Get your jam on

When you think about preserves, sweet jams and jellies probably come to mind. While these are wonderful spreads with endless options for creativity in flavor, there is a huge world of savory preserves that also deserves to be explored. The website Flavor and The Menu provides several suggestions for using savory jams.

red onion marmalade

Calling these preserves 'the ultimate modern condiment', the article notes that savory jams "locate the balance between sweet and savory (or sweet and heat) beautifully, all while offering something intriguing while staying in the friendly confines of homespun and familiar." For example, you can stir hot pepper jam into a vinaigrette, or add maple-bourbon jam to a charcuterie plate.

The EYB Library has over 800 recipes for savory jams and jellies. Get started with these Member favorites:

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