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EYB wants to make your cooking life easier. Our main focus has always been indexing cookbooks and magazines so you can efficiently search your own collection instead of paging through individual indexes. We also aim to keep members up to date on the best new titles being published. Our new EYBDigital platform allows us to provide  EYBDigital Previews  (sample pages from cookbooks) and EYBDigital Books  (complete digital cookbooks you gain access to when you buy a print book). More information can be found on our EYBD Page.

Below you’ll find our latest EYBDigital Previews plus GIVEAWAYS and more!

(Note: Some members have been asking why they cannot add all EYBDigital Preview recipes to their Bookshelf. Please read this Help page for an explanation.)

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Member Photo of the Week:

 Salt and pepper shrimp

Pepper and salt shrimp from The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen by Grace Young
Photo submitted by JoanN
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 Featured Online Recipe Collection:

  Dutch baby pancakes

A trio of Dutch baby pancake recipes from Fine Cooking Magazine


 More EYBDigital Titles Have Launched!

The next batch of EYBDigital Books is now available! If you order  Salsas and Tacos or  French Appetizers  during the EYB promotion period, you will have access to a digital version on your EYB Bookshelf after signing up on our registration page. Click on the book cover or the link below for more specific information. Learn more about EYBDigital Books and see our list of upcoming titles here.

Salsa and Tacos 

3 recipes from Salsas and Tacos: The Santa Fe School of Cooking by Santa Fe School Of Cooking and Susan Curtis

EYBDigital Preview

Learn more about this title and enter our WORLDWIDE giveaway for Salsa & Tacos!


French Appetizers

3 recipes from  French Appetizers by Marie Asselin

EYBDigital Preview

  Learn more about this title and enter our WORLDWIDE giveaway for French Appetizers!


More EYBDigital Previews:

A selection of full sample pages is available for the following cookbooks.  Learn more about EYBDigital Previews.

Pacific Natural

3 recipes from  Pacific Natural: Simple Seasonal Entertaining by Jenni Kayne

EYBDigital Preview


The Italian Table

3 recipes from The Italian Table: Creating Festive Meals for Family and Friends by Elizabeth Minchilli

EYBDigital Preview


Wine Country Table

3 recipes from Wine Country Table: With Recipes Celebrating California’s Sustainable Harvest by Janet Fletcher

EYBDigital Preview


Farm Grows in Concord

2 recipes from  A Farm Grows in Concord: Celebrating 100 Years of Verrill Farm

EYBDigital Preview


Super Powders

3 recipes from  Super Powders: Adaptogenic Herbs and Mushrooms for Energy, Beauty, Mood, and Well-Being by Katrine Van Wyk

EYBDigital Preview


 Cookbooks with GIVEAWAYS!

Each of these featured titles has a current giveaway. Click the photo or blue link for more information on how to enter. For titles that also have an EYBDigital Preview, click on the orange button to view the available full sample pages.

Jewelled Table

3 recipes from The Jewelled Table by Bethany Kehdy

EYBDigital Preview

Learn more about this title and enter our giveaway for The Jewelled Table! (US, UK, AU and NZ)



3 recipes from  Kricket: An Indian-inspired Cookbook by Will Bowlby

  EYBDigital Preview

 Learn more about this title and enter our giveaway for Kricket! (US, UK, AU and NZ)


Featured Promotion

Beans and cookbook

Rancho Gordo Beans and a copy of  Cassoulet: A French Obsession by Kate Hill

Cookbook and Rancho Gordo Beans Giveaway! (US only)

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