The latest tattoo fad is inspired by kitchenware

Tattoos of whisks, animals, cupcakes, and more adorn various body parts of chefs and dedicated cooks all over the world. Now we can add a new category to the annals of kitchen-inspired tattoo art: Pyrex bowls and bakeware. The designs, which have changed only subtly since the 1950s, have arguably lasted so long that they have attained a classic status.

Pyrex bowls

Those enamored by all things retro have adopted the stylistic designs, many of which are based on folk art, for tattoos. The lifestyle site Real Simple has identified several examples, with two others recognized by Country Living magazine. Pyrex, which was created by Corning Glass in 1915, has attracted a cult following, with  blogs dedicated to the brand’s patterns and pieces, and Facebook fan groups such as “Pyrex Passion“.

Still, it takes someone truly dedicated to have their passion for mixing bowls and baking dishes permanently etched on their body. For many, the designs are nostalgic. Some of the people interviewed note that they remind them of their parents or grandparents. I know some EYB Members are Pyrex collectors – one of them graciously shared a photo of their collection (shown above). If any of you have tattoos to match, let us know!

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