Marcus Samuelsson's new show celebrates America's melting pot

Award-winning chef Marcus Samuelsson is living the quintessential American dream. The Ethiopian-born chef was raised in Sweden, emigrated to the United States, and eventually opened a successful restaurant (Red Rooster in Harlem). He has written several successful cookbooks as well as a memoir titled Yes, Chef. Now the talented chef is embarking on a new venture: a television series called No Passport Required.

Marcus Samuelsson


The six-part series, produced in partnership with the website Eater, showcases the kitchens of American immigrants. Samuelsson says that food brings people together and he wants to "show a human side about this heated conversation we're having now. This is not about numbers. It's about real people, our neighbors, our fellow Americans." The program doesn't just feature chefs and restaurateurs, but instead includes musicians, poets, artists, community leaders and home cooks who have contributed to US culture and cuisine.

The first episode of No Passport Required, which premieres Tuesday, July 10 on PBS, focuses on Arab immigrants in Dearborn, Michigan, near Detroit. 

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  • sweetchefgirl  on  7/8/2018 at 11:31 AM

    This is exciting! First episode will be in my home town. Can’t wait to see it.

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