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It’s that time of the week for a review of the items I found interesting over the past several days that did not warrant an entire post.

Few things are better than a fresh loaf of artisan bread. The cracking of the crust and the chew of the crumb are delightful. However, few things are worse than stale bread. You can change that, though, through the right application of heat and moisture. Goodfood Australia shows us how to revive a stale loaf of bread.

spam and rice

The older I get, the more I sound like my mother. I want to preface comments with a ‘back in my day’. One news item that made me feel that way this week was a story in The Guardian about Waitrose deciding to sell pullet eggs. Pullet eggs, if you did not already know, are the eggs laid by immature chickens. They are considerably smaller than eggs laid by older chickens (duh), which apparently caused supermarkets so much heartburn that they wouldn’t buy them. (Back in my day, we were happy with all of the eggs that the chickens laid. But since we got our eggs from my grandmother’s farm we didn’t have much choice.) Farmers frequently have to throw away the pullet eggs because they can’t find anyone to purchase them. Waitrose will charge £1.99 for 4. 

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the morning air will soon have a bite to it as we welcome fall or autumn. And (like it or not) with fall/autumn comes pumpkin spice-flavored everything. And by everything, I mean everything, since Hormel Foods has announced that it will be selling Pumpkin spice Spam.  Since I live just up the road from the Spam production plant (and the Spam Museum – 40,000 square feet of square meat) I might have to try this so you don’t have to. Wish me luck. 

Photo of Glazed Spam and rice from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen by Heather Schmitt-González

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  • annmartina  on  August 20, 2019

    One of the great joys of going to the Spam Museum is being able to buy any of the regional Spams you can't find in your local grocery store. Grilled cheese with Monterey Jack, pumpkin spice Spam and apricot jam anyone?

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