The rise of Nordic baking

In the past decade, Nordic baking – that is, baking in the traditional styles of the Scandinavian countries plus Finland, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands – has been on an ascendant arc. Why has it reached a much wider audience in recent years than it ever has before? Some of it has to do with superstar authors like Trine Hahnemann and Magnus Nilsson, but there is more to it than that. Indexed blog Great British Chefs fills us in on more reasons that Nordic baking has become such a sensation.

Perhaps it all began with our love affair with Nordic minimalism in home furnishings and decor. IKEA has spread around the globe for a reason and it isn’t just the meatballs. People admire the no-nonsense functionality combined with pleasing design cues. The same goes for Nordic baking, which “stands in vast contrast to the butter and sugar-laden French style that has influenced much of central Europe.”

This restraint is also found in the spices associated with Nordic baking. Unless other traditions which often call for a melange of flavors, many Nordic recipes concentrate on a single spice, whether cinnamon, cardamom, or another flavor. “Nothing is used for the sake of it, and everything has a place,” the article explains.

Photo of Sweet rye rolls from Scandi Bites by Trine Hahnemann

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