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We are pleased to share a promotion for our next EYBD Book, Milkwood: Real Skills for Down-to-Earth Living by Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar.


Kirsten and Nick live at Melliodora in southern Australia - a beautiful permaculture smallholding designed by David Holmgren, co-originator of permaculture. What is permaculture, you ask? Permaculture is an agricultural ecosystem intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. Remember Matt Damon in Martian? Well this is same but different and far less life threatening. 

With their team the authors teach everything from permaculture design to market gardening, natural building and mushroom cultivation, to help create resilient and abundant households and communities. More information on their courses can be found on their website and in their debut book, Milkwood

This vibrant book is a valuable resource filled with the skills and facts to get you inspired and started on living a handmade, home-grown life. From growing your own vegetables to cultivating mushrooms, it is all here packed along with recipes and photographs that will guide you along the way.

I am looking forward to spring this year, armed with this book to start my garden in our new home. The last two years have been hectic with our move and other issues, that I missed out on planting a garden. This year I hope to do even more besides my usual tomatoes and herb selections and Milkwood will be there by my side.

Our    takes you inside this book and highlights the following  


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Special thanks to the publisher, for working with us to bring this exclusive incentive to our members as well as for providing three copies of in our giveaway below.

The publisher is offering three copies of this book to EYB Members in the US, UK, CA and AU. One of the entry options is to answer the following question in the comments section of this blog post.

Do you have a garden or dreams of creating one?

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  • merkusje  on  1/13/2019 at 4:45 AM

    I have dreams of creating a raised bed vegetable garden using the square metre gardening system

  • janv  on  1/13/2019 at 8:40 AM

    I love my garden

  • LaurenE  on  1/13/2019 at 8:51 AM

    We have a very small garden, and it's a wonderful respite from city life!

  • lauriesk  on  1/13/2019 at 11:12 AM

    I have tried to garden, but have never been successful. I want to try again.

  • AsTheNight  on  1/13/2019 at 11:31 AM

    I have several gardens, but my dream is to convert my entire half acre to gardens.

  • riley  on  1/13/2019 at 11:38 AM

    I hope to build some raised beds for vegetables and plant as many fruit trees as I can at my next home.

  • jmay42066  on  1/13/2019 at 12:02 PM

    I have a small garden each year, but would love to have a large one if room permitted.

  • cpattersongo  on  1/13/2019 at 3:33 PM

    I have a garden that I have let the raspberries take over, which is not entirely a bad thing. They are very low maintenance other then pruning back once a year, watering if we don't get rain, and then picking and eating! I really should try to grow a few vegetables to round out my diet though.

  • lgroom  on  1/13/2019 at 6:08 PM

    Only in my memories now.

  • thecharlah  on  1/13/2019 at 9:23 PM

    Yes, I have a garden the gets a little bigger each year...

  • lapsapchung  on  1/14/2019 at 2:56 AM

    We have a lovely but small vegetable garden. I can't take any credit for it though, it's all my husband's work

  • kmn4  on  1/14/2019 at 12:59 PM

    I would love to have a large garden, but unfortunately, our yard is small, doesn't drain well (Ohio clay...), and doesn't get nearly enough sun because of our great big maple tree. So, herbs it is until I retire to the southwest. :)

  • itadakimasu  on  1/14/2019 at 4:23 PM

    Yes I have a veggie garden and many fruit trees. Hope to expand my veggie garden!

  • sarahawker  on  1/14/2019 at 6:58 PM

    I have a flower garden with plenty of fruit trees.

  • ravensfan  on  1/15/2019 at 8:11 AM

    We have a vegetable garden.

  • popoff  on  1/16/2019 at 4:19 PM

    I have a small garden, I LOVE to grow my own herbs.

  • vinochic  on  1/17/2019 at 6:42 PM

    I have a small community garden plot, but dream of having a large garden one day...

  • RachelLeah  on  1/17/2019 at 7:19 PM

    I wish I did have a garden but currently we don't even have a yard :( We have grown some container plants over the past years, but are moving in just a few short months and yard/garden space for raised beds is at the top of my must-haves list for our new home!

  • antpantsii  on  1/17/2019 at 9:51 PM

    I have a wonderful south facing yard that I garden in a number of raised beds. I do have vigorous competition for my vegetables and berries with the deer rabbits and raccoons. I plot my battle with the creatures every winter with variations on fencing, repellants and plantings that are not tempting to their palates. I love my garden even sharing it with wildlife pleases me enormously!

  • CarbonToe  on  1/18/2019 at 4:46 PM

    I have a garden and would love to introduce a hive into the mix.

  • Lafauvette  on  1/18/2019 at 4:58 PM

    I have a small garden and plan to expand it this spring!

  • Dendav  on  1/18/2019 at 6:13 PM

    Small garden. Full of weeds.

  • cathycathycathy  on  1/18/2019 at 6:53 PM

    I dream of growing vegetables in hanging baskets because of a lack of ground space in my garden.

  • Steben  on  1/18/2019 at 7:55 PM

    I do have a garden during the summer and wish I could keep all year around but I live in Canada...

  • lovelily1001  on  1/18/2019 at 9:30 PM

    i'm more of a gardener in imagination only. dogs and deep shade make even grass a challenge.

  • t.t  on  1/18/2019 at 11:25 PM

    I mostly garden in pots (herbs, tomatoes, etc.), but I'd love to have a full vegetable and fruit garden someday...

  • cora429  on  1/19/2019 at 6:14 AM

    Once we move back into a house I will definitely have a garden... until then some potted herbs on the balcony will have to suffice.

  • Jennifer7  on  1/19/2019 at 7:31 AM

    I love to garden

  • eggplantolive  on  1/19/2019 at 8:49 AM

    We have a big backyard garden, I love it!

  • RickPearson54  on  1/19/2019 at 11:21 AM

    Herb garden

  • katieate  on  1/19/2019 at 4:15 PM

    My husband and I have a garden and are gradually learning what veggies work best in it. Nothing better than being able to cook with veggies and herbs fresh from the garden!

  • mrscahughes  on  1/19/2019 at 4:59 PM

    I have dreams of a large garden. My husband is not so keen on the idea since as a child it was his job to weed it.

  • adayinthelifeofjennay  on  1/19/2019 at 9:19 PM

    Yes we have a garden but plan to expand it more this year. I love growing our own vegetables !

  • percussion03  on  1/20/2019 at 11:09 AM

    Yes! But we’ve had to really adapt since moving to the wet woods. I love following milkwood and getting ideas for growing and using different things!

  • Dannausc  on  1/20/2019 at 3:52 PM

    I have a garden and love cooking from it

  • virjeania  on  1/20/2019 at 8:22 PM

    My neighbor has a garden that I cannot attempt to compare to. I am fortunate he shares his bounty. I can only dream of a garden.

  • Sfgordon  on  1/21/2019 at 5:38 PM

    Our landlord is a landscape architect and keeps our outdoors garden looking lovely, but so far there aren't any edible plants. I keep a few windowsill planters with herbs (they usually look pretty sad) but I would love to learn more and expand my growing repertoire :D

  • tennyogirl  on  1/22/2019 at 3:22 PM

    I live in an apartment, but I try to have an herb garden on the porch every year.

  • kennethjohngilmour  on  1/25/2019 at 7:35 AM

    have a small garden in the yard plus attempt from time-to-time to grow indoors

  • Livia  on  1/26/2019 at 6:58 AM

    Plenty of green in the house and access to a shared garden

  • MachelleH  on  1/27/2019 at 6:18 AM

    A tiny yard one and dreams of a larger one

  • MiMi60  on  1/28/2019 at 9:40 AM

    We have a yard that floods.. so we do container gardening.

  • susannahchen  on  1/28/2019 at 4:38 PM

    I wish! I'd love a garden.

  • EmilyR  on  1/28/2019 at 10:26 PM

    Yes! I have a garden that I love. It makes me healthier, we consume more veggies, less packaging, and it's wonderful.

  • kitblu  on  1/30/2019 at 2:34 AM

    I had a garden before I moved. I waited through the season last year to see what was in my new space. There were a few flowers and a flowering (but not fruiting) crab apple tree. I also had all the windows replaced and kept all of the old ones that I could. Most are wood frames and I am planning to make a greenhouse with them. I might make a vegetable garden or wait a year to see what happens with the greenhouse.

  • Laura1  on  1/30/2019 at 7:26 PM

    Only dreams. I live in a city apartment with no outdoor space.

  • Uhmandanicole  on  2/2/2019 at 1:44 AM

    Once I have a home with a yard, would love to have a veggie and herb garden, plus a couple fruit trees.

  • SheenaSharp  on  2/2/2019 at 11:21 AM

    I have a small herb garden on the deck. I have tried fruit, but the squirels get 99% of it. Wild food it available here, though and that is the part I am really interested in.

  • Karla123  on  2/2/2019 at 4:42 PM

    I love to garden and have raised beds, containers, and ground space where I grow vegetables and herbs.

  • Nkrieda78  on  2/2/2019 at 8:05 PM

    I have a tiny yard but have become quite adept at turning it into a food forest. We tore down a huge deck and turned it into raised beds and are even moving food into the front yard. Last year I grew sweet potatoes in the driveway in bags and our composter lives there too!

  • Sladea86  on  2/3/2019 at 2:19 AM

    I have a large garden which was just grass slowly converting it to vegetable patches. I try to garden organically.

  • lindaeatsherbooks  on  2/4/2019 at 1:42 AM

    I don't have a garden right now, but I hope to start one when my children are older.

  • ket06e  on  2/4/2019 at 11:07 AM

    We have one raised bed right now and have plan to expand our garden to up to 6 raised beds! We also have several fruit trees and pecan trees.

  • Amandaspamanda  on  2/6/2019 at 12:53 PM

    When I lived in the northwest, I had a lovely productive garden!

  • JenjiRM  on  2/6/2019 at 3:34 PM

    I have small raised beds currently. I need to move into a garden!

  • mph993  on  2/10/2019 at 8:59 PM

    Kinda - we forage in our woodland - mushrooms, ramps, fiddleheads and more!

  • edyenicole  on  2/13/2019 at 7:28 PM

    I dream of creating a healthy one, haha :)

  • laurencooks  on  2/16/2019 at 10:48 AM

    I have a raised bed garden that I started last year and I'm constantly learning and planting new things.

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