The new food emojis you’ll be seeing later this year

On Tuesday,  the Unicode Consortium revealed 230 new emojis, including several food-related items, that will make their debut this fall. Will there be another “bagel-gate” in 2019? That’s unlikely, says indexed blog Food52, which has ranked all of the new food emojis

butterphoto from Emojipedia

Some of our very favorite ingredients have made the class of 2019, including garlic, onions, and butter. The butter emoji is nearly perfect, featuring a stick of butter (sized like those you find in the US, long and skinny) with two pats cut off one end. The onion and garlic emojis are a bit less satisfying, especially the garlic. It leans at an awkward angle, its bulbs look like they’ve been on a months-long starvation diet, and it’s missing the roots altogether. 

Other new food related emojis include an ice cube, a beverage box (aka juice box), the maté (aka chimarrão), falafel, a waffle, and an oyster. While the last two are unmistakeable, the falafel is probably going to confuse a few people when they first receive it. The emoji is rather nondescript and could be mistaken for an underripe coconut. 

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