cocettes

  • starzine  on  June 9, 2018

    I would love to own the Sakura kettle and mug set.

  • Shipley90  on  June 9, 2018

    I would love to own their Moroccan Tagine! I love Moroccan food.

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