The Modern Larder – Veritable Garden Giveaway

Enter our US/CA giveaway to win one of three copies of The Modern Larder: From Anchovies to Yuzu, a Guide to Artful and Attainable Home Cooking by Michelle McKenzie with one grand prize winner in the US also receiving a Veritable Garden. The Modern Larder: From Anchovies to Yuzu, a Guide to Artful and Attainable Home Cooking by Michelle McKenzie proves that… read more

Sambal Shiok: The Malaysian Cookbook – Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ giveaway to win one of three copies of Sambal Shiok: The Malaysian Cookbook by Mandy Yin. As founder and head chef of Sambal Shiok in London, Mandy Yin cooks some of the best Malaysian food in the country for hordes of hungry customers who hope to get a taste of her crunchy Malaysian fried chicken. Mandy admits… read more

Winners of the 2021 Gourmand Awards

The winners of Gourmand's Best in the World 2021 awards were feted today at a ceremony at Les Cordeliers, Paris. According to Gourmand's President Edouard Cointreau, Les Cordeliers is the most historic setting used by the Gourmand Awards as Les Cordeliers is a gorgeous Medieval monastery/convent turned into the French Revolution Club led by Danton. The ceremony was originally planned… read more

Food news antipasto

We wanted to start this week's roundup by wishing our members who celebrate a Happy Hanukkah. A few years ago I wrote about the history of Hanukkah latkes, including the tidbit that originally latkes were not made with potatoes (which are indigenous to the Americas) but rather with cheese. If you are looking for recipes to help you celebrate, head… read more

Cooking at Home and a Smithey Wok Giveaway

Enter our US giveaway to win a copy of Cooking at Home: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Recipes (And Love My Microwave) by David Chang and Priya Krishna and a Smithey wok. Cooking at Home: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Recipes (And Love My Microwave) by David Chang and Priya Krishna teaches cooks of any… read more

The Great British Bake Off / Baking Show Recap Episode 10 – The Final

Jane, Darcie, and I are back for another recap of what happened under the tent during the finals. Just a note that on Dec 3rd Netflix will be streaming two special holiday episodes (most likely those that were seen in the UK last year.) More baking!! The final always tugs at my heart and this was no exception, especially when… read more

How to make the best use of holiday leftovers

Yesterday I learned that the average American eats 4,000 calories on Thanksgiving, an astonishing amount of food. Even after stuffing ourselves many of us have plenty of leftovers, and while turkey sandwiches are great you can only eat so many before you tire of them. It pays to look beyond the sandwich to find tasty options for those Thanksgiving leftovers.… read more

The Great Big 2021 Holiday Baking – Cookie Roundup

On Sunday, I shared my gift guide with ideas for the cooks and bakers in our lives. But not every gift needs to be purchased, we can bake something homemade for our friends and family. Every year, I love to search out all the holiday cookie contests from newspapers around the globe. In my sleuthing, I've found some great unusual… read more

“Queen of Cakes” Sylvia Weinstock has died

Known as a luxury cake baker who created wedding cakes for the rich and famous, Sylvia Weinstock has died aged 91 according to People Magazine. Weinstock did not begin baking professionally until she was 50 years old, following a successful battle against breast cancer. She started with a small business that blossomed into a world famous venture. Unlike many wedding… read more

A new baking show just in time for the holidays

What happens when you mix a reality baking show with two veterans of Saturday Night Live? A really good time, according to The Kitchn. They bring us news that SNL alums Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg have teamed up to host Baking It, a new reality show that premieres on Peacock in just over a week. The show not only… read more

Food news antipasto

Kitchens and cooking have evolved over the centuries: the methods and equipment used by our grandparents and ancestors have transformed into modern-day appliances and techniques. It's fascinating to observe these changes, and thanks to the Smithsonian, you can easily do just that by viewing an 1868 catalog of cook stoves. I am thankful I do not have to make holiday… read more

2021 Gift Guide for the Cookbook Lover, Cook and Baker

This year has been a whirlwind of activity. Here we are a little over a month before the holidays and I keep thinking "I wish it were September." Today's gift guide will feature products that I love (and bought myself) and other products which I have reviewed or have been provided a sample of for upcoming promos. (Not everything I… read more

The Great British Bake Off / Baking Show Recap Episode 9 – Semi-finals – Patisserie Week

Jane, Darcie, and I are back for another recap of what happened under the tent during the semi-finals where the bakers had to tackle three difficult Patisserie-styled challenges. Any narrative not labeled is from Jenny. No matter your feelings about Jürgen - some love him, some not so much - this was a hard week for me to watch. During… read more

This week: 1,200 EYBD Previews milestone, recipes, cookbook giveaways and more

On Monday our monthly newsletter will be arriving in your inboxes so that you can start checking out our Thanksgiving Pinterest boards and adding books to your Wishlist from our November cookbook review and gift guide (to be published this weekend). As we hit another EYB milestone and indexed a load of books, we wanted to share a quick roundup… read more

November 2021 New Cookbook Review

One more month and 2021 will be behind us. I hope that 2022 will be more stable and less chaotic for the publishing and food world. As of the time of writing, the books below are published or are to be published by November 30th. But those dates can change at a moment’s notice. I’ve kept our 2021 preview post updated with… read more

A legendary pastry chef returns to the Big Apple

Pastry chef Claudia Fleming is an icon in the baking world. Her 2001 cookbook The Last Course became such a sought-after item that it was reissued in 2019. Now the vaunted chef has returned to the limelight with a role in restaurateur Danny Meyer's empire, serving as Executive Pastry Director for Union Square Hospitality Group, a position she assumed at… read more

November 2021 Eat Your Books Cookbook Club Summary

Each month we offer at least four cooking options in our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club. This month we have been cooking from: Main option: Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Shelf Love by Yotam Ottolenghi or How to Cook: The 100 Essential Recipes Everyone Should Know by Darina AllenBaking option: Baking with Dorie: Sweet, Salty & Simple by Dorie Greenspan or Life Is What You… read more

Cookbooks just for kicks

What do you look for when you are shopping for a cookbook? For some of us it's one that introduces us to a cuisine with stories and recipes. Others might want something with a lot of step-by-step photos, especially in a baking book. What about just buying one for chuckles and grins? There are some books that we likely will… read more

What happened to NPR’s The Salt?

For several years The Salt was the face of NPR's food reporting, with subsections including Eating and Health, Foodways, Food for Thought, plus others. We linked to many stories from this NPR source that resonated with EYB Members. However, The Salt hasn't had any new posts since October, 2020, when it announced the passing of Cecelia Chang. So where did… read more

Food news antipasto

As the holiday season approaches, some of us are a bit out of shape for large meal planning due to the pandemic, so we appreciate getting tips on how to create a successful celebration. One tip that crossed my news feed this week involves turkey roasting. If you are keen on getting that perfectly golden bird, head over to Taste,… read more

The Great British Bake Off / Baking Show Recap Episode 8 – Free-From Week

Jane, Darcie, and I are back for another recap of what happened under the tent during "free-from" week. The bakers had to create dairy-free ice cream sandwiches, vegan sausage rolls and a gluten-free celebration cake. I thought the bakers did really well especially given this week's theme. I am too sad to write much more as Lizzie was sent home.… read more

December 2021 Great Big Cookbook Club Summary

As our members know, each month we offer at least four cooking options in our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club. There are other fun cookbook clubs around the interwebs and we’d like to highlight those for those members who might want to cook or bake something other than our choices.  We want to get this information out to you so you… read more

Mary Berry says she is never too old to learn

Dame Mary Berry has earned the right to retire from public life if she wants to, but the octogenarian is still going strong, hosting a new series 'Love to Cook' that premiered yesterday on BBC Two. In the first episode, Mary shows us that in addition to cooking, she loves to get in the garden and grow her own produce.… read more

This week: Ottolenghi’s AU/NZ tour, UK events, 3000 EYBD Preview recipes, giveaways and more

This week we hit a new milestone - over 3,000 (3,024 to be precise) EYBD Preview recipes have been added to our EYB Library. EYBD Preview recipes are those full recipes that are a part of our EYBD Book Previews (currently at 1,184 Previews)! Below is an example of one of the newest recipes added. Babka loaf from Bread Ahead… read more

To cook or not to cook? The cranberry question

US Thanksgiving in less than three weeks away, and given the hype about possible supply shortages, many cooks are busy gathering the ingredients to grace the holiday table. One item that makes an appearance at this meal - the biggest food holiday in the USA - is cranberry sauce or relish. Some people insist on the canned, jellied version, with… read more
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