Flavors of California

Flavors of California: Cooking with Tommy Bahama is the third book Rick Rodgers has written for the island lifestyle brand. Two earlier titles, Flavors of Aloha and Flavors of the Southern Coast: Cooking with Tommy Bahama proudly reside on my bookshelf. These books are my to-go for tasty island fare whether it be Hawaii, the Southern Coast or California cuisine - Rick and Tommy have us covered.

No one describes the Tommy Bahama lifestyle better than the brand itself:

California's culinary influence comes from a sheer abundance of local fruits and vegetables which is reflected in the hundreds of recipes in Flavors of California. The photography, narrative and tips to create new soon-to-be favorites and signature dishes alike, will immerse you in the west coast vibe. For those of us buried in snow, a little island getaway through a tasty dish from one of Rick's books or time spent huddled by the fireplace turning pages and dreaming, is just what we need.

Recipes range from appetizers to cocktails with a chapter on the basics including Tommy Bahama restaurant specialities, such as Tamarind vinaigrette, Lemon-garlic oil and their Spice rub. Other restaurant dishes are sprinkled throughout the title as well: Triple-chocolate cake, Bronzed swordfish with rainbow carrots and farro, and Filets Mignons with wild mushrooms and red wine demi-glace along with many new dishes inspired by California cuisine. 

Each of the Tommy Bahama cookbooks written by Rick Rodgers are keepers with tried and tested recipes. Flavors of California may be my new favorite in the trio of books. Our Buy Book button takes you to the Tommy Bahama website for purchase. 

Rick will be signing cookbooks at the Tommy Bahama location in New York City (551 Fifth Avenue) on March 28th from 4 to 6 pm

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Which recipe in the index would you try first?

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"Discover the world" image from the Tommy Bahama website. 


  • pumpkinspice  on  3/4/2019 at 8:00 PM

    I had no idea there was a third Tommy Bahama book. It looks great. The first recipe I'd try is the Black bean and vegetable burritos with avocado crema. Sounds so good.

  • katehay  on  3/4/2019 at 9:15 PM

    Would love this book, I'm a huge Tommy Bahamas fan and love the Flavours of Aloha book. If I had a copy I'd go straight to the Meyer lemon, pistachio, and olive cake - I've committed to baking my best friend's 40th Birthday Cake and am looking for some inspiration.

  • Roxy12  on  3/4/2019 at 10:51 PM

    I just saw these at a Tommy Bahama’s restaurant Saturday. Such beautiful books! And I love Rick Rodgers’ beautiful, practical recipes. I would make the calamari with chili glaze and sriacha aioli.

  • riley  on  3/5/2019 at 12:43 AM

    Goat cheese and apple risotto

  • Tanner14  on  3/5/2019 at 4:15 AM

    Cauliflower steak with veggies.

  • sarahawker  on  3/5/2019 at 7:30 AM

    Wine Country chicken potpie

  • lapsapchung  on  3/5/2019 at 9:26 AM

    Iceberg lettuce wedge with candied bacon and avocado green goddess dressing

  • mamacooking1120  on  3/5/2019 at 9:32 AM

    I haven't made a chicken pot pie this season, so I guess I would go for the wine country chicken pot pie. It looks like an interesting book to add to my collection.

  • kmn4  on  3/5/2019 at 9:58 AM

    Pork, chile, and hominy soup (Pozole rojo)

  • matag  on  3/5/2019 at 10:38 AM

    Pork chops with fig, apple, and mustard sauce

  • monique.potel  on  3/5/2019 at 10:49 AM

    Cauliflower steaks with pan-seared vegetables

  • janv  on  3/5/2019 at 2:00 PM

    Black bean and vegetable burritos with avocado crema

  • ravensfan  on  3/5/2019 at 4:39 PM

    Shrimp summer rolls with tamarind-peanut dip

  • kaivulagi  on  3/5/2019 at 4:55 PM

    Lump crab and avocado salad.

  • Shelley.b  on  3/5/2019 at 6:18 PM

    Lump crab and avocado salad

  • GillB  on  3/5/2019 at 6:34 PM

    Blackened Ahi Tuna bowl

  • mharriman  on  3/5/2019 at 7:50 PM

    Miso-marinated salmon with baby bok choy and shiitake mushrooms.

  • vickster  on  3/6/2019 at 7:53 AM

    Lump Crab and Avocado Salad sounds great!

  • kennethjohngilmour  on  3/6/2019 at 8:19 AM

    love pulled pork and quesadillas serve as both a great meal or snack so would start with the pulled pork quesadillas found on page 19

  • Lkitchings  on  3/6/2019 at 12:50 PM

    Jerk seasoning

  • southerncooker  on  3/6/2019 at 4:35 PM

    Chicken lollipops with mango BBQ glaze or the Triple Chocolate Cake. Both are calling my name.

  • ktwalla  on  3/6/2019 at 4:43 PM

    calamari with sweet chili glaze and sriracha aioli

  • Julied  on  3/6/2019 at 6:14 PM

    Grilled artichoke with lemon-tarragon aïoli

  • hillsboroks  on  3/6/2019 at 6:56 PM

    Our banana cream pie

  • mjes  on  3/7/2019 at 2:03 AM

    Sole with almond crust and broccolini

  • milgwimper  on  3/7/2019 at 6:38 PM

    Meyer lemon, pistachio, and olive cake, sounds delicious!

  • Steben  on  3/7/2019 at 9:52 PM

    Pork chops with fig, apple, and mustard sauce

  • mpdeb98  on  3/8/2019 at 6:39 PM

    Classic vegetable tempura with mirin dip

  • LaurenE  on  3/8/2019 at 7:44 PM

    Pork chops with fig, apple, and mustard sauce

  • t.t  on  3/9/2019 at 3:29 AM

    Vietnamese marinated pork on cold rice vermicelli

  • orchidlady01  on  3/9/2019 at 3:53 AM

    Pulled pork quesadillas

  • mhindle  on  3/9/2019 at 5:58 AM

    Grilled oysters with Sriracha-lime butter

  • KarenGlad  on  3/9/2019 at 6:29 AM

    Wine country chicken pot pie

  • bopper  on  3/9/2019 at 9:00 AM

    Spiced cocktail nuts

  • Natlovesgib  on  3/9/2019 at 11:12 AM

    Baby back ribs with ancho-orange glaze

  • jessiecomp  on  3/9/2019 at 12:52 PM

    The triple-chocolate cake definitely sounds up my street!

  • infotrop  on  3/9/2019 at 1:35 PM

    Tamarind vinaigrette

  • Dewnie  on  3/9/2019 at 2:10 PM

    Spiced cocktail nuts

  • maci234  on  3/9/2019 at 2:15 PM

    Wine Country chicken potpie

  • Isis1981uk  on  3/10/2019 at 6:04 AM

    The Grilled artichoke with lemon-tarragon aïoli

  • Plumbobmummy  on  3/10/2019 at 9:54 AM

    Smoky chile con queso

  • ExploringTheTurkishKitchen  on  3/10/2019 at 12:34 PM

    Artichoke season is about to hit us here in Turkey so undoubtedly grilled with lemon mmmm

  • ebs  on  3/10/2019 at 8:11 PM

    Grapefruit layer cake with cream cheese frosting

  • EmilyR  on  3/11/2019 at 12:44 AM

    Macadamia-crusted goat cheese with mango salsa

  • Sidwalesuk1  on  3/11/2019 at 8:13 AM

    The foggy cappuccino

  • GregH  on  3/11/2019 at 5:46 PM

    Meyer lemon, pistachio, and olive cake

  • dbielick  on  3/11/2019 at 7:45 PM

    Grilled shrimp and ramen salad

  • jd5761  on  3/11/2019 at 8:25 PM

    Wine country chicken pot pie for me

  • jmay42066  on  3/14/2019 at 5:22 PM

    Prime rib French dip with honey onions and brandy jus

  • michelle666  on  3/15/2019 at 10:26 AM

    Wine country chicken pot pie

  • annieski  on  3/16/2019 at 5:54 AM

    Calamari with sweet chili glaze and Sriracha aïoli

  • RuthHarwood  on  3/16/2019 at 5:57 AM

    The Vietnamese marinated pork on cold rice vermicelli sounds amazing!

  • Dannausc  on  3/16/2019 at 6:59 AM

    Pulled pork quesadillas

  • debbiehb  on  3/16/2019 at 12:01 PM

    Fisherman’s Wharf clam chowder

  • lauriesk  on  3/16/2019 at 4:00 PM

    Cauliflower steaks with pan-seared vegetables

  • Silkijones  on  3/16/2019 at 5:10 PM

    Chicken Pot Pie!

  • Karla123  on  3/16/2019 at 5:19 PM

    Zucchini and potato pakoras with cilantro-mint chutney...sounds mouthwatering!

  • edyenicole  on  3/17/2019 at 9:25 AM

    banana cream pie!!!

  • lindaeatsherbooks  on  3/18/2019 at 1:57 AM

    I would like to make the marinated steak salad with grilled potatoes and shiitake chips.

  • Livia  on  3/22/2019 at 6:03 AM

    Grilled artichoke with lemon-tarragon aïoli

  • antpantsii  on  3/22/2019 at 11:00 PM

    Oyster and bacon frittata!

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