Ferran Adrià to reopen elBulli as a research lab

cookbook collage

Just a few days ago we reported on Ferran Adrià's upcoming new restaurant in Italy, but that's not all the celebrated chef has been working on lately. The chef and restaurateur, who earned three Michelin stars and topped the Worlds' 50 Best Restaurants list five times with his groundbreaking restaurant elBulli, is planning to reopen the site as a research lab.

Adrià pioneered many techniques that have inspired many of the world's best chefs. He sees his new endeavor, called elBulli 1846, as a center for innovation, a combination  research lab and exhibition. elBulli 1846 will open on the former elBulli site sometime between June and October next year. 

You may be wondering where the '1846' fits in. No, it's not a date, but rather the number of recipes that Adrià estimates he invented during his tenure at elBulli. No doubt with a research lab as part of the mix, more recipes - and hopefully more cookbooks - will be sure to come. 

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