How to Make Anything Gluten Free – Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ giveaway to win one of three copies of How to Make Anything Gluten Free by Becky Excell.

How to Make Anything Gluten Free will show you how to unlock all the food you miss eating – but promises that nothing tastes or looks “gluten-free”. The photos of the recipes in this book are crave-worthy and could be from any cookbook – not a “gluten-free” title.

Becky Excell has spent years developing delicious dishes and sharing them with her followers on Instagram. She is here to show you that a gluten-free life can be exciting and easy, without having to miss out on your favourite foods ever again. From proper chicken chow mein to pad Thai, doughnuts to lemon drizzle cake, cheesecake to profiteroles, French baguettes to pizza, plus dairy-free, vegan, veggie and low FODMAP options, Becky gives you all the recipes you’ll ever need with tips and advice on how to make absolutely anything gluten-free.

Our EYBDPreviewButton takes you inside this book and features a selection of pages and five recipes. Gluten-free cookbooks have come a long way in providing lovely, approachable recipes and Becky’s title certainly fits the bill.

This giveaway is open to EYB members in the US/UK/AU/NZ. Entry options include answering the following question in the comments section of this blog post.

What do you look for in a gluten free cookbook?

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  • matag  on  March 8, 2021


  • sarahawker  on  March 8, 2021

    I want recipes that use ingredients I have, not specialty ingredients that I need to order.

  • kaivulagi  on  March 8, 2021

    Dishes that don’t taste gluten-free and baked products that don’t need to be warmed up to improve their texture.

  • ravensfan  on  March 8, 2021

    Recipes that kids would like

  • youngsvnnhrs  on  March 9, 2021


  • maci234  on  March 9, 2021

    food that you cant tell that they are gluten free

  • mpdeb98  on  March 9, 2021

    I look for recipes that taste good and for products that have good mouth-feel.

  • Dendav  on  March 9, 2021

    Tasty recipes

  • Laura1  on  March 9, 2021

    Delicious recipes

  • Florentine  on  March 9, 2021

    Good tasty wholesome recipes 😋

  • Ambee  on  March 9, 2021

    I would like to try new recipes for my son who has autism, for him to hopefully like and enjoy as he may have to have a gluten free diet due to medical issues so this book would be really helpful and appreciated!

  • dbranigan27  on  March 9, 2021

    I look for delicious baked goods recipes.

  • Cheelios  on  March 10, 2021

    Hoping gluten free donuts are in it!

  • sarahjane24  on  March 10, 2021

    I look for easy to make gluten free recipes

  • redcurrant  on  March 10, 2021

    Taste and texture. Hopefully a gluten free AP flour substitute that actually works for everything.

  • Isis1981uk  on  March 11, 2021

    Lots of decadent treats!

  • LeMinou  on  March 12, 2021

    Easy to find & affordable ingredients.

  • Kouture007  on  March 12, 2021

    Recipes that you can’t tell are gluten free!

  • sarahteertzah  on  March 12, 2021

    I look for recipes that use ingredients I already have in the kitchen, as opposed to seeking out very specialty items.

  • LaurenE  on  March 12, 2021

    Recipes that you can’t tell are gluten free

  • Shychef57  on  March 12, 2021

    I would like recipes that Don”t use so many different flours, oils, etc…as it’s expensive enough trying maintain my GF lifestyle Thanks to Celica,,,

  • Roosta  on  March 12, 2021

    Food that is not stodgy and tastes great

  • tess_invests  on  March 12, 2021

    Dishes that are “naturally” gluten free and have no synthetic weird ingredients

  • rchesser  on  March 12, 2021

    Recipes that don’t taste gluten free.

  • friendlyperson  on  March 12, 2021

    Everything to ever be prepared for shared eating should be gluten free and delicious! It can be.

  • Laura1419  on  March 13, 2021

    Food that the whole family would like

  • MrRichTea  on  March 13, 2021

    Not boring, taste great

  • agreaves19  on  March 13, 2021

    Great choice of recipes

  • dzm  on  March 13, 2021

    Tasty recipes

  • Buffizz_1  on  March 13, 2021

    I look for recipes that taste good

  • Siegal  on  March 14, 2021

    I like recipes that don’t involve hard to find ingredients

  • maisietoo  on  March 14, 2021

    I look for gluten free cakes or biscuits.

  • HArlow  on  March 14, 2021

    Recipes with ingredients that aren’t hard to find

  • ceejayen  on  March 14, 2021

    I like looking for new ideas and tasty treats

  • maggz19671  on  March 14, 2021

    Variety ease of making and taste

  • v.t  on  March 14, 2021

    Not too many weird ingredients. Food that tastes great, not tasteless.

  • Sand9  on  March 15, 2021

    Tasty, unusual recipes x

  • foodie16  on  March 19, 2021

    Recipes that produce food that tastes delicious, not an ‘almost there’ version of something I miss.

  • RuthHarwood  on  March 20, 2021

    Tasty quick-cook recipes that taste great x

  • debbiehb  on  March 21, 2021

    uncomplicated recipes with easy to obtain ingredients

  • Mayandbill  on  March 23, 2021

    Recipes which are rather more thought through and tested than simply, for example, suggesting the use of commercial GF flour in place of standard flour.

  • gilmonster  on  March 24, 2021

    I want variety with easy to find ingredients

  • Jwalker5  on  March 24, 2021

    Recipes that are as uncomplicated as possible.

  • Lynnberb  on  March 24, 2021

    Simple ingredients and taste

  • luccio  on  March 24, 2021

    Recipes that are grain-free, that don’t cheat by just substituting ‘gluten-free flour’ in otherwise normal/standard recipes, & that don’t use a dozen eggs (cost + eggy flavour!)

  • bookmark77  on  March 24, 2021

    Something original.

  • bookmark58  on  March 25, 2021

    Tasty recipes.

  • Mehdi1963  on  March 25, 2021

    To be able to substitute / use ingredients I already have in the pantry, and still make it taste delicious

  • Jatpar  on  March 25, 2021

    I’m not gluten free but have friends and family who are, so I’m always looking for great recipes that don’t look and taste GF.

  • silversand  on  March 25, 2021

    Recipes that aren’t complicated and full of loads of expensive ingredients.

  • Richkat15  on  March 26, 2021

    Delicious recipes

  • BMeyer  on  March 28, 2021


  • BMeyer  on  March 28, 2021

    not having to buy a million differrent flours.
    Good texture, not heavy.

  • Munchkinnerd3  on  March 28, 2021

    I look for anything that sounds tasty and the substitutes that they use. I generally don’t use many gluten free cookbooks and just edit normal recipes, I do have quite a few gluten free books just because if the way the substitute things

  • RickPearson54  on  March 28, 2021

    Recipes that taste like gluten goods

  • aesop  on  March 31, 2021

    YUM!!!! gluten free Lemon Drizzle Cake!

  • sandiemidd  on  April 3, 2021

    I have recently been told to go gluten free and need all the help I can get and this looks like an amazing book.

  • MarciK  on  April 4, 2021

    I like gluten free cookbooks that don’t need complicated gluten free flour mixes, but instead use things like nut flours.

  • edyenicole  on  April 5, 2021

    The recipes to be unique!

  • Jilliwilliwoo  on  April 8, 2021

    Recipes for things that you won’t think are gluten free and you can’t easily get in the shops – too many cake recipes already!

  • kmn4  on  April 14, 2021

    Recipes that don’t have gluten but still taste good

  • Shelley.b  on  April 15, 2021

    Taste and texture

  • MaggieMaggieMae  on  April 16, 2021

    Simple ingredient swaps that don’t require hunting down specialty products.

  • CEGilbert  on  April 19, 2021

    Recipes that really get the texture right, it’s what I really miss.

  • ChicagoJen  on  April 19, 2021

    Tastes like ‘regular.’

  • jd5761  on  April 21, 2021

    Dishes that you can’t tell are “gluten free” especially baking

  • Tlmouse  on  April 23, 2021

    Unique recipes. Cooking GF can become mundane through always going to the “go to” recipes.

  • Mazzy40  on  May 2, 2021

    I want tasty recipes

  • WendySmith3  on  May 3, 2021

    Tasty recipes that are easy to follow

  • pluckypuddin  on  May 5, 2021

    I really enjoy trying new recipes but I like something that uses normal store cupboard ingredients that I would use regularly, rather than more specialised items, that get used once or twice and then stay in the cupboard. Ideally less than 10 ingredients and fairly quick to make.

  • elisabeta  on  May 9, 2021

    Recipes that kids would like

  • jules56  on  May 10, 2021

    Easy to make and tasty

  • aesop57  on  May 11, 2021

    Tasty recipes

  • Azazel3  on  May 12, 2021

    Recipes that generally use ingredients I usually have on hand. Not a fan of having to buy a dozen obscure ingredients I’m likely to never use again

  • PatBarrett  on  May 12, 2021

    Variety with cheap ingredients and fairly easy to make.

  • DimensionAEB  on  May 13, 2021

    I look for new recipes that are quick to make and don’t cost too much!

  • Twiddle  on  May 14, 2021

    Bold flavours

  • vhfvhf  on  May 26, 2021

    Recipes must use easy to find ingredients.

  • portkey  on  June 7, 2021

    Recipes that appeal to all the family

  • JEWGAL777  on  June 11, 2021

    Meals that are tasty, yet nutritious.

  • t.t  on  June 12, 2021

    Recipes that are delicious–not just “pretty good for gluten free”

  • Leonard5854  on  June 13, 2021

    I look for interesting recipes that are straightforward to prepare.

  • zeenie  on  June 17, 2021

    easy to make recipes

  • compstruck  on  June 17, 2021

    There will always be a difference in flours as gluten free has no elasticity like gluten, but I look for a recipe which isn’t too grainy like lots of rice, but a mixture of flours.

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