Netflix announces lineup for the next two seasons of ‘Chef’s Table’

The Netflix series ‘Chef’s Table’ has been one of the best streaming food shows around since its debut in 201x. The streaming service recently announced which chefs would be featured in seasons five and six of the popular series. 

The program is being more inclusive than past years, when it featured mostly white, male, Euro-centric chefs. Upcoming chefs are more diverse, and there is a bigger emphasis on their roles outside of the kitchen. According to Neflix, new episodes will focus on “chefs and cuisines whose stories have for too long been hidden.” 


The first episode of the new season will feature  Cristina Martinez, chef/co-owner of acclaimed Philadelphia restaurant South Philly Barbacoa. Martinez has been an outspoken advocate for immigrant rights, using her status as an undocumented worker to call attention to issues in the U.S. immigration system. Her story is nothing short of amazing. 

In addition to chefs, a butcher will be profiled in one of the shows. Dario Cecchini is a world-renowned butcher who operates a  shop and a string of restaurants in Panzano, Italy. He has instructed hundreds of chefs in the art of butchery, including Samin Nosrat, author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

While most of the subjects are lesser-known by the public, a couple of familiar chefs are included: Albert Adrià , profiled in Season 5 and Sean Brock, coming in Season 6. You can begin streaming the new episodes on Netflix beginning September 28. 

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