The Flavor Matrix - James Briscione with Brooke Parkhurst

The Flavor Matrix: The Art and Science of Pairing Common Ingredients to Create Extraordinary Dishes by James Briscione and Brooke Parkhurst is a revolutionary new guide to pairing ingredients, based on groundbreaking research into the chemical basis of flavor.

As an instructor at one of the world's top culinary schools, James Briscione thought he knew how to mix and match ingredients. That view quickly changed when he began working with IBM supercomputer Watson (or more appropriately Chef Watson) to turn big data into delicious recipes using 150 of the most commonly used ingredients. Each ingredient's characteristics are displayed in a sunburst graph displaying the best flavor pairings and more. The Flavor Matrix is culinary DNA meets You're Eating It Wrong to deliver extraordinary dishes.

Briscione and Parkhurst (husband and wife dream team) distills chemical analyses of different ingredients into easy-to-use infographics, and presents mind-blowing recipes that he's created with them. The result of intensive research and incredible creativity in the kitchen, The Flavor Matrix is a must-have for home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Don't shy away from this title thinking it is too scientific. While it does provide a wealth of information, the recipes are approachable and include such dishes as Sweet pea, pork and coconut tacos, Peanut and lime macarons with dulce de leche and Cocoa and chile-rubbed beef that any level cook can reproduce easily. 

If you are in the Pensacola, Florida area - you are in for a treat. The couple are nearing the grand opening of their Italian restaurant, Angelena's. You can check out their Facebook page for updates.  

Our  shares a look inside this fabulous book and features the following   recipes:

Special thanks to HMH Cookbooks for sharing the materials for our preview above and providing three copies of this title in our giveaway below.


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Which recipe in the index would you try first?

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  • RNJessicaK  on  7/20/2018 at 5:01 AM

    Corn & Coconut Creme Brulee

  • Kristjudy  on  7/20/2018 at 5:35 AM

    Corn & coconut creme brulee

  • sir_ken_g  on  7/20/2018 at 9:19 AM

    A similar book and a classic in it's 2nd edition is "On Food and Cooking" by Harold McGee. First published in 1984

  • mmstarla  on  7/20/2018 at 10:08 AM

    These look and sound so, so delicious. I would love to try the Grilled oysters with watercress-bacon butter!

  • Lmocooks  on  7/20/2018 at 10:44 AM

    Blueberry and horseradish jam

  • MiMi60  on  7/20/2018 at 11:22 AM

    I think Spicy fish sauce peanut brittle sounds interesting...

  • JulieQC  on  7/20/2018 at 11:47 AM

    Strawberry 'ketchup' is intriguing

  • mduncan  on  7/20/2018 at 1:33 PM

    Definitely intrigued by the Blueberry & Horseradish Jam, but the first thing I'd make in my kitchen would be Fried Eggplant with Muhammara

  • Agaillard  on  7/20/2018 at 1:49 PM

    I would have to go with grilled oysters with watercress bacon butter!

  • janv  on  7/20/2018 at 2:04 PM

    Coffee-cured salmon

  • sgump  on  7/20/2018 at 3:12 PM

    The Sungold kiwi and cranberry relish sounds really intriguing!

  • ldtrieb  on  7/20/2018 at 6:06 PM

    chicken with strawberry relish

  • tennyogirl  on  7/20/2018 at 6:51 PM

    herbed yogurt dressing

  • crownoflilies  on  7/20/2018 at 9:08 PM

    Fig, olive, and walnut relish

  • LaurenE  on  7/20/2018 at 10:25 PM

    Blueberry and horseradish jam

  • mpdeb98  on  7/21/2018 at 8:35 AM

    Thai-style spicy zucchini salad

  • debbiehb  on  7/21/2018 at 9:04 AM

    Umami vinaigrette

  • rchesser  on  7/21/2018 at 3:53 PM

    The corn and coconut creme brûlée

  • kelliwinter  on  7/21/2018 at 10:50 PM

    Raspberry rice pudding sounds interesting

  • CAMcooks  on  7/22/2018 at 12:22 AM

    Can’t wait to see this book. The sesame Avo with Fig Vinegraitte looks amazingly yummy!!

  • stulled  on  7/22/2018 at 7:55 AM

    Banana and chili hot sauce. That sounds interesting.

  • Laura1  on  7/22/2018 at 8:09 AM

    raspberry rice pudding

  • RSW  on  7/22/2018 at 10:16 AM

    Beet and carrot salad with orange-hazelnut vinaigrette

  • Dannausc  on  7/22/2018 at 2:04 PM

    Spicy fish sauce peanut brittle

  • LSanders  on  7/22/2018 at 4:22 PM

    Chicken and mushroom burgers!

  • KZielke  on  7/22/2018 at 8:27 PM

    Umami vinaigrette

  • riley  on  7/23/2018 at 11:55 AM

    Raspberry rice pudding

  • Vanessa  on  7/24/2018 at 7:10 AM

    Broccoli, peanut, and pumpkin stir fry, because how can that really work? Must be the fish sauce.

  • Siegal  on  7/24/2018 at 7:55 AM

    Cured eggs yolk sounds interesting

  • sarahawker  on  7/24/2018 at 9:53 AM

    Barley and cauliflower "risotto"

  • debgonewest  on  7/24/2018 at 1:20 PM

    The garlic honey sounds amazing

  • demomcook  on  7/24/2018 at 3:19 PM

    Fig, olive, and walnut relish - figs will be ripe very soon in our yard.

  • lindaeatsherbooks  on  7/25/2018 at 4:07 AM

    I would like to make the chocolate mousse with crisp beet meringue

  • TequilaMockingbird  on  7/25/2018 at 10:19 AM

    I would be interested in making the roasted root vegetables with ginger salsa verde!

  • antpantsii  on  7/25/2018 at 1:18 PM

    coffee five spice carrot salad sounds amazing

  • Nkrieda78  on  7/25/2018 at 6:16 PM

    The beet and carrot salad with orange hazelnut vinaigrette!

  • Liz_and_Steve  on  7/25/2018 at 7:41 PM

    Garlic honey

  • KarenGlad  on  7/25/2018 at 9:59 PM

    Tahini vinaigrette

  • lpatterson412  on  7/26/2018 at 9:37 AM

    Sweet Pea, Pork and Coconut Tacos!!!

  • jmay42066  on  7/27/2018 at 2:32 PM

    Thai-style spicy zucchini salad

  • Mariarosa  on  7/27/2018 at 9:42 PM

    Cocoa and chile rubbed beef!

  • thecharlah  on  7/28/2018 at 11:46 PM

    Chicken and mushroom burgers with strawberry 'ketchup'

  • fbrunetti  on  7/29/2018 at 9:07 AM

    Coffee and five-spice roasted rainbow carrot salad

  • TheCookbookCook  on  7/29/2018 at 8:11 PM

    Garlic honey

  • kennethjohngilmour  on  7/30/2018 at 7:33 AM

    Cocoa- and chile-rubbed beef

  • ravensfan  on  7/30/2018 at 8:02 AM

    Chicken and mushroom burgers with strawberry "ketchup'

  • Sfgordon  on  7/30/2018 at 10:14 AM

    Peanut and lime macarons with dulce de leche

  • sam2222  on  7/31/2018 at 5:24 PM

    Corn and coconut cream brulee.

  • kmn4  on  8/1/2018 at 3:37 PM

    Bacon tapenade and melon bruschetta

  • hibeez  on  8/1/2018 at 4:59 PM

    mint vinegar

  • beetangsurat  on  8/1/2018 at 6:07 PM

    Shrimp and lamb gumbo might be a little intimidating for a first recipe to try but it sounds delicious!

  • vmiller514  on  8/2/2018 at 12:24 PM

    Blueberry and horseradish jam

  • t.t  on  8/3/2018 at 11:47 PM

    Chocolate mousse with crisp beet meringue

  • banba1  on  8/4/2018 at 7:32 PM

    Garlic honey sounds like it would be great on a lot of things.

  • rachael_mc  on  8/11/2018 at 10:28 AM

    Coffee-cured salmon

  • Steben  on  8/11/2018 at 6:45 PM

    Umami cured egg yolks

  • hagoesch  on  8/15/2018 at 1:36 PM

    Those burgers with the strawberry ketchup and mushrooms are intriguing!

  • Brancica  on  8/15/2018 at 5:09 PM

    I’d try chicken & mushroom burgers

  • lauriesk  on  8/15/2018 at 8:33 PM

    Fried eggplant with muhammara

  • linded  on  8/18/2018 at 7:45 AM

    Spice-roasted grapes sound delicious, maybe paired with a crispy-skinned roast chicken.

  • jim.windle  on  8/19/2018 at 10:27 AM

    Shrimp and lamb gumbo

  • EmilyR  on  8/19/2018 at 8:35 PM

    Chocolate mousse with crisp beet meringue

  • mfl  on  8/19/2018 at 8:48 PM

    Beet and carrot salad with orange-hazelnut vinaigrette

  • shannonstoney  on  8/20/2018 at 9:24 AM

    anything with strawberries in it.

  • tararr  on  8/20/2018 at 2:22 PM

    herbed yogurt dressing

  • thewoobdog  on  8/21/2018 at 11:21 AM

    I want to try the Cocoa and Chile Rubbed Beef

  • kitchenclimbers  on  8/22/2018 at 3:05 PM

    tahini vinaigrette

  • floridagld  on  8/23/2018 at 10:14 PM

    what a treasure chest of delish recipes. the chutneys and strawberry ketchup sound awesome. All the vinaigrettes too. but, first must try Beet and blue cheese rösti potatoes with whipped avocado

  • starzine  on  8/24/2018 at 2:42 AM

    Sesame seed and avocado salad with fig vinegar.

  • trudys_person  on  8/24/2018 at 6:05 PM

    Truffle and Roasted Beet Salad sounds interesting!

  • cheftina888  on  8/25/2018 at 12:50 AM

    chicken and mushroom burger with strawberry ketchup

  • orchidlady01  on  8/29/2018 at 1:27 AM

    Beet and carrot salad with orange-hazelnut vinaigrette

  • ltsuk  on  8/29/2018 at 7:18 PM

    lemongrass bitters

  • skyejaden  on  8/30/2018 at 7:50 AM

    Coffee and five-spice roasted rainbow carrot salad

  • KarenDel  on  8/30/2018 at 7:58 AM

    Beet and carrot salad with orange-hazelnut vinaigrette

  • DJCross  on  8/30/2018 at 10:27 AM

    Chicken and mushroom burger

  • Sharklovers  on  8/30/2018 at 11:15 AM

    Sweet pea, pork, and coconut tacos

  • abihamm  on  8/31/2018 at 8:14 AM

    raspberry rice pudding

  • benjamincrow  on  9/1/2018 at 10:43 AM

    Sesame seed and avocado salad with fig vinegar. The fig vinegar alone sounds divine!

  • AwoodlandPrince  on  9/1/2018 at 12:53 PM

    The spice-roasted grapes sound really interesting. There's quite a few recipes I'd love to try though.

  • auntietina  on  9/1/2018 at 1:22 PM

    Broccoli, peanut, and pumpkin stir-fry

  • jemans  on  9/2/2018 at 5:49 PM

    the corn and coconut creme brulee sounds like something I have to try!

  • hungryinhouston  on  9/2/2018 at 10:42 PM

    Ginger Mule with Pistachio Vodka. Love a cocktail!

  • kkohle  on  9/3/2018 at 2:58 PM

    beer pickled mustard seeds... two of my favorite things!

  • ktwalla  on  9/4/2018 at 10:30 AM

    Citrus cured egg yolk

  • Shelley.b  on  9/5/2018 at 6:33 PM

    Raspberry rice pudding

  • jthelwell  on  9/5/2018 at 7:03 PM

    Fig, olive, and walnut relish

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