‘Meal Prep King’ author loses publisher after online rant

Penguin UK recently dropped John Clark, the self-proclaimed ‘Meal Prep King’, from its roster following the author’s misogynistic rants during a live stream on Twitter. Clark rose to fame with his partner Charlotte Deniz, after they began sharing their diet and meal prep planning on TikTok and Instagram. The duo amassed over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and about 400,000 on Instagram.

In 2019, Penguin signed Clark to a two-book deal including 2020’s bestseller The Meal Prep King Plan. The book was not a huge hit amongst EYB Members but did sell very well. A follow up book was released earlier this year, The Meal Prep King: Prep Yourself Slim, but that book was not added to the EYB Library.

During a livestream, Clark made incredibly derogatory statements, calling women crude names and saying that while he was “not against women” he did not agree with “fucking women thinking they have some sort of hierarchy”. A former fan who posted a clip of the livestream said that this was a “small snippet” of Clark’s offensive comments.

Penguin responded by saying it was “appalled” by Clark’s “unacceptable behaviour” and noting that they would not be working with him in the future. They had no additional contracts with Clark beyond the two books already published.

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  • Indio32  on  August 17, 2022

    What an idiot!
    “The Meal Prep King: Prep Yourself Slim, but that book was not added to the EYB Library.”
    Not my sorta cookbook but why?

    • Jane  on  August 17, 2022

      We don’t add to the EYB Library every single food and drink book published worldwide in the English language. We add the books we think our members will be interested in – on topics or authors we know are already popular with members. We don’t tend to add diet books or Amazon self-published books (those using the Createspace platform) as those are generally not popular with members, even though many make the Amazon best sellers lists. We take the view that members can easily add any book they own that is not in the Library, using Import Books or Member Added Books.

  • Marsaluna  on  August 19, 2022

    Re self-published books. These tend to be of poor quality and it’s really aggravating to have to wade through reams of self-published titles when searching books on Amazon. The worst offenders are the huge number of so-called cookbooks that are really blank notebook pages with a cookbook-type cover. You have to supply your own recipes!

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