Cookie Time – recipes and holiday baking tips

This is the year! Mark my words. 2019 will be the year that I will make dozens of cookies for the holidays just like I did when we lived back in New York. To fulfill my prophecy, I am compiling a checklist of helpful tips and links that will help me and hopefully our members as well!

To get in the Christmas Cookie spirit, I’ve been watching the Christmas Cookie Matchup on Hallmark Drama. It is a very sweet show that is somewhat bake-offish that includes the cast of When Calls the Heart, a Hallmark drama, who act as taste testers and cookie assistants. One of the judges is Emily Hutchinson who is the author of Creative Cookie Decorating. Her book is truly a step-by-step guide to creating cookie magic. You can take a look inside with our EYBDPreviewButton.

I’ve also been watching the Food Network Holiday Baking Championship (I always learn something new each episode.) Food Network’s Christmas Cookie show is fun to watch but just to see the amazing decorations as they don’t do anything besides sugar cookies and gingerbread. Coming up soon Food Network has the Ultimate Hanukkah Challenge with Molly Yeh!

Coming on December 12th, ABC will have the Great American Baking Show – Holiday Edition, so be sure to check your schedules in your area. I wish ABC would reconsider bringing back the American version of the bake-off. The first season (2013) was not successful for a number of reasons (which I won’t go into). Then it returned and we had the Johnny Iuzzini blow up. ABC hire me, Jane and Darcie to be your judges – we come without skeletons in our closets.

Below I have set out some links that may help inspire your baking this year.

Cookie Recipes

My favorite cookie is the Italian Rainbow Cookie. Some helpful links.

How to make a cookie box from Displaced Housewife, her book The Cookie Book is one of my favorites! (Photo: Displaced Housewife). Be sure to check the bottom of the post for more cookie box inspiration!

Helpful articles for any Bundt ® cakes you may be making this season

Embossed rolling pins, Springerle cookies

Holiday cookie exchange

Organization ideas

The photo above is of a drying rack that you can purchase at Amazon. One of these resides on my baking island and houses my most used cookie cutters. I no longer have to go rummaging through my bins of cutters for my biscuit cutter or doughnut cutter. For the holidays, I might change out a few with holiday-themed cutters but my cookie cutter tree stays out all year. (A few members asked for a photo of the cookie cutter tree, so I have shared it below.)

During the holidays, I utilize two or three wire bins and fill one with decorating bags and tips, icing spatulas, etc.. I fill the second bin with sprinkles and cookie decorating candies, and the last bin has cookie packaging, ribbons, scissors, labels, and trimmings to wrap up small packages of cookies. When I need to, I can gather up the baskets and stow them in a closet or my office to clear up some space. Having all the tools I need to bake and decorate helps me stay on task.

Lastly, one of my favorite new things is Joanna Gaines‘ giant multi-cookie cutter. I picked up two – one to hang on the wall and one to use. It’s adorable! Darcie informed me about Pampered Chef’s cool rolling cookie cutter. I have a very old plastic type roller but I love the look of the stainless steel!

Be sure to check out my gift guide for the baker that includes a fabulous giveaway as well as my gift guide for cookbook lovers and serious cooks for other holiday inspiration.

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  • darcie_b  on  November 24, 2019

    That multi-cookie cutter is intriguing. I have a rolling cookie cutter that I like to use, although it doesn’t feature holiday shapes, just geometric ones.

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