Get ready – Prime Day is just around the corner

If you took advantage of Amazon's Prime Day sales in the past but wished the window for savings was larger, you are in for a treat this year. Amazon recently announced that it was having its longest Prime Day ever, billing it as "a two-day parade of non-stop deals." For the first time, Prime Day will run for 48 hours, offering… read more

UK Guild of Food Writers announces 2019 award winners

The Guild of Food Writers is the UK's professional association of food writers and broadcasters, and is the longest-established and largest of its kind. Established in 1984, it now has around 480 authors, broadcasters, columnists and journalists among its members. The Guild's goals include bringing  together professional food journalists, broadcasters and authors; arranging discussions, forums, and workshops; encouraging new writers;… read more

This week at Eat Your Books!

Eat Your Books (EYB) is a website for people who love cookbooks and want to make better use of the great recipes from those books. With EYB, a member can create their own personal Bookshelf and quickly find recipes from their cookbooks, food magazines, food blogs, personal recipe clippings, and favorite online recipes. New cookbooks (as well as older titles) are… read more

Beat the heat with refreshing cold soups

Much of Europe is currently baking in extreme heat conditions, and parts of the US are pretty steamy as well. When the temperature and humidity spike, cooking can become a dreaded chore. I know that my south-facing kitchen, with its large window, becomes unbearable once it hits the mid-80s. That's when I turn to refreshing cold soups that serve to… read more

The wisdom in old cookbooks

Call it a win for the Facebook algorithm: I clicked on a suggested post in Facebook Marketplace for the two vintage cookbooks pictured below and ended up purchasing them. I had been researching the history of Gold Medal Flour, and for once Facebook correctly predicted that I would be interested in these items (unlike most other suggestions that leave me… read more

Perfect Pan Pizza Promotion

Title:  Perfect Pan Pizza: Square Pies to Make at Home, from Roman, Sicilian, and Detroit, to Grandma Pies and Focaccia Author:  Peter Reinhart About the author:  Peter Reinhart is an American baker, educator and author. Four of his books have been nominated for James Beard Awards, with three of them winning, including the "Book of the Year" in 2002 for… read more

World’s 50 Best Restaurants announced

Even though the World's 50 Best Restaurants list has some, well, let's just call them issues, there is no denying that the establishments that land on the list serve some of the finest food on the planet. Yesterday we learned which restaurants made the top 50 in 2019. Landing in the top spot was Mirazur, Mauro Colagreco's restaurant on the French… read more

June 2019 New Cookbook Review

It's cookbook review time (yes, already). Below you will find a brief summary of titles that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. If I am not in possession of the book, you may click on the book record for more information. For some UK/AU/NZ books, I have added a blurb even if I have not received the book yet.… read more

How people are celebrating ‘Anthony Bourdain Day’

Last year the food world was devastated when irreverent-yet-beloved chef, author, and television host Anthony Bourdain took his life at age 61.  The photo below was taken by Jenny's friend Rona in New York the week after Tony's death. One year later, people are still grieving. On the anniversary of his death, the outpouring of love and respect for this culinary… read more

Blue and white CorningWare is back

The iconic white with blue flowers CorningWare evokes a wave of nostalgia for almost everyone who sees the cookware at a resale shop or thrift store. Rare pieces of vintage CorningWare can fetch astronomical prices, up to $7000 for certain items. If those kind of prices are out of reach, don't despair: CorningWare recently released a new edition of the… read more

Worldwide Best Cookbooks January – June 2019

I've written some combination of the following words at various times over the last four years: cookbooks just keep getting better. Cookbook lovers are demanding more including photographs that inspire, recipes that tempt us, unique flavor combinations and an escape from our everyday lives all wrapped up between two covers. To make December's work easier, I've divided my best/favorites list… read more

Food news antipasto

This week's sampling of interesting or offbeat food news begins with a tribute to the late Anthony Bourdain. Earlier this week, the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, Bourdain's alma mater, announced that it would be offering a scholarship in his name. It will be awarded to one or two students per year, and will help to pay for… read more

June 2019 Eat Your Books Cookbook Club Summary

We have an incredible community here at Eat Your Books that has flowed into our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club and Sweet Eat Your Books Cookbook Club, places where we share our successes and fails in cooking and baking from specific cookbook titles. This month we've been cooking from the following titles: Main selection: Around my French Table or Red… read more

Spice support: hyssop

A few days ago we reported on the trend of chefs to bring back forgotten herbs, often as part of a local and seasonal cooking focus. One of the old-fashioned herbs discussed in the article was hyssop, a perennial plant native to the Mediterranean. In today's edition of Spice Support we'll take a closer look at the uses of this… read more

Love and Lemons Every Day – Giveaway

Title:  Love and Lemons Every Day: More Than 100 Bright, Plant-Forward Recipes for Every Meal Author:   Jeanine Donofrio About the author: Jeanine worked as a graphic designer for ten years before finding her true calling in food and food photography. Besides her popular blog, Love and Lemons, she has contributed to many media outlets, her debut cookbook, The Love and Lemons Cookbook was… read more

Did the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list change its method to appease chefs’ egos?

Next week the listing of the World's 50 Best Restaurants will be announced (restaurants ranked 51-120 were announced a few days ago). Early this year we reported on changes to the selection process of the World's 50 Best rankings of restaurants. The new method was ostensibly a response to criticism that the rankings heavily favored European or European-inspired establishments that… read more

This week at Eat Your Books!

Eat Your Books (EYB) is a website for people who love cookbooks and want to make better use of the great recipes from those books. With EYB, a member can create their own personal Bookshelf and quickly find recipes from their cookbooks, food magazines, food blogs, personal recipe clippings, and favorite online recipes. New cookbooks (as well as older titles) are… read more

Not too hot, not too cold

Everyone who cooks food for a crowd - either at a dinner party or for a holiday meal - understands the struggle of timing things so that all of the hot foods are served hot and cold items don't get warm while waiting for the other items to cook. Having foods that can be served at room temperature helps solve… read more

Lesser known herbs are having their day in the sun

Make room in your herb collection for some new names to go alongside perennial favorites like oregano, basil, and parsley. Chefs are embracing lesser known, but equally delicious, herbs like lovage and hyssop in their dishes, according to the website Flavor and The Menu.  As restaurants expand on the concepts of local, seasonal, and heritage offerings, old-fashioned herbs are working… read more

Eat Cook L.A. – Giveaway

Title:  EAT COOK L.A.: Recipes from the City of Angels Author:  Aleksandra Crapanzano About the author:  Aleksandra is a screenwriter and food writer. A  recipient of The M.F.K. Fisher Award for Distinguished Writing from The James Beard Foundation,  she has been widely published in various media. Her first book The London Cookbook is a delicious journey via 100 recipes from… read more

Pok Pok Noodles – Giveaway

Title:  Pok Pok Noodles: Recipes from Thailand and Beyond Author:  Andy Ricker and JJ Goode About the author:  Andy Ricker is the chef/owner of Pok Pok Restaurants.  He first visited Thailand in 1987 and since then has spent several months each year living, traveling, eating, cooking and studying the food culture inThailand and neighboring countries. Andy is a two time James… read more

The latest garlic peeling hack makes the rounds

Perhaps you have already seen the mesmerizing video - a pair of hands, a sharp knife, a few twists, and an entire head of garlic peeled as easy as 1-2-3. This is the latest garlic peeling trick circulating on social media, following other hacks such as the two metal bowls method, the microwave method, and the high pressure air hose… read more

Sifratna by Amjaad Al-Hussain

Last week, The Washington Post featured an interview with Amjaad Al-Hussain author of Sifratna: Recipes from our Yemeni Kitchen and I immediately had to order the book.   While I am waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail, I wanted to share an EYBDigital preview with our members. This preview will take you inside Amjaad's gorgeous book and features the introduction… read more

Molly O’Neill dies at age 66

We have just learned the sad news that prolific author Molly O'Neill has lost her battle with cancer. She had been combatting the disease for nearly two years; in late 2017 O'Neill started a Go Fund Me campaign to help defray expenses associated with her illness. O'Neill's books reside on hundreds of EYB Members' bookshelves. Molly's work includes writing a food… read more

Food news antipasto

Usually when I sit down to write the daily post of what's happening in the world of food and cookbooks, it follows a lengthy session of social media and food website browsing as I search for news that will be meaningful or useful to our readers. As I scroll through various posts, many offbeat news items will catch my eye… read more
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