Madeleine Kamman has died at age 88

We have just learned of the passing of Madeleine Kamman, a pioneering French chef, restaurateur, and mentor to hundreds of chefs. Kamman was born in Paris and started her culinary career in 1940 at her aunt's restaurant in the Touraine region of France. She moved to America with her husband in 1960, where she became a revered culinary instructor. She opened… read more

Tuscany by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi

In 1997 restaurateur, Giancarlo Caldesi met artist, Katie. He fell in love with her painting and she with his pasta. They now sit at the helm of two restaurants, Caffé Caldesi and Caldesi in Campagna, run a busy cookery school, have authored a library of cookery books and have two sons.  The cooking couple's latest title, Tuscany: Simple Meals and Fabulous Feasts… read more

Celebrating another milestone

The EYB indexing team is always working diligently to make sure the best new releases are indexed as soon as they are published. Their hard work has allowed us to hit another milestone of 8,000 books indexed on EYB. What book was the 8,000th? How to Instant Pot by Daniel Shumski which has an  for our members to take a look at… read more

What James Beard had to say about onions

Onions are indispensable in my kitchen. I usually have at least two types on hand at any given moment (red and yellow) and frequently even more. They are essential to many dishes. I'm far from the only fan of onions, of course; they are favored by home cooks and chefs alike. One of the onion's biggest fans was James Beard,… read more

Too Good To Waste by Victoria Glass

Jamie Oliver has stated that the Western world wastes three times the amount of food needed to feed the planet's hungriest people and that up to 50% of our household food will get thrown away every week, untouched. Today, we have more food choices at our fingertips than ever before, but the amount we throw away is at an all-time high.… read more

Amazon Prime Day guide

Prime Day starts at 3 p.m. ET (noon PT) on Monday, July 16. It runs through 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday night, July 17. (Note it will start at noon in the UK and noon AEST on July 16 in Australia, and will run for 36 hours in both countries. Offers will differ from country to country.) If you're not yet an… read more

Featured Cookbooks, Recipes and the Latest EYB Book Previews

EYB wants to make your cooking life easier. Our main focus has always been indexing cookbooks and magazines so you can efficiently search your own collection instead of paging through individual indexes. We also aim to keep members up to date on the best new titles being published. Our latest feature,  EYB Book Preview, allows you to view an extract from a… read more

Spain’s National Library puts historic recipes on video

Talk about a cookbook collection - Spain's National Library contains an impressive 23,000 food-related works, some of which date back to the 1400s. In an effort to raise awareness about these unique and ancient works, the library is embracing a modern techology: videos. Partnering with contemporary chefs, they have put together video recipes adapted from cookbooks that span the centuries.   In… read more

Are you a messy eater? Wear those stains with pride

It never fails: any time I wear a light-colored shirt while eating, I will splash tomato sauce, berries or chocolate sauce on it, creating an indelible stain. Dark colored clothing will get the same treatment in reverse, with a white sauce, yogurt, or something equally contrasting. When this happens, I attempt to discreetly daub the stain with a napkin and… read more

Ostro by Julia Busuttil Nishimura

Julia Busuttil Nishimura started her blog Ostro in 2014 and has steadily gained a strong and loyal following for her uncomplicated, seasonal food. As an Australian of Maltese descent and a fluent Italian speaker, who is married to a Japanese man, Julia expertly brings together a broad range of cuisines and culinary influences using the very best produce available. Her style is… read more


Obtaining a copy of Mouneh: Preserving Foods for the Lebanese Pantry by Barbara Abdeni Massaadl has been the object of my obsession for the last seven years. If I could reclaim the hours I've spent googling and searching for a copy of this book, I'd be able to take up a new hobby (I'd probably just read more cookbooks). A year ago… read more

New cooking column from the NY Times

Alison Roman's recent cookbook Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes immediately garnered a loyal following for its simple, delicious dishes that are full of timesaving techniques. Roman has been a senior food editor at Bon Appetit magazine and formerly worked as a pastry chef at places such as Quince in San Francisco and Momofuku Milk Bar in New York. She has also contributed to some… read more

You’ll ‘bug out’ over this cookbook

Are you interested in eating insects? For most US residents, the answer to that question is "not yet." Although alternative proteins are multiplying rapidly, people in the US are resisting items that are commonly consumed in other cultures such as grubs or insects. If you aren't ready for whole bugs, Robyn Shapiro (a former marketing executive with Ralph Lauren), hopes… read more

Fire Food by Christian DJ BBQ Stevenson

Christian "DJ BBQ" Stevenson had a successful career as a radio and TV broadcaster before his passion for cooking over fire changed his course. He is now the second most popular BBQ in the world on YouTube as well as a regular on Jamie Oliver's FoodTube channel.  Stevenson's first book entitled, Jamie Oliver's Food Tube: The BBQ Book, was a big… read more

July 2018 Cookbook Previews and Newest EYB Book Previews

It is hard to imagine that we have just another month before the rush of cookbook releases start in August. From August to November, our previews and monthly summaries will be massive, but this month's will be short and sweet. We are busy working behind the scenes in preparation for the books that are headed our way.  This month I'll be… read more

The end of one era, but the promise of something new

For the past 20+ years, Donna Hay has been a driving force in the Australian food scene. As Australia's leading food editor and best-selling cookbook author, she has shaped the conversation around food for decades. Recently, Hay announced that major changes were afoot: both Donna Hay Magazine and Donna Hay Fresh + Light) will soon be ceasing publication.  The announcement began with the… read more

Up your ice cream game with Jeni Britton Bauer

The heatwave continues unabated in much of the Northern Hemisphere, which leaves many of us thinking about the best cold things to eat. Chief among those is ice cream, which is excellent any time of the year but especially welcome during the hot summer months. One of the best minds in the ice cream industry is Jeni Britton Bauer, author… read more

Which Great British Bake Off Contestants have written books

Updated August 25, 2021. Six weeks ago, Paul Hollywood posted a photo of the iconic white tent and today I read an article stating that the quaratine procedures were again being practiced. I knew it was time to update this post. Lots of books coming from our favorite bakers in 2021 and 2022. I'm sure there will be more! Speaking… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

EYB wants to make your cooking life easier. Our main focus has always been indexing cookbooks and magazines so you can efficiently search your own collection instead of paging through individual indexes. We also aim to keep members up to date on the best new titles being published. Our latest feature,  EYB Book Preview, allows you to view an extract from… read more

You are going to love EYB Digital

Just over three months ago, we launched  and  a feature which allows you to view a selection of pages from a cookbook - including photographs, illustrations, and complete recipes - with just a click.. Since the launch, we now have 161 titles available for preview and we are adding more each week. To continue our efforts to bring our members cutting… read more

Another cookbook store closes its door

It's always disheartening to learn of a cookbook store that has closed. This time it's Good Egg in Toronto, Canada. The store closed last month following unsuccessful lease negotiations. "We couldn't come to a mutually beneficial agreement with our landlord, so we've decided to close," owner Mika Bareket says. Bareket would like to reopen Good Egg, but can only do so… read more

What will happen to Mario Batali’s cookbook legacy?

Shortly after the news broke late last year that chef, restaurateur, and television host Mario Batali had been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and assault, many of his business dealings began to fall apart. He was removed from the The Chew  and he lost other television deals that were in the works. Three of his restaurants anounced that… read more

The New Spanish

The New Spanish: Bites, Feasts, and Drinks by Jonah Miller and Nate Adler presents the cuisine of Spain with an exuberance that takes into consideration the way we eat and cook today. Packed with brilliant illustrations and quirky photography, this book is a full throttled ride to Spain that delivers everything but typical tapas fare. It is the authors' hope… read more

What’s new at the Fancy Food Show

Wander down the aisles of any large supermarket or grocery store and you will be bombarded with choices. There are rows and rows of every type of processed food imaginable, from chips/crisps to cookies to pickles to soups and sauces and so much more. How do those myriad items find their way onto the store's shelves? One part of the… read more

Soup in the summertime

Things have been hot in the northern hemisphere as much of the US and the UK are in the throes of a heatwave. When it is sweltering outside, the thought of soup for dinner is not particularly attractive - that is, unless it's a refreshing chilled version. I've been seeing many mouthwatering chilled soup recipes on my social media feeds… read more
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