Cookbooks are still selling like hotcakes

Just a few years ago, the pundits were in agreement that the death of the physical cookbook was nigh. After all, most everyone got their recipes from the Internet, so what need did we have to purchase physical volumes? As it turns out, the predictions were way off base, as cookbooks are now among the bestselling books in all categories.… read more

IACP Presents: Dessert Party for Rose Levy Beranbaum

The International Association of Culinary Professionals' inaugural Books for Cooks event is celebrating one of our favorite bakers next week in New York, Rose Levy Beranbaum. Come meet Rose and fete her life, career and 75th birthday on April 4th from 3:30 to 5:30! This event will be co-hosted by Gramercy Tavern's Michael Anthony and Miro Uskokovic, as well as… read more

Chicken and Charcoal

This week, The James Beard Foundation announced the cookbook and media finalists and today's book, Chicken and Charcoal: Yakitori, Yardbird, Hong Kong by Matt Abergel was named in the restaurant and professional category.  Known for their hard hitting international cuisine and restaurant titles, Phaidon publishes books that are inspiring and beautiful yet sometimes more complicated than the everyday cook can handle. While Chicken and… read more

The cookbooks that authors actually use

We all know (and appreciate) that food writers create amazing cookbooks, but they also use them for inspiration much as we cookbook aficionados do. Which volumes will you find on their bookshelves? Matt and Ted Lee, authors of several books including The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook, have an answer. They interviewed several authors and developed a list of 18 cookbooks that… read more

The Modern Cheesemaker – EYBD Promotion

Now with EYBDigital, if you buy a print book within the promotional period, for the first time you will have access to the full EYBD cookbook wherever you can access EYB - on vacation, at work, in the grocery store, etc. In addition to the digital book, all the features of EYB will be included in the access, at no… read more

Fundraiser for cookbook author devastated by flood

You may not have heard of Nimi Sunilkumar, but she is an award-winning cookbook author and cooking instructor based in Kerala, India. She has given lessons to thousands of foreigners and is the author of the best books on Kerala's cuisine.  Last August, a flood in Kerala wiped out Sunilkumar's home and teaching kitchen. A former student of Sunilkumar, Iris… read more

Alice Waters is having a yard sale

It seems that this year, everyone is "Kondoing" their homes, and it looks like chef and restaurateur Alice Waters and her daughter Fanny Singer have caught the fever. The pair is having a yard sale in the Chez Panisse parking lot this weekend. If you are in the Berkeley area, you might want to check it out.  According to a post by… read more

James Beard Nominees 2019

If The Piglet is the appetizer to cookbook awards season, the James Beard Foundation Cookbook Awards nominee list is a hearty main course,  which was just served this morning. As I perused the list (thanks to Jenny for assembling this during the live tweeting this morning), it looked like the JBF's commitment to diversity and inclusivity is more than just… read more

March 2019 New Cookbook Review

March, how did you arrive and leave so quickly? It's the beginning of our spring publishing rush here in North America. While not as overwhelming as September through November (Cookbooktober), the team at Eat Your Books is busy indexing, reviewing, putting up EYBDigital Previews and working on our EYBDigital Book program. With the constant influx of cookbooks there are always… read more

March 2019 Eat Your Books Cookbook Club Summary

We have an incredible community here at Eat Your Books that has flowed into our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club and Sweet Eat Your Books Cookbook Club, places where we share our successes and fails in cooking and baking from specific cookbook titles.  This month we've been cooking from the following titles (April through June selections are shared at the… read more

Why is garlic in so many savory dishes?

In the EYB Cookbook Club, member Alicia F recently made Marcella Hazan's simple-yet-wonderful tomato sauce. She observed that the sauce is quite delicious as is, but that she thinks "it would be better with garlic." This prompted several other members to chime in, agreeing with her assessment (as well as offering variations of their own). Not everyone is enamored with the… read more

Nigella Lawson has created a food photography app

Does it seem to you like the filters on most photography apps make food look, well, unappetizing? Most of the filters seem geared toward other subjects rather than the plate. Nigella Lawson was among those vexed by this situation, so she decided to do something about it, and has created a photography app specifically for food photos.  The app is… read more

Cocktail Codex Promotion

Cocktail Codex: Origins, Fundamentals, Formulas by Alex Day, David Kaplan and Nick Fauchald, authors of the best-selling and genre-defining cocktail book Death & Co, is a comprehensive primer on the craft of mixing drinks that employs the authors' unique "cocktail families" approach to give drink-makers of every level the tools to understand, execute, and improvise both classic and original cocktails. The… read more

Revisiting the golden age of Gourmet Magazine

When Gourmet Magazine shuttered in 2009, it came as a shock to the food world. No one was more surprised than the magazine's editor-in-chief, Ruth Reichl. In her new book Save Me the Plums (out April 2), Reichl talks about her decade at the helm of Gourmet. She recently spoke with Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen of Eater about the… read more

Red Hot Kitchen by Diana Kuan

It's no secret I love Asian cookbooks. I could cook and eat Asian food every day. Diana Kuan's The Chinese Takeout Cookbook has a spot in my kitchen bookcase. The kitchen bookcase consists of three shelves for those books I use frequently, and the space is limited. Space there is comparable to a New York rent controlled apartment in a… read more

The New Pie – Promotion

On February 1st, I shared a preview and interview with the authors of The New Pie: Modern Techniques for the Classic American Dessert.  As you will learn from the interview, Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin are pie gods. Today we are thrilled to share an EYBDigital Preview and giveaway for this amazing book! Please note, The New Pie is our baking selection for May… read more

Featured Cookbooks, Recipes, & the Latest EYBD Books & Previews

EYB wants to make your cooking life easier. Our main focus has always been indexing cookbooks and magazines so you can efficiently search your own collection instead of paging through individual indexes. We also aim to keep members up to date on the best new titles being published. Our new EYBDigital platform allows us to provide  EYBDigital Previews  (sample pages from cookbooks) and EYBDigital… read more

Dishing with Darina Allen

On Sunday (St. Patrick's Day) I shared a giveaway and special promotion for Darina Allen's latest cookbook, Simply Delicious: The Classic Collection: 100 Timeless Tried & Tested Recipes. Darina runs the world-renowned cooking school at Ballymaloe in County Cork, Ireland. She founded the school with her brother, Rory O'Connell in 1983 and since then has authored many cookery books. Besides running the school with her… read more

GBBO’s celebrity spin-off

Popular television programs always seem to beget spin-offs, so it's no surprise that we now have one based on The Great British Bake Off. The new version - Celebrity Bake Off - might not be spawning any cookbooks, however (and we may not want it to). It's still a fun romp, and judging from Scott Bryan's review of the show… read more

Are we headed toward a kitchen-less future?

The only thing that is more frightening to me than the thought of a future without cookbooks is a future in which no one has a kitchen. That is the stuff of nightmares, but some experts think that's the direction modern society is headed. WIth advances in meal delivery services and computerized appliances, kitchens might one day become an item… read more

Mark Bittman is starting a new food magazine

After Mark Bittman left The New York Times to work for a vegan meal-kit start-up, we did not hear a lot from him. That's about to change, however: Bittman announced yesterday that he is launching a new online food magazine at Medium. The magazine off to a bit of a rocky start, as the original name Bittman chose for the publication… read more

Spice support: pepper

Pepper, in its many varieties, is one of the world's most popular spices, found in cuisines north, south, east, and west. While it is ubiquitous, few people know much about the spice, such as what differentiates the types of pepper, where the spice is grown or how it is harvested. Over at Serious Eats, new columnist Caitlin Penzey Moog (yes,… read more

The Flexible Pescatarian

Now with EYBDigital, if you buy a print book within the promotional period, for the first time you will have access to the full EYBD cookbook wherever you can access EYB - on vacation, at work, in the grocery store, etc. In addition to the digital book, all the features of EYB will be included in the access, at no… read more

Tokyo Stories – EYBD Promotion

We are pleased to share a promotion for Tokyo Stories: A Japanese Food Tour by Tim Anderson.  Tim Anderson is my Japanese guru. His first two books Nanban (review) and JapanEasy (review) changed my whole view of Japanese cuisine.  Two of my favorite dishes from Nanban are Chicken patties (Tsukune) and  Fried marinated chicken with vinegar sauce and tartar sauce (Chicken Nanban) that I… read more

Tortellini at Midnight – EYBD Promotion

Now with EYBDigital, if you buy a print book within the promotional period, for the first time you will have access to the full EYBD cookbook wherever you can access EYB - on vacation, at work, in the grocery store, etc. In addition to the digital book, all the features of EYB will be included in the access, at no… read more
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