Cookbook Tidbits

Today's post is all about notable books that may have arrived after their particular month of publication and were not given adequate representation in my monthly review. A few of these titles are self-published or crowd-funded and a few come from publishers, but all are worthy of a cookbook lover's attention. CHamoru Cuisine: A Marianas Cultural Legacy by Gerard and… read more

Food news antipasto

This week was filled to the brim with news about the food and publishing industries. We'll start with the news of Bon Appétit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport resigning after a photo of him in brownface surfaced, and amidst allegations of discriminatory treatment of BA staff. The undated photo shows Rapoport wearing what appears to be a racist costume to a party.… read more

Don’t overlook the back of the box

Despite the fact that most people look for recipes online these days, food manufacturers still provide those recipes on containers of everything from oatmeal to chocolate chips to sweetened condensed milk and beyond. With hundreds of cookbooks at my disposal, I rarely look at the recipes posted on packages of the products I purchase. However, Hannah Selinger at Eater makes… read more

This week: Biscuit recipes, Pride month supporting LGBTQ authors, cookbook previews and giveaways

Biscuits in North America are made with flour, a fat (shortening or butter), a leavening agent, and often buttermilk. They are flaky, tender delights. Outside of North America, biscuits are what North Americans refer to as cookies. This post will focus on the North American biscuit (check back next week for biscuits/cookies). Lately, I've been on a biscuit kick -… read more

How seasonal differences can affect your baking

My kitchen has a large window with a southern exposure. During the winter months, I enjoy the sunlight that floods the space with light, but in July...not so much. The kitchen becomes stifling hot and humid to boot. Over the years I've discovered that with the transition from one season to the next, changes in temperature and humidity can result… read more

A history that pops

Movie theaters have remained shuttered in most parts of the world, which means that people have not been consuming the most popular snack at the cinema: popcorn. It's a versatile treat, because depending on how you make it and top it, popcorn can be anything from virtuous to decadent. Over at Serious Eats, Michelle Delgado recounts the long history of… read more

Celebrating LGBTQ+ chefs, cookbook authors and writers

Eat Your Books celebrates cookbook authors every day. As June is Pride Month we are highlighting LGBTQ+ writers to acknowledge their contribution to the culinary world and to our cookbook addictions! Last month, Ten Speed Press published Tasty Pride: 75 Recipes and Stories from the Queer Food Community . This new book shares stories of love, pride, and acceptance and… read more

Alfresco dining is all about the vibe

As summer heads into full swing here in the northern latitudes, alfresco dining becomes a popular option for eateries, made doubly appealing in 2020 due to limitations on occupancy in dining rooms. Some cities have closed streets to make room for more socially-distanced outside seating. Alfresco dining can be lovely, says The Guardian's Jay Rayner, who notes that a positive… read more

The politics of chili powder

When I pull open the drawer in which I store my spices, politics is usually not at the forefront of my thoughts. Instead, I'm envisioning a dish and pulling together the herbs and spices that will make it sing. But spices and politics are inextricably linked: wars were fought over and empires built on the trade of spices. The spice… read more

This comfort-food cookbook delivers more than recipes

What is better than a new cookbook? A cookbook that directs its profits to people in need! The very first electronic cookbook from Food Writers New Zealand not only offers over 40 recipes for delicious, hearty fare, it also raises money for charity. Titled 'Cosy', the book is a collaboration featuring the best New Zealand food writers and is designed… read more

Alexander Smalls – Cookbook Giveaway

Alexander Smalls, James Beard award-winning chef, author, raconteur, and former opera singer was the visionary co-owner of renowned restaurants, The Cecil and Minton’s. His award-winning restaurant, The Cecil, NYC’s first Afro-Asian-American restaurant, was named “Best New Restaurant in America” by Esquire in 2014. A 2019 recipient of a James Beard Award for his cookbook, Between Harlem and Heaven, Alexander received… read more

Food news antipasto

One of the books Jenny profiled earlier this year was Karen Pfeiff-Boschek's Elegant Pie: Transform Your Favorite Pies into Works of Art. You might have seen Pfeiff-Boschek's jaw-dropping pies on Instagram. If the photo below makes you hungry for more, head over to Bored Panda for an interview with the phenomenal baker, plus 35 before-and-after photos. The photo below is… read more

Using food in protest has a long history

The question of 'what is an appropriate mechanism for protest' is one that resonates during times like these. With people taking to the streets all over the world, companies and celebrities alike have posted to social media supporting protesters and discussing efforts to address the issues raised by the protests. Inevitably, the comments to these posts will feature someone saying… read more

This week: Elevating black food writers, cookbook previews and giveaways

The year 2020 has dealt us a difficult hand. We keep asking for new cards but many of us feel like folding. From the bushfires in Australia, the pandemic, to the protests across the United States after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis that are often met with hate and brutality, it seems suffering and pain grows daily. These… read more

You already own the best kitchen tool

When listing essential kitchen tools, most cooks would include items such as a sharp knife, enameled cast iron pot, balloon whisk, heat-resistant spatula, heavy saucepan, or rimmed baking sheet. Others might throw in a food processor or stand mixer. Not Ruby Tandoh. Instead, she reminds us that our hands are the greatest kitchen utensils. Even though Tandoh values all of… read more

Shaken, not stirred – and in a to-go cup

While many restaurants were able to pivot to take-out and delivery during the period when stay-at-home order were in place, liquor laws (at least in the US) meant that the restaurants were not able to include drinks containing alcohol in their to-go orders. Since beverages are a real profit center for restaurants, that loss was a financial blow. Several states… read more

The Silver Spoon: Recipes for Babies

Enter our US/CA/UK/AU giveaway to win one of two copies of The Silver Spoon: Recipes for Babies by The Silver Spoon Kitchen. Please remember Eat Your Book members receive 30% off Phaidon titles when using the link provided. From their very first morsels, Italian infants are encouraged to explore the tastes and textures of real food - the goal is to help… read more

The Vegetarian Silver Spoon

Enter our US/CA/UK/AU giveaway to win one of two copies of The Vegetarian Silver Spoon: Classic and Contemporary Italian Recipes. Please remember Eat Your Book members receive 30% off Phaidon titles when using the link provided. The latest title to join Phaidon's Silver Spoon library features more than 200 recipes for Italian vegetarian dishes, with a particular emphasis on healthy meat-free options… read more

Elevating the visibility of black cookbook authors

American cuisine, especially that of the American South, owes a great deal to the influence of black cooks. As Smithsonian Magazine explains, it was often enslaved black chefs who created the feasts that gave the South its reputation for hospitality. James Beard Book Award-winner Michael Twitty further explores this topic, showing us how chefs of African descent laid the groundwork… read more

A small piece of light to help chase away the darkness

On any given Monday, I would be happily clicking on cheerful posts about peppery watercress recipes or the secrets to great kalbi, but not today. Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, I worked in downtown Minneapolis. For the past two months I have been working out of my home which is located 50 miles from the heart of the city, but… read more

Insight Editions – Discount Code

Insight Editions creates illustrated books that celebrate cultural milestones in entertainment, history, and the arts (including cookbooks!). Books from Insight Editions showcase the best of art and photography in exquisite presentations of the bookmaker’s craft. Effective June 1st at 12pm PST the promo code INSIGHTEYB can be used for 30% off of Insight Editions selected titles. This code will be effective… read more
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