Chefs predict food trends for 2021

With 2020 almost in the rearview mirror (thank goodness), it's time to look forward to what we can expect in the coming year. For many of us, 2021 will still be a slog as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on our healthcare systems and economy, especially service establishments like restaurants, but with vaccines beginning to be distributed, there is… read more

Food news antipasto

We'll begin this week's survey of what's happening in food and cookbooks with a free baking class. Art of the Pie's Kate McDermott is offering a free dough making demonstration as a thank you to everyone who has supported her over the years. The Zoom session will be held on Thursday December 31st, 2020 at 8AM Pacific Time (US). The… read more

A trifling matter

While Jenny focused on Yule logs this week, I had my sights set in a different direction. Watching the GBBO holiday special featuring the cast of Derry Girls, trifles were top of mind for me, and a post from Australian Gourmet Traveller featuring 22 different trifle recipes for Christmas further nudged me in that direction. Trifle has a long and… read more

This week: Yule log recipes, hot chocolate bombs, cookbook and product giveaways, and more

As I was scrolling through social media on Wednesday, an article at Vogue featuring stunning Parisian yule logs stopped me in my tracks. I fully admit I am an odd duck and while the other cakes blew me away I was most taken with the modern design below by La bûche Jardin sous la Neige du Shangri-La. While I drooled… read more

Hanukkah recipes at hand

Hanukkah begins this evening and will end on the evening of December 18. If you are looking for different recipes to celebrate in this year that has us all scrambling to meet new challenges, head over to our Hanukkah Pinterest Board, which has been recently updated with new Pins. There are a slew of novel recipes for latkes - Food… read more

The Chicken Soup Manifesto Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ contest to win one of three copies of The Chicken Soup Manifesto: Recipes from Around the World by Jenn Louis. There is nothing better than a steaming bowl of soup when the outside temperature turns brisk or when you are feeling under the weather. In The Chicken Soup Manifesto: Recipes from Around the World, Jenn Louis, Top… read more

Homemade for the holidays

On Monday we supplied links to great online resources to purchase holiday hampers and other food gifts. Sometimes you might want something more personal, or perhaps something less expensive - let's face it, this year not all of us can afford to spend a lot on presents. In either of these situations, homemade gifts fit the bill. We tend to… read more

101 Greatest Cookies Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our giveaway (2 copies US) of 101 Greatest Cookies on the Planet by Erin Mylroie. 101 Greatest Cookies on the Planet by Erin Mylroie is loaded with recipes from a play on the famous Levain cookie, Utah style pink frosted cookie, Lemon meatballs, to French toast cookies with maple glaze. This is an ideal book to add to your cookie… read more

Holiday gifts from your favorite authors

Yikes! The holidays are almost here and you haven't even begun purchasing gifts (or is that just me?)! If you have a food lover on your list - or maybe someone who is just tired of cooking - you might want to get them a gift from one of your favorite cookbook authors. Most of the companies below offer expedited… read more

Pizza: History, Recipes, Stories, Places, People, Love – Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ giveaway to win one of three copies of Pizza: History, Recipes, Stories, Places, People, Love by Thom and James Elliot. The Elliott brothers are the Pizza Pilgrims and authors of Pizza Pilgrims: Recipes from the Backstreets of Italy and their new title Pizza: History, Recipes, Stories, Places, People, Love. During this pandemic, like many owners of restaurants,… read more

Flavor for All and a John Boos Board Giveaway

Enter our US/CA giveaway to win one of three copies of Flavor for All: Everyday Recipes & Creative Pairings by James Briscione and Brooke Parkhurst with one US grand prize winner also receiving a John Boos Newton Prep Master II. The dynamic husband and wife team, James Briscione and Brooke Parkhurst are back with Flavor for All: Everyday Recipes &… read more

Larousse Patisserie and Baking: The Ultimate Expert Guide, with More Than 200 Recipes and Step-by-Step Techniques Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US giveaway to win one of two copies of Larousse Patisserie and Baking: The Ultimate Expert Guide, with More Than 200 Recipes and Step-by-Step Techniques by Larousse. Larousse Patisserie and Baking covers all aspects of baking – from simple everyday cakes and desserts to special occasion show-stoppers. There are more than 200 recipes included as well as guides to… read more

Food news antipasto

With every season come seasonal flavors of products ranging from drinks to chips/crisps to candies. It seems like food companies try to outdo each other with the new flavors and that is not always for the better, says The Guardian's Jay Rayner. He calls out wacky holiday flavors, asking "has anyone ever really felt more Christmassy because Walkers have released… read more

International ‘Worlds of Flavor’ conference goes digital

For 22 years, the Culinary Institute of America has hosted an international culinary conference aimed at professional chefs, called Worlds of Flavor, combines seasoned pros and up-and-coming chefs to spotlight emerging trends in food. This year the conference proceeded virtually, like so may other conferences in 2020, with chefs from 20 countries and five continents sharing ideas, including how to… read more

This week: The perfect sugar cookie, cookbook store deals, giveaways, and more!

Every holiday season, I make a promise to myself that I will take my time and make perfectly decorated cookies. Back in New York, I actually had a small business, baking and decorating cookies, cakes, and other baked goods but that was long ago when I was younger and full of hope. Each year I have delusions of grandeur that… read more

Bon Appetit embroiled in another diversity controversy

Bon Appétit magazine keeps shooting itself in the foot. The venerable magazine's downward spiral began in June when editor Adam Rapoport resigned after images surfaced of him wearing blackface at a party. This was soon followed by accusations of inequitable treatment of BIPOC staff members by BA's parent company. Several members of the BA Test Kitchen resigned in protest. The… read more

Christmas Cookie Challenge – Airing of Grievances

Festivus for the rest of us! The Festivus story on Seinfeld was one of my family's favorite episodes. Every time I get myself worked up about something - and there are a lot of those occasions - I state to those around me that it is time for my airing of grievances which usually results in a clearing of the… read more

Dumplings and Noodles – Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ giveaway to win one of three copies of Dumplings and Noodles: Bao, Gyoza, Biang Biang, Ramen--and Everything in Between by Pippa Middlehurst. Dumplings and noodles. What more does a girl need to be happy? Well, maybe a good cake and a man like those dudes in the romance novels - a girl can dream. Dumplings and noodles… read more

Get off my self-cleaning oven!

While scrolling through my news feed today ogling the gorgeous baking recipes that proliferate during this time of year, I noticed a striking image of an oven on fire, and a title that warned of impending doom: 'Resist the urge to use this oven setting'. In case you were confused as to what they meant, the subtitle cleared it up… read more

Modern Comfort Food, Kuhn Rikon Vegetable Peeler & Schmidt Bros. Cutlery Set Giveaway

Enter our US giveaway to win a Modern Comfort Food prize package which consists of a copy of Modern Comfort Food by Ina Garten, a Kuhn Rikon vegetable peeler (Ina's favorite), and a Schmidt Bros. carving set. Ina is back with nearly one-hundred recipes to provide comfort which is needed this year more than any other. My niece recently made… read more

Worldwide Bookstore Global Events, Discounts and More

During December a number of our favorite cookbook stores are featuring specials, online events, and more. If you are aware of any holiday events, discounts please email and I will update this article. Our worldwide listing of cookbook stores can be found here. Now Serving LA, Omnivore Books, Kitchen Arts & Letters, and Book Larder December 5, 11 a.m.… read more

Christmas with Kim-Joy Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ giveaway to win one of three copies of Christmas with Kim-Joy: A Festive Collection of Edible Cuteness by Kim-Joy. My husband has described me as "crusty" with a good heart. I think that means that I would do almost anything for people but I really don't want to spend time with them. My tolerance level has gone… read more

David Chang wins $1 million for charity

Chef David Chang has been vocal in both his support for restaurant workers and criticism of how national, state, and local governments have failed to protect the restaurant industry during the pandemic. The outspoken chef recently competed on the celebrity version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, playing for his chosen charity the Southern Smoke Foundation. Chang became the… read more

Food news antipasto

Several weeks ago we posted about Kitchen Arts & Letters starting a fundraising campaign to help save their store. The appeal was successful, with KAL raising enough money to keep the doors open despite a huge drop in foot traffic. An EYB Member provided us with a link to an interview with owner Matt Sartwell on how KAL is coping… read more

Great British Bake Off – Recap – Weeks 9 and 10

Because Darcie posted about the hate mail Laura received after making to the final, we decided not to bombard everyone with another GBBO post and combined the final and semi-final recaps into one. Each of us will take turns with our own impression of the last two episodes after the rundown of challenges. Reminder: New shows for those watching on… read more
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