The Piglet 2019 has launched

The Piglet is back! The oft-times controversial bracket style cookbook competition kicked off its first round this week. Sixteen cookbooks are paired head-to-head, with the winner of each matchup facing another winner in the next round, until only one remains. 

cookbook collage

As in year’s past, this competition features some head-scratching competitions, with books from very different genres going against each other.  Combined with marked differences in the culinary ability and interest of the panel of judges has led to outcomes that left some cookbook lovers puzzled and even outraged. Regardless of what you think about the pairings and judges, The Piglet can provide some insight into the best books of last year, just in case you were on the fence about them. 

Celebrity judges this year include chefs and food writers like Emeril Lagasse, Dominique Ansel, Vivian Howard, and Padma Lakshi. There are also a handful of celebrities from outside the industry, too, including actor Kyle MacLaughlin. It’s always interesting to compare how this type of judge approaches the books to the culinary professionals. 

cookbook collage

The first round of judging is already under way. The sixteen cookbooks vying for this year’s title are (paired together in the first-round matchups):

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