Celebrating National Pistachio Day

After a long day that included a lot of meetings and a snowy drive in the dark, I settled in to catch up on the food tweets and posts that I had missed by being so busy. Every other tweet seemed to be a reminder that I had not properly celebrated National Pistachio Day. I was disappointed, because pistachios are my favorite nut. 

pistachio dacquoise

But then I remembered that a lovely feature about this food "holiday" is that since it's completely fabricated, I can celebrate it tomorrow, or the next day, or even this weekend. That is one reason I enjoy these "national" food days - they provide an opportunity to browse through my news feed to find what my favorite websites have on offer that highlights a particular ingredient or dish. 

If I find something interesting, I check it against the EYB Library to see if it's there, and I bookmark it or add it and then bookmark it for easy reference. Perusing the recipes I saw today resulted in the following "want to try" list to use the bag of pistachios I bought with foresight last weekend (okay, I admit it, I bought them because they were on sale - maybe because of National Pistachio Day?):

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  • readingtragic  on  2/28/2019 at 2:10 AM

    ...and let’s not forget Caramelised Pistachio Nuts. I use this Jacques Torres recipe; works equally well for the little green nut :) https://www.starchefs.com/chefs/JTorres/html/recipe_02.shtml

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