Ingenious dishwasher hacks

Piggy-backing on Tuesday’s post, today we will discuss more hacks for kitchen equipment. This time it’s the dishwasher. While not everyone has a dishwasher, most people who do have one will never go back – and after reading the fifteen unique uses for your dishwasher offered by Taste of Home, those who don’t yet have one may reconsider their decision.


Several of the hacks involve using the heated drying and/or sanitizing options. According to the slideshow, the heated dry setting is a great way to keep foods hot, warm your dishes, and in combination with the extra-hot sanitize setting, can even be used to cook lasagna (really!). 

Although the appliance was created for washing dishes, there are many other items you can wash in them, including artificial flowers, makeup brushes, car parts, and fruits or vegetables. Have a large haul of produce from the farmer’s market? Toss all of those fruits and vegetables into the dishwasher and run a cold rinse-only cycle. Place more delicate items like tomatoes on the top rack, and sturdier ones like potatoes on the bottom rack. 

Dishwashers have a finite life cycle, but even after yours has finished its last cycle parts of it can live on in other ways. Racks with rollers make great underbed storage devices, the utensil holder can be repurposed to hold art or office supplies, and non-wheeled racks can be hung on the wall to organize craft supplies. Who knew that dishwashers could be so versatile?

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  • ChristineL32707  on  July 12, 2019

    Well my life has changed for the better! Washing all my farmers market treasures at once-YES!

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