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This week there will not be a weekly roundup as we just finished up and sent out the monthly newsletter which you can view here in our archive. I wanted to take a few moments to hit on a few important items for our members and didn’t wish to wait until next Friday.

On Tuesday, Roberta Muir joined our EYB team, and posted her first article covering news from Australia and New Zealand. Her posts can be brought up with this tag – only one so far – but she will being writing a summary each week. Welcome Roberta!

Above is a little preview for some upcoming 2021 cookbooks. Our 2021 Preview post shares more details.

Our calendar has been updated with the UK, AU and NZ tours of Ottolenghi, cookbook store news from around the world (The British Library, Scrumptious Reads, Cook the Book and more), and author events including Jake Cohen, Reem Kassis, Donna Hay and others. Check the calendar out frequently – so you don’t miss something fun and exciting!

Next up, cookbook deals. Sorry for the length on this piece but I wanted to explain how this post works so that our members are up to date.

This link will always bring up the deals post no matter when it is updated. I try to check for sales every day and more thoroughly on the weekend. If the post is near the top of our blog page, it has been updated. All new sales are listed near the top of each bulleted list by country. I try not to do social media posts each time an addition is made so as to not flood our feeds. If you bookmark the link, you can check it at your leisure. Deals are posted frequently and often times only available for a short while.

You may have noticed that I’ve added a US section with deal “ranges” – photo above. Each week – and often every few days – sales change in the US. In an effort to streamline the post, I’ve included certain publishers’ deals (usually the prices are 4.99 for major publishers) and ask that members scroll through a few pages (or dozens) to see if any book catches their eye. In doing so, I don’t have to list hundreds of links and our members won’t miss a deal. If you click on a “range link” – for instance the Clarkson Potter sales – a page will come up with listings – if you scroll toward the bottom of that page – you will see this:

This legend shown above takes you to other pages of that publishers’ sales. Usually there are a few pages sales – I filter them in low to high order but due to the algorhythm that Amazon uses and advertising, they sneak in a higher price book – but that does not mean the sales end there. Scroll through a few pages as they are spread out, if you are so inclined.

Some members think that 4.99 is a deal – some do not. So I’ll let our members make that choice. If a sale is .99 to 2.99, I’ll try to list that separately. And lastly, there are some publishers who have hundreds of books for .99 and change up the selection frequently. You will note there are a few lines for those particular publishers and listing them in this way makes sure those new to the deals page can scroll during their free time.

As always please email me at jenny@eatyourbooks.com with book news, events, and cookbook deals I may have missed.

Other articles of interest this week:

Have a great weekend!

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  • Xyz123  on  March 28, 2021

    Thank you for posting the book deals on Amazon! I enjoy this feature very much! Honestly, I’m addicted to it and check it more often than I care to admit! ☺️

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