Prue Leith tells chefs: no more foams or drizzles

Drizzles, foams, jellies, and “lollipops of crackling” – these are not a few of Prue Leith’s favorite things. In an interview with The Guardian, Leith spouts off on these trends and others that have become popular in recent years. The television host of Great British Bake Off and previously of Great British Menu offers some advice for chefs. 

Prue Leith

Instead of being enamored with the latest gadgets, techniques, and machines, she thinks they should focus more on the core aspects of cooking. Says Leith, chefs sometimes forget that what really matters with food is flavour and texture.” She thinks that a completed dish should have no more than about five tastes. 

Leith was at The Hay Festival of Literature & Arts to discuss her recent work, including her book Prue: My Favourite Recipes from a Lifetime of Cooking and Eating, which was released last fall. The recipes in that book are free from any foams, drizzles, or modern techniques like sous vide. What it does contain are new takes on classic recipes and some downright homespun advice to home cooks.

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  • MarciK  on  June 6, 2019

    All this fussy stuff makes a pretty picture, but isn't practical for the home cook. Even being served it in a restaurant, it feels more like a piece of art being served to you rather than a filling meal. I'm ok with rustic and hearty over pretty and fancy any day.

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