Southern From Scratch

Ashley English has authored a number of cookbooks ranging from homesteading to pie making to picnics. Her books are treasures and will become worn and food splattered from love and use. Her latest, Southern from Scratch: Pantry Essentials and Down-Home Recipes delivers 150 recipes that will not only guide us to creating our own Southern foods pantry but will inspire and encourage us to… read more

The most popular cookbook for the year you were born

It's always fun to take trips down nostalgia lane, and especially so if the journey involves cookbooks. The folks at Delish have a treat for by way of a listing of the most popular US cookbook for the year you were born. The only caveat is that the detailed portion of the list only goes back to 1980; those of… read more

The Curry Guy – Review, Recipes and Giveaway

Dan Toombs ("The Curry Guy") has perfected the art of replicating Indian restaurant cooking after traveling the United Kingdom and sampling dishes to learn curry house kitchen secrets. He then went back to his kitchen to recreate and refine those dishes that taste like takeout from our favorite restaurants but in less time and for far less money.  Dan has… read more

‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ headed to Netflix

EYB Members fell in love with Samin Nosrat's award-wining cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Netflix will air a four-part series that shares a title with the book. Like Netflix's other food-related programs, the show highlights food travel. Viewers will accompany Nosrat as she travels around the world to discover and examine delicious dishes.  On Instagram, Nosrat said about the show: "We've… read more

How to Taste by Becky Selengut

I love cookbooks and I find myself making some hard choices as I go about the arduous task of what stays and what goes in my latest purge. We've moved to our new home and I am trying to house all my cookbooks in my office as well as two book cases in our family room area. Some cookbooks are… read more

There’s no right way to use a cookbook

Last week we learned that Prime Minister Theresa May has a rather large cookbook collection, and that she liked to read cookbooks to unwind. I picture her, with myriad important decisions to make, taking a few minutes at the end of the day to open a cookbook and allow it to transport her to another place, free from the pressures… read more

Gordon Ramsay has a new show coming

National Geographic recently announced that chef Gordon Ramsay is scheduled to star in a new show called 'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted'. The premise of the reality TV program seems like a mashup of 'Parts Unknown' and  'Throwdown With Bobby Flay.'  According to the Nat Geo press release, "Each episode of  UNCHARTED will include three key ingredients: unlocking a culture's culinary secrets through exploration and… read more

The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook

In The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook, Pushpesh Pant delivers fresh, delicious, easy Indian vegetarian dishes that don't compromise on flavor, texture or enjoyment. Pant, a professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi and a regular recipe columnist, is also the author of Phaidon's global bestseller, India: The Cookbook as well as a library of other titles. Here, the author shares 150 healthy… read more

Why is it so hard to replicate brick oven pizzas?

Anyone who's enjoyed a pizza baked in a real wood-fired brick oven understands that something about this method of cooking makes the pizzas especially delicious. While dozens of pizza oven hacks are touted on websites, ranging from disabling self-cleaning oven safety latches (not recommended) to lining ovens with brick-like products, it's all but impossible to replicate the conditions of a… read more

Featured Cookbooks, Recipes, and the Latest EYB Book Previews

EYB wants to make your cooking life easier. Our main focus has always been indexing cookbooks and magazines so you can efficiently search your own collection instead of paging through individual indexes. We also aim to keep members up to date on the best new titles being published. Our latest feature, EYB Book Preview, allows you to view an extract from a… read more

Vivian Howard is moving to prime time

After five seasons on PBS, chef and author Vivian Howards 'A Chef's Life' is drawing to a close. The Emmy Award-winning program is going out with a bang, with a final episode called 'Harvest Special', which serves as a series epilogue, airing October 22. But the cancellation of 'A Chef's Life' is not the end of the story for Howard. A new… read more

What’s in a name, part deux: the French battle over chocolate pastries

For decades, a rural-vs-urban, south-vs-north debate has been raging. No, it isn't in a political dispute in the United States, but instead involves France and a specific chocolate pastry. Known as 'pain au chocolat' in most of France but especially in Paris, the laminated dough encasing chocolate bars is called 'chocolatine' in the southwest portion of the country. The debate… read more

Dosa Kitchen by Nash Patel and Leda Scheintaub

Every day millions of South Indians eat a light, crisp crepe made of rice and lentils with or without an endless number of various fillings. These crepes are called dosas and are attractive to many with dietary restrictions as they are gluten-free and dairy-free with the added benefits obtained from being a fermented product. The varieties of savory or sweet… read more

Theresa May’s cookbook collection may surprise you

Many EYB Members read cookbooks as a way to wind down after a long day. If you are one of them, you share something in common with a head of state. Indexed blog Great British Chefs has reported that UK Prime Minister Theresa May has over 150 cookbooks in her collection, and she likes to read them to relax.  May… read more

Kitchen Arts & Letters has wowed cookbook lovers for 35 years

We love hearing positive stories about our favorite cookbook stores from around the world, which is why we were delighted to read a story by Julia Moskin about New York City's Kitchen Arts & Letters. The store, located on Manhattan's Upper East Side, has been provided professional chefs and home cooks alike with the best cookbooks for 35 years.  The… read more

July 2018 Eat Your Books Cookbook Club Summary

We have an incredible community here at Eat Your Books that has flowed into our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club and Sweet Eat Your Books Cookbook Club, places  where we share our successes and fails in cooking and baking from specific cookbook titles. Here on the site our recipe notes feature - completed by members and our indexers - help share… read more

Have cooking competition programs become too difficult?

There is no denying that competition cooking programs have changed in the years since Iron Chef debuted on Food Network nearly twenty years ago. While that show provided challenges for its competitors, the stakes have become increasingly elevated over the years. This intense pressure has a downside, says Nell Frizzell of The Guardian, who wonders whether these cooking competitions have become… read more

July 2018 New Cookbooks Review

Every month when I start the cookbook roundup, I feel like it can't possibly have been 30 days already since the last but here we are in hump month - more than half-way through 2018! The remainder of this year has many good things in store and my Cookbooktober post contains a breakdown of the must have titles while the… read more

Los Angeles restaurant critic Jonathan Gold has died at age 57

The Los Angeles Times has reported that award-winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold has died of pancreatic cancer. Gold wrote about the Los Angeles dining scene for over thirty years, earning numerous James Beard Awards and a Pulitzer Prize in the process. Many of his reviews were compiled into a book, Counter Intelligence: Where to Eat in the Real Los Angeles.… read more

Saveur Food Blog Nomination

If at first you don't succeed. Try, try again. It's that time of the year again - the Saveur Food Blog Nominations are open.   Our team at Eat Your Books loves cookbooks as much as our members do. We work hard to provide cookbook news, promotions and news from the culinary world. This year our weekly Kindle deals posts… read more

Is there a downside to Cookbooktober?

Cookbook lovers look forward to the end of year, when the bulk of quality cookbooks hit the shelves in anticipation of the holiday seasons. October is the month with the most releases. In fact, there are two days in October that each have more cookbooks being released than the entire month of April, according to Matt Sartwell of NYC's Kitchen… read more

Featured Cookbooks, Recipes, and the Latest EYB Book Previews

EYB wants to make your cooking life easier. Our main focus has always been indexing cookbooks and magazines so you can efficiently search your own collection instead of paging through individual indexes. We also aim to keep members up to date on the best new titles being published. Our latest feature,  EYB Book Preview, allows you to view an extract from… read more

The Flavor Matrix – James Briscione with Brooke Parkhurst

The Flavor Matrix: The Art and Science of Pairing Common Ingredients to Create Extraordinary Dishes by James Briscione and Brooke Parkhurst is a revolutionary new guide to pairing ingredients, based on groundbreaking research into the chemical basis of flavor. As an instructor at one of the world's top culinary schools, James Briscione thought he knew how to mix and match ingredients.… read more

What’s in a name? The backlash against vegan ‘milk’, ‘meat,’ and ‘cheese’

To some people, allowing non-dairy beverages to use the word "milk" in their name is not a pressing issue. But to dairy farmers, it seems vitally important. So it's not a huge surprise the chief of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration recently announced that his agency will crack down on the use of the word "milk" to describe non-dairy… read more

French Grill – Cookbook GIveaway

Susan Herrmann Loomis states that barbecue was invented in France. When the Gauls were racing through lush forests in what is now Brittany, Normandy, and the Loire Valley, hunting game, they would return to the village, build a fire, and split their prize from barbe a queue (head to tail) for roasting. While we'll never know for sure who sparked… read more
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