You can now stream classic PBS cooking shows

Have you ever thought to yourself “wouldn’t it be great if I could stream Julia Child’s The French Chef whenever I wanted to?” Well, now you can. That classic PBS cooking program, along with a handful of others, is part of a new streaming service offered through Amazon

Julia Child

Called PBS Living, the service features programs centered on food, culture, and home. It costs a mere $2.99 per month and for its food section offers four seasons of The French Chef, the two most recent seasons of America’s Test Kitchen, three seasons of Simply Ming, two seasons of A Moveable Feast, and two seasons of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street, among others. 

It’s a good time for food lovers who want to stream shows, with tons of offerings on Netflix and other streaming services in addition to these additions from PBS. My queue is already filled to the brim and I should be cleaning, but my theory is that housework can wait until tomorrow – Julia Child takes precedent!

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