How to outfit your pantry like a GBBO baker

As Darcie reminded us last week, Netflix here in the US is broadcasting The Great British Bake Off three days after the original episode airs in the UK. Raise your hand if you have already watched Cake Week (raise both hands if you have watched it twice like me). Every series has me amazed at how fast I fall for… read more

Marcella Hazan’s lasting legacy

tomato sauce
There are a handful of people whose pioneering work in codifying the cooking of a region has created a body of work that is used generation after generation. Paula Wolfert, Julia Child, and Marcella Hazan are three women who fit this description. Recently food writer Melissa Clark talked with Francis Lam on The Splendid Table about how Hazan's work has… read more

This week at Eat Your Books

It's been an exciting week for baking fans as GBBO returns to the tent and our televisions. UK fans can watch the show on Tuesdays on C4 and for the first time ever, Netflix subscribers in the USA can watch the show only three days later on Fridays. We couldn't find details of whether the show is being shown elsewhere… read more

When savory meets sweet

Sweet and savory generally occupy different areas on restaurant menus and different courses in our meals. But when they come together, the results can be wonderful. I was reminded of this by an article on the James Beard Foundation's website that explains how to make ensaymada, an irresistable Filipino pastry that deftly combines the two tastes. The recipe they use… read more

Ruffoni Cookware Giveaway

Here we are at the end of August wrapping up our month-long 10th birthday celebration with another beautiful giveaway. The Ruffoni Opus Prima Stainless-Steel Chef Pan pictured above is one of the Italian cookware company's latest pieces, adorned with an olive finial. It is stunning and I have a serious finial addiction. I've been known to purchase a piece of… read more

Are green onions and scallions the same thing?

Green onion salad
When I come across a recipe that calls for scallions, I automatically substitute green onions. I've been under the impression that these are two different names for the same vegetable. And then there are chives, which are different but similar enough to cause confusion. So what are the differences between these three alliums? Food & Wine has the answer. Saute… read more

Let them eat cake…scraps

If you bake a lot of cakes (or even just a few now and then), you might have encountered this dilemma - the cakes are domed and won't stack, so you trim the tops off to level them. This results in small scraps of lovely cake that you really can't do anything with - right? Wrong, says Stella Parks. She… read more

500 EYB Digital Previews

Late March 2018, Eat Your Books launched our EYB Digital Preview program which allows our members to view a selection of pages from a title – including photographs, illustrations, and complete recipes – with just a click.  This week we uploaded preview number 500! Below is a screenshot from our EYBD Preview for Bakeland, just one of the beautiful books… read more

Fried Rice Cookbook Giveaway

Enter to win a copy of Fried Rice: 50 Ways to Stir Up the World's Favorite Grain by Danielle Centoni. Danielle Centoni's new book delivers fifty recipes to bring variety to your fried rice dishes. From Vietnamese pork meatball banh mi fried rice to Thai fried coconut rice with pork satay and spinach to Korean, Indian, Burmese, Polish and Greek… read more

EYB Survey Results

We recently ran a survey to get a better idea of what is important to our members - both in their cooking at home and on Eat Your Books. We had a fantastic response and we thought you may be interested to know the key takeaways. What is most important to EYB members? Trying new recipes and experimenting with different… read more

Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker

Our 10th birthday celebration is winding down but before returning to our regular programming of cookbook giveaways, we have two special promotions to share this week. Today's giveaway is for a Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso and later this week we will finish off the month with a Ruffoni cookware giveaway. One of the most used machines in my kitchen is… read more

Get your grill on with these tips

Pumpkin spice is in the air, and that can only mean one thing: winter is coming (at least in the northern hemisphere). Yes, I know, fall/autumn has not even started, but the long Labor Day weekend in the U.S. marks the unofficial end of summer, and pumpkin spice flavors appeared today in local Starbucks locations, both harbingers of fall. Don't… read more

Farmers’ market advice from the pros

Farmers' markets hold such promise. Wandering through the stalls can make you feel like the proverbial kid in a candy shop. In much the same way, they can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it's difficult to tell which vendors have the best tomatoes, peaches, or melons. Karen Beverlin does not have that problem. A veteran produce buyer, she knows her… read more

August 2019 New Cookbook Review

My favorite months are just around the corner ready to make their entrance with cooler temperatures and a whirlwind of cookbook releases. The fall and winter months here in the US are my favorite. The arrival of the months ending with "ber" signifies more baking and hours spent by the fireplace reading cookbooks. In preparation, I've spent a few hours… read more

Food news antipasto

tomato tart
Time again for the food news that piqued my interest but did not warrant a lengthy post. This week we begin with a tip to prevent sogginess when baking with tomatoes. Since it's peak tomato season in much of the northern latitudes, this is timely. Tiffany Hopkins of Epicurious tells us the secret is to properly salt the tomatoes to… read more

August 2019 EYB Cookbook Club

Check out what's been cooking in our clubs and what our October through January options are! We have an incredible community here at Eat Your Books that has flowed into our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club and Sweet Eat Your Books Cookbook Club, places where we share our successes and fails in cooking and baking from specific cookbook titles. This… read more

Jamie Oliver’s humbling interview

When Jamie Oliver burst onto the scene in the late 1990s, his star ascended with astonishing speed. The young chef quickly established a media empire through television programs and a string of successful cookbooks. Not content to limit himself to being a TV host, he tackled childhood obesity and worked to improve school lunches. It seemed as though Oliver was… read more

EYB Blog moved to WordPress

We have today moved our blog to WordPress as the old blog was becoming tired and very slow. It will be much faster to load and when adding comments. We decided to also make the blog page easier to skim through for posts that interest you - some posts such as the weekly Kindle roundup were very long. There will… read more

Counting the days to GBBO

There are precious few bits of good news these days. The world's lungs are on fire, stock markets around the world have more ups and downs than an M.C. Escher staircase, and my scale continues to mock me on a daily basis. That is why I am counting down the days to Season 7 of The Great British Bake Off… read more

This week at Eat Your Books

Check out this week's recipes, giveaways, cookbook previews and more. Eat Your Books (EYB) is a website for people who love cookbooks and want to make better use of the great recipes from those books. This month we celebrate ten years of providing our members with the tools to better utilize their cookbook collections and have a number of special promotions… read more

ATK and Christopher Kimball settle lawsuit

The feud between America's Test Kitchen and Christopher Kimball appears to be over. Today the parties announced a settlement in the three-year legal battle that began when Kimball was forced out (or resigned, depending on your point of view) of ATK and started his own (very similar) company. The details of the agreement were not disclosed, but we do know… read more

Sunny-Side Up & CrateChef Giveaway

Sunny-Side Up: More Than 100 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes from the Essential Egg to the Perfect Pastry by Waylynn Lucas (publication date 8/27/2019) will breathe new life into your brunch/breakfast menu. The author is a judge on Food Network's Cake Wars, and former executive pastry chef of several notable restaurants. She currently lives in Park City Utah, where she has founded… read more

Le Creuset 2019 factory sale

If you love Le Creuset and live in the southern US, mark your calendars. The annual Le Creuset factory-to-table sale is coming to Charlotte, NC in September and Atlanta, GA in October. The sale includes special pricing, limited-edition colors and rare shapes and styles.  You have to pay an entrance fee to attend the sale but the proceeds go to a… read more

Dream vacations for food lovers

Imagine lounging in an Italian retreat overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, taking a private tour of Italy's best producer of buffalo mozzarella, having a guided tour of ancient temple ruins, and visiting a fig and chocolate confectionery, all the while getting great advice on your food writing. Does that sound like an dream vacation to you? If so, it could come true.… read more

Andaluz by Fiona Dunlop & John Boos Artisan Board

Title: Andaluz: A Food Journey Through Southern Spain by Fiona Dunlop, has written a library of books on cuisines from around the world. A seasoned traveler and food-writer, she digs deep beneath the surface of the places she visits. Food has increasingly become her focus, without overlooking art, architecture and design of the regions. Andalucia is the anti-fad foodie region of Spain… read more
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