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Although the traffic is terrible, the worst part of my long daily commute is that it wastes time that I could be spending reading cookbooks. Until now, there has not been much to fill that time that is even cookbook-related. But a new podcast called Cookbook Love is changing that.

Cookbook Love podcast

CookBook Love was started by author, editor, and coach Maggie Green. A Kentucky native, Maggie is the author of The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook and owns The Green Apron Company, a consulting firm specializing in culinary nutrition and cookbook development. She has also edited several well-known trade cookbooks including James Beard Award-winning cookbook BakeWise by Shirley Corriher. This month she has two new cookbooks hitting the shelves: The Essential Pantry and The Essential Plant-Based Pantry. We will have more on those titles later this month. 

Following an introduction and the first episode which features The Little Snack Newsletter, we get a real treat: Episode 2 features our own Jenny Hartin who talks about both her Facebook group The Cookbook Junkies and Eat Your Books. In the episode, Jenny discusses how she first became interested in cooking and cookbooks. (Spoiler alert: she didn’t learn about food from her mother.)

Jenny also answers the question “What is it about cookbooks and the genre of cookbooks that people love so much?” Listen to the full episode on the Cookbook Love podcast page

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  • Thrasymachus  on  September 14, 2018

    A very enjoyable listen. I shall endeavour to check out future episodes of this podcast

  • demomcook  on  September 14, 2018

    What a great interview – well done Jenny!

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