November 2022 New Cookbook Review

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United States

(Serious) New Cook: Recipes, Tips, and Techniques by Leah Su Quiroga and Cammie Kim Lin provides the knowledge and tools new cooks need to cook with as much depth and sophistication as they eat. The recipes draw beginner cooks into the fold by appealing to what they already know and want and taking them to the next level with new and multicultural tastes. The recipes are organized into twenty-three trios, with one core recipe that introduces a technique or concept followed by two additional recipes that further exemplify it. Stunning photos accompany every recipe, including step-by-step images for the first recipe in every trio that show readers what each step should look like as they cook. Lessons and tips are built into the recipes, so readers not only learn to cook each dish but become more knowledgeable and deeply skilled cooks in the process. While the beginning cook will benefit from this title, the experienced cook will love the recipes, many with global influence, and will find themselves fine tuning their cooking skills.

Linger Around the Table Y’all: Recipes and Stories to Share with Family and Friends by Brenda Gantt: Everyone’s favorite Southern grandmother is back with another cookbook. Her first title It’s Gonna be Good Y’all sold out and now goes for three figures on some sites. In her new book, Mrs. Brenda offers wisdom for living a full life, like the importance of fostering friendships and having hobbies that keep you moving. In these pages, you’ll see Mrs. Brenda welcome her college friends into her home to celebrate Christmas and host her neighbors from her small, Southern town of Andalusia, Alabama, for a winter lunch. She shares stories and pictures of her favorite activities with her readers, like line dancing, gardening, sewing, drawing, and, of course, cooking. This new volume contains 100 new recipes from Mrs. Brenda, perfect for when you want to gather with family and friends and linger around the table.

Chicano Bakes by Esteban Castillo: Lately, the baking books I get most excited about are those with an international component. I was giddy when I saw that the blogger/author of Chicano Eats was working on a baking book. Sometimes prayers are answered. Esteban covers Conchas; Sweet pecan loaf; Mexican wedding cookies; Pan de Muerto; and Horchata tiramisu along with countless other breads, muffins, cookies and cakes. This is a vibrant book filled with recipes that will stretch your baking muscles. Measurements in weight and volume.

The Perfect Loaf by Maurizio Leo is a dynamic, authoritative sourdough baking bible for a new generation looking to build confidence in the craft, from the beloved blogger and resident bread baker at Food52. Maurizio’s blog The Perfect Loaf is the go-to destination on the internet for beginner sourdough bakers. He now brings his impeccably detailed techniques, foolproof recipes, and generous teaching style to a groundbreaking debut cookbook that delves into the absolute fundamentals of sourdough. Measurements are given in weight and volume.

What’s for Dessert?: Simple Recipes for Dessert People by Claire Saffitz is another spectacular offering from the author of Dessert Person. Claire returns with 100 recipes for all dessert people whether you’re into impressive-yet-easy molten lava cakes, comforting rice pudding, or decadent chestnut brownies. In this all-new collection, Claire shares recipes for icebox cakes, pies, cobblers, custards, cookies and more, all crafted to be as streamlined as possible. (No stand mixer? No problem! You won’t need one.) To keep the recipes straightforward and simple, Claire makes sure each recipe is extra efficient and we will find all the warmth, encouragement, and deliciously foolproof recipes with loads of troubleshooting advice that we’ve come to count on from Claire. Countless vibrant photographs are generously offered in this must-have keeper! Measurements are given in weight and volume. Be sure to check out the ingredient and book bundle that Hardcover Cook has for this title. There is one full recipe in our Preview for you to try now and two additional online recipes. Events

The New Cooking School Cookbook: Advanced Fundamentals by America’s Test Kitchen: Last year, ATK published The New Cooking School Cookbook: Fundamentals which shared over 80 themed courses geared to teach more than 200 skills and cook 400 recipes. This year, Advanced Fundamentals shares 100 advanced courses filled with 400+ recipes and new-school techniques provided by 20 expert test-kitchen instructors.

Smitten Kitchen Keepers: New Classics for Your Forever Files by Deb Perelman presents 100 new recipes (plus a few old favorites from her site) that aim to make shopping easier, preparation more practical and enjoyable, and food more reliably delicious for the home cook. On the day I opened the book, I saw a recipe for a dish with “crackly vinegar glaze” and immediately made the glaze for the pork ribs I had cooking in the oven and it was fantastic. Now, I know – some will think – big deal one recipe you tried. My thought is that if a glaze for another dish (lamb) was so amazing – can you imagine how wonderful the rest of the dishes are. I’m looking forward to things slowing down a bit so I can tackle many more of these recipes. Add the Smitten Kitchen blog to your bookshelf for 1,336 additional recipes. Events

The Instant Air Fryer Bible by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough is a comprehensive, authorized guide to cooking in every model of air fryer from Instant Brands (and every other air fryer on the market) with 125 simple-but-delicious recipes – full of photos and easy step-by-step directions for beginners.

Baking Bread with Kids: Trusty Recipes for Magical Homemade Bread by Jennifer Latham (of Tartine) is the only book kids and parents need to make their own delicious bread at home all while making it fun, simple, and easy, with 20+ recipes for ages 7 and up. Each recipe is organized into clear and easy-to-follow instructions and accompanied by beautiful illustrations depicting each step, perfect for school-age readers or younger kids accompanied by an adult in the kitchen.

The Anchor Brewing Story: America’s First Craft Brewery & San Francisco’s Original Anchor Steam Beer by David Burkhart is a highly illustrated story of America’s oldest and most iconic craft brewery, featuring a history of American brewing traditions and clone beer recipes for Anchor’s top brews including Anchor Steam and California Lager.

Noma 2.0: Vegetable, Forest and Ocean by René Redzepi, Mette Søberg & Junichi Takahashi digs deep into the creation of 100 classic Noma dishes that exemplify the restaurant’s magic. While the book has a total of 399 recipes (as we index every component of Noma’s multi-component dishes) – the book shares a list of ingredients for about 200 of those recipes with the instructions being found on the Noma site with the QR code that is included in the book. Redzepi states that this isn’t a book to necessarily cook from but one to explore and inspire. Events: Please note that the authors will be in Los Angeles from November 27-29.

Vegan Africa: Over 70 Plant-Based Recipes from Ethiopia to Senegal by Marie Kacouchia guides readers through an exploration of African cuisine, with recipes from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, and more. Author Marie Kacouchia draws from her upbringing on the Ivory Coast, infusing her recipes with her cherished memories of Sundays spent at the colorful markets where she handpicked her fruits and vegetables. With over 70 authentic and healthy vegan African recipes, this beautiful book focuses on vegetables, grains, legumes, fats, spices, preserves, and drinks, and it includes a feature on African superfoods.

The Pasta Queen: A Just Gorgeous Cookbook: 100+ Recipes and Stories by Nadia Caterina Munno: TikTok sensation and beloved home cook Nadia Caterina Munno, a.k.a. The Pasta Queen, presents a cookbook featuring the signature pasta tips and tricks that are 100% authentic to Italian traditions.

Raising the Bar: A Bottle-by-Bottle Guide to Mixing Up Masterful Cocktails at Home by Brett Adams and Jacob Grier: There’s a basic cocktail formula for building a bar that is anything but ordinary – Spirit + Sugar + Acidity/Bitterness = Tasty Cocktail. Instead of drawing on esoteric bottles of liquor, complicated syrups, and obscure sodas, this book takes readers through the home bar bottle by bottle, ensuring that every ingredient is versatile enough to be used to the last drop.

The Cookbook in Support of the United Nations: For People and Planet by Kitchen Connection: From the United Nations program Kitchen Connection comes an international cookbook to change the way we eat. Celebrity chefs, organic farmers, indigenous cooks, and food activists share their favorite entrées and side dishes that are not only healthy and delicious, but sustainable. This cookbook features full-color photography along with each recipe’s nutritional information and estimated carbon footprints for the most climate-friendly dishes, so you can support sustainable food systems from your own kitchen.

Cakeboi: A Collection of Classic Bakes by Reece Hignell: First discovered on MasterChef Australia, Reece blew judges away with his heirloom family desserts before opening his own old-fashioned bakery, Cakeboi, to showcase his beloved nan’s recipes. Coveted recipes like Reece’s famous Nan’s custard sponge bakewell tart are all revealed for the home cook to bake up a slice of nostalgia at home. Full of classic desserts with streamlined techniques, long-time fans and traditional bakers alike will find a lot to love in this exciting new cookbook. There are three recipes in our Preview to try now.

Tasty Total Comfort: Cozy Cooking with a Modern Touch: An Official Tasty Cookbook by Tasty shares 75 recipes for your favorite comfort food from around the world, with plenty of surprises and wow-factors to keep things interesting. Our Preview has four recipes to try now.

Eat, Drink and Be Murray: A Feast of Family Fun and Favorites by Andy Murray is not only an adorable pun but a family cookbook full of beloved Murray favorites, from celebrated chef and owner of the Caddyshack restaurant in Florida, Andy Murray. With lots of stories, snapshots, and a Foreword from celebrated actor and Andy’s older brother, Bill Murray. Find out more about his title, check out our Quick Bites with the author and enter our giveaway to win a copy.

Christmas at the Palace: 50 Festive Holiday Recipes by Carolyn Robb: The former royal chef to TRH The Prince & Princess of Wales, Prince William, and Prince Harry shares 50 of her favorite Christmas recipes. Some of Britain’s best-loved Christmas traditions are brought to life in this colorful collection of recipes. Set against a backdrop of historical royal traditions and 8 splendid palaces, the recipes in this book offer an authentic, yet contemporary, taste of the timeless tradition of a British Christmas. The majority of the recipes are desserts in nature with a few savory recipes thrown in. This book is gorgeous and will surely have the reader in the holiday mood in no time. There are 3 festive recipes in our Preview to try now.

The Complete Modern Pantry Cookbook: 350+ Ways to Cook Well with What’s on Hand by America’s Test Kitchen: Flexibility is at the core of pantry cooking – when every cook needs to improvise. The Complete Modern Pantry captures the ethos of true pantry cooking with a unique approach: clear blueprints for building simple dishes (brothy vegetable soup, one-pot pasta, Thai-inspired curry) combined with hundreds of flavor combinations and improv ideas that leave you plenty of room to play (and use up what you have on hand).

The Woks of Life: Recipes to Know and Love from a Chinese American Family by the Leung Family: This is the story of a family as told through food. Judy, the mom, speaks to traditional Chinese dishes and cultural backstory. Bill, the dad, worked in his family’s Chinese restaurants and will walk you through how to make a glorious Cantonese roast duck. Daughters Sarah and Kaitlin have your vegetable-forward and one-dish recipes covered – put them all together and you have the first cookbook from the funny and poignant family behind the popular blog The Woks of Life. I am really enjoying this cookbook – and made the  “Mongolian” beef (Ménggǔ niúròu) which was fantastic. I have at least a dozen other dishes marked to try. Be sure to check out the box of ingredients and book that Hardcover Cook has for this title. Our Preview has 6 recipes available to try now.

All About Cookies: A Milk Bar Baking Book by Christina Tosi provides a collection of over 100 new cookie recipes and inspiration to create your own masterpieces, from the founder of Milk Bar, host of Bake Squad, and inventor of the Compost Cookie. Similar to All About Cake, the baking guru shows you how to mix and match ideas, flavors, and textures to turn us into cookie wizards. Whether you’re swapping out peanut butter for marshmallow fluff or adding Milk Bar’s famous Birthday Crumbs to a recipe, this cookbook will reimagine the cookie game for new bakers and pros alike. Measurements are given in weight and volume. Our Preview has five recipes to try now.

The Big Texas Cookbook: The Food That Defines the Lone Star State by Texas Monthly: The editors of Texas Monthly celebrate the ever-evolving culinary landscape of the Lone Star State in this stunning cookbook, featuring more than 100 recipes, gorgeous color photos, and insightful essays. Recipes range from Smoked corn ribs, Lao beef skewers and my all time favorite Texas sheet cake. There are several pages on Kolaches and their meaty cousins Klobasniky which are lovely balls of dough with sweet (Kolaches) and or savory (Kobasniky) fillings. You don’t need to be from Texas – you just have to love great food – to love this book.

Steve the Bartender’s Cocktail Guide: Tools – Techniques – Recipes by Steven Roennfeldt: In this guide to perennial favorites and forgotten classics, YouTube’s Aussie mixologist Steve the Bartender shares 125 of his favorite drink recipes along with guidance on stocking your bar, selecting your barware, and creating your own cocktails. Approachable and unpretentious instructions ensure that every drink is simple and delicious. Whether you’re hosting a happy hour or savoring a solo tipple, this is your resource for cocktail information and inspiration. Our Preview has five recipes to try now.

Eat Plants, B*tch: 91 Vegan Recipes That Will Blow Your Meat-Loving Mind by Pinky Cole: When Pinky Cole opened her first Slutty Vegan food truck in 2018, she was inspired by her love of vegan comfort food. Now, after having expanded to restaurants, a bar, and a philanthropic organization, Cole is ready to bring her best recipes straight to you. With mouth-watering photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, this title celebrates Cole’s belief that it’s fun and accessible to cook and enjoy irresistible vegan comfort food.

Southern Inspired: More Than 100 Delicious Dishes from My American Table to Yours by Jernard A. Wells: After growing up in Mississippi, the author brought the familiar dishes and bold flavors of the South along on his culinary journey to chef, restaurateur, and TV host. Here, Jernard continues his journey – retracing the steps of generations of African American cooks whose creations contributed to global kitchen tables since slavery. Southern food defines American food at large, and Jernard takes it to a whole new level while still honoring its roots. Jernard also brings in flavors from the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, and Europe, always with his signature Southern flair. This cookbook shares 100 recipes that are approachable for both beginners and more experienced cooks.

Fast. Simple. Delicious.: 60 No-Fuss, No-Fail Comfort Food Recipes to Amp Up Your Week by Tara Ippolito: No one knows how to please a picky palate better than a mom, and Tara “T” Ippolito has been head cook in her family for 20 years. Dedicated to inspiring self-taught cooks in the kitchen, Ippolito founded the Al Dente Diva blog to highlight fast, family-friendly meals with simple methods and familiar flavor profiles. In Fast. Simple. Delicious., Ippolito provides 60 delectable dinner ideas and proves that cooking doesn’t need to involve newfangled gadgets or time-consuming techniques to be eye-catching and delicious. Our Preview has three recipes you can try now.

Return to Ireland: A Culinary Journey from America to Ireland by Judith McLoughlin showcases fresh, innovative food and drink recipes which celebrate Irish-American heritage as it weaves the culinary and cultural journey of these two places that the author have come to call home. From the lush green fields of Gilford in County Armagh now settled in Atlanta, Georgia, author Judith McLoughlin shares her love of whole, fresh Irish ingredients with readers, sending them, one plate at a time, back to a simpler time.

Other titles of interest:


San Antonio Cooks: Favorite Recipes from Local Chefs and Restaurants by Julia Celeste Rosenfeld introduces home cooks to more than 80 signature recipes from some of the city’s best chefs and restaurants. Southern cornbread? Check. Slow-braised brisket with white cheddar grits? Check. A refreshing watermelon and elderflower sorbet? You bet. Whether it’s Mexican street corn, beef shank barbacoa, Asian dumplings, or chocolate banana cream pie you’re after, San Antonio Cooks features diverse recipes that will satisfy every craving. This cookbook may place San Antonio on a culinary map, but it only confirms what locals have known all along: eating in San Antonio has never been better. Our Preview has three recipes you can try now.

Butter and Flower by Ann Allchin: A self-described wholesome hockey mom, Ann Allchin goes for bike rides, hangs at the dog park, and bakes on Saturdays. But much to her kids’ embarrassment, when Ann bakes, it’s most often with cannabis. She got her start baking cookies for a relative who suffered from debilitating migraines, and has since introduced many to the medicinal and recreational benefits of baking with flower. Based on foundational recipes for cannabis-infused butter, oils, and sugar, this debut cookbook includes 40 recipes with classics like blondies and oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate-forward desserts, fruity and nutty concoctions, and a few savoury bites. With vivid photos and sophisticated food styling, these are definitely not your roommate’s lumpy hash brownies.

New Indian Basics: 100 Traditional and Modern Recipes from Arvinda’s Family Kitchen by Preena and Arvinda Chauhan, the masters behind Arvinda’s Indian spice blends, present a collection of flavorful, accessible recipes and kitchen wisdom gained from a lifetime of personal and professional experience teaching Indian cooking, with spices taking center stage. With their clear instructions and signature warmth, this mother-daughter duo will guide you to flawless renditions of Indian dishes, both traditional and modern, with absolute ease.

The Lemon Apron Cookbook: Seasonal Recipes for the Curious Home Cook by Jennifer Emilson shares approachable, rustic recipes that are true comfort home cooking, highlighting the freshest produce any time of year.

Where the River Narrows: Classic French & Nostalgic Québécois Recipes From St. Lawrence Restaurant by Jean-Christophe Poirier is a loving allusion to Chef J-C Poirier’s home province of Québec, where his passion for the nostalgic beauty of French and Québécois cuisine began. Where the River Narrows doesn’t just focus on French cuisine or Québécois cuisine, it shares recipes from both cultures, the intersections between them—whether from the menu at J-C’s famed Vancouver restaurant, St Lawrence, or his kitchen at home.

United Kingdom & Ireland

The Homemade Year: Things to make, do and eat at home to welcome every season by Lilly Higgins, the ultimate modern homemaker, shares over 70 things to make, do and eat at home to welcome every season in this title.

Jewish Flavours of Italy: A Family Cookbook by Silvia Nacamulli is a culinary journey through Italy and a deep dive into family culinary heritage. With more than 100 kosher recipes, Silvia offers readers a unique collection of authentic and traditional Italian-Jewish dishes, combined with stunning photography, practical tips, and clear explanations. With a delicious mix of recipes, family stories and history, Silvia offers a unique insight into centuries’ old culinary traditions.

The Bread Book by Éric Kayser, founder of the legendary French bakery Maison Kayser and bestselling author of The Larousse Book of Bread makes baking bread from scratch both accessible and exciting. The collection of 60 recipes includes foolproof versions of boulangerie and international staples; healthy recipes featuring heritage grains – from high-protein lentil and chickpea flours to low-gluten and gluten-free varieties made with einkorn, buckwheat, spelt and rye, as well as a mouthwatering range of sweet loaves and brioches. Our Preview has eight recipes you can try now.

The Bundt: 120 Recipes for Every Occasion, from Everyday Bakes to Fabulous Celebration Cakes by Melanie Johnson delivers 120 fabulous recipes for Bundt cakes, ice cream Bundts, breads and bun Bundts for elevenses, deserts, afternoon tea, birthday and every celebration. Elevate humble sandwich cakes into show-stopping Bundts to wow your friends and family. Cut slices to reveal designs and even a surprise Easter bunny. Recipes include Cookies ‘n’ cream Bundt, Victoria ‘Bundtwich’, Salted Miso Caramel Bundt, Blueberry cheesecake buns, Bundtnuts with passion fruit glaze, Strawberry trifle Bundt and Babka Bundts and the show-stopping chocolate, rose and pistachio with chocolate ganache, Valentine’s Bundt with a heart in every slice and the stunning Christmas Tree Bundt.

The Giggling Squid Cookbook: Tantalising Thai Dishes to Enjoy Together by Giggling Squid is a celebration of Thai food from the much loved restaurants famous for their Thai tapas and beautifully designed bold vibrant interiors. Learn the secrets of their classic and sharing dishes and cook them at home for family and friends and entertain a crowd with a delicious spread of tasty Thai delights.

Meat Free Mowgli: How to Cook Simple, Nutritious & Ultra-Tasty Plant-Based Indian Meals by Nisha Katona, star TV chef and restaurant owner, applies her trademark fresh, spice-packed and family-friendly modern Indian culinary style to vegan and veggie food in her latest title. Environmentalists are calling for us to reduce our meat intake and Indian cuisine, being naturally healthy, flavoursome and meat-free, is fast becoming the go-to cuisine for modern families. Nisha is on a mission to preserve the authentic Indian cooking of her mother and grandmothers, translating it for a Western audience into recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, healthy and super tasty – perfect for today’s busy lives.

Wok by Kwanghi Chan breaks new ground as the first Irish-Chinese cookbook to be published. The book is broken down into eight sections – dumplings, beef, pork, poultry, fish and shellfish, vegetarian, rice and sweet – with three recipes in each section. Kwanghi wants to bring Asian food to a wider Irish audience and this book is just the approachable introduction you need.

Behind the Bar: Gin: 50 Gin Cocktails from Bars Around the World by Alia Akkam gives a guided tour around bars around the world and their gin cocktails. From the Enzoni Cobbler at the Gin Palace in Melbourne to a Southern riff on the Gin & Tonic at The Gin Joint in Charleston, there is a simple recipe for anyone wanting to whip up a cocktail at home in no time. Along with recipes, Behind the Bar: Gin explores stories surrounding the bars and their cocktails, as well as interesting gin-based nuggets of inspiration – from sloe gins, the Negroni Sbagliato, to guides on tonics and punches, there is a lot to discover! Be sure to check out Alia’s 2020 title Behind the Bar: 50 Cocktail Recipes from the World’s Most Iconic Hotels. Our Preview has three recipes you can try now.

Foolproof Slow Cooker: 60 Modern Recipes That Let The Cooker Do The Work by Rebecca Woods: Beginning with clear instructions and top tips for how to get the most out of this humble appliance (like salting your meat ahead of time and pre-heating your slow cooker beforehand), followed by delicious and practical recipes that will transform the way you use your slow cooker; you’ll find everything from juicy Korean Barbecue Brisket to Maple Bacon Beans, and Butternut and Pomegranate Tagine to a comforting Seafood Chowder, or convenient Overnight Shakshuka. Our Preview has 10 recipes you can try now.

Easy Speedy Vegan: 100 Quick Plant-Based Recipes by Katy Beskow: Easy to prepare, quick to cook and using readily available ingredients, this book is not only the go-to cookbook for new and established vegans, but also for home cooks looking for effortless ways to bring plant-based meals into their kitchen. The modern world of vegan cooking can often be confusing, but with a list of easy-to source store-cupboard essentials, useful kitchen equipment, details on common vegan substitutions and demystifying explanations of increasingly popular vegan ingredients (such as jackfruit and silken tofu) you’ll be able to produce delicious food, every time hunger calls. Our Preview shares 7 recipes you can try now.

Bao: Asian-Style Buns, Dim Sum and More from Your Bamboo Steamer by Loretta Liu: Bamboo steamers are at the heart of simple Asian cooking, producing everything from fluffy pork bao buns to steamed Chinese chicken. This collection of recipes will help you use this simple and effective cooking tool from ancient China to produce vibrant and tasty treats. Our Preview has three recipes you can try now.

Potato: Baked, Mashed, Roast, Fried – Over 100 Recipes Celebrating Potatoes by James Martin presents over 130 recipes and techniques that will inspire you to put potatoes front and centre of your cooking – from the lofty heights of a Pomme souffle, to perfecting the humble Mashed potato. Featuring home-style recipes like Tex-Mex barbecued filled skins, Potato, sausage and sage tray bake, Potato pancakes and Pork chops with mustard Mac, plus chefs’ favourites including Classic game chips and Pommes Anna, Potato shows why the spud is a staple in so many cuisines, from rustic country kitchens to Michelin-starred restaurant tables. There are 7 recipes in our Preview that you can try now.

Other titles of interest:


First, Cream the Butter and Sugar by Emelia Jackson is your new best friend in the kitchen. For those who love a homemade cake but don’t love sifting flour (is it really necessary?), and enjoy a shortcut (do the eggs really have to be room temp?), Emelia breaks down the steps that truly matter and dispenses with those that don’t. Packed with advice for every level of home baker, this is the modern baking reassurance you need the night before the birthday party or just because you’d like something sweet on a Monday afternoon. I am loving this book. There is one full recipe in our Preview for you to try now.

The Real Food Companion by Matthew Evans: In this edition of The Real Food Companion, Matthew revisits his advice to his then unborn son in the prologue to the original book. The spirit of his message to now 12-year-old Hedley is largely unchanged: what matters with food isn’t quantity, but quality. What matters is how the land is left after we eat, and just how good each meal is that we take from her soil.

Spanish at Home: Feasts from the Iberian Peninsula by Emma Warren takes you into the kitchens of Spain to discover the home-cooked dishes of this beautiful country. A book that is so much more than tapas and paella, the recipes are truly authentic and steeped in history. Taking in influences from Spanish mainland regions, along with island influences, this title tells the stories behind some of Spain’s most loved food, from calçots, fideos, and the world-famous jamón ibérico, to special fiesta dishes that have been made for centuries. Three recipes are available in our Preview.

Tonight’s Dinner 2 by Adam Liaw: Australia’s favourite cook is back with Tonight’s Dinner 2, the sequel to his bestselling recipe collection of mighty meals for every day featuring 80 all-new recipes inspired by Adam’s hit SBS series, The Cook Up. There are seven full recipes in our Preview to sample.

Lune: Croissants All Day, Every Day by Kate Reid: Lune Croissanterie is one of the most talked about bakeries in the world and has been touted as ‘the best croissant in the world’ since it opened its doors in 2012. Customers are queuing quite literally around the block from the early hours to eat Lune’s pastries, but what makes this book so special is how Kate Reid elevates croissant pastry from a classic breakfast staple to a refined vehicle for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With step-by-step techniques for rolling and shaping croissants, followed by recipes for every hour of the day, plus what to do with leftovers and how to make a croissant a special occasion, this is the ultimate guide to baking the world’s best-loved pastry. One full croissant recipe is available in our Preview.

Homegrown: A Year of Growing, Cooking and Eating by Paul West: Join River Cottage Australia host Paul West in his garden and kitchen as he shows you how to become that little bit more self-sufficient. Homegrown will give you the confidence and know-how you’ll need to grow, cook and preserve your way through the year.

Wild Drinks: The New Old World of Small-Batch Brews, Ferments and Infusions by Sharon Flynn is the definitive book on infusing, brewing and fermenting delicious and often nutritious things to drink, from mead to kombucha to cider to kvass. Across six chapters, Wild Drinks features more than 60 recipes. Learn the basics of wild fermentation and read about the equipment you need to start your fermentation journey. And in the spirit of reducing waste, the final chapter shows how to use fermentation byproducts – ranging from crackers made from sake lees to kimchi pancakes, nettle risotto and Basque cider chicken. There are three sample recipes in our Preview.

New Zealand

Together: Food for Sharing by Cherie Metcalfe: There’s nothing Cherie Metcalfe likes more than bringing people together with good food. The trained chef and creator of Pepper & Me products believes that sharing food with those you love is one of the easiest shortcuts to happiness. With more than 70 beautifully photographed recipes, there are dishes for everyone – from sides and salads to bigger plates and sweet delights.

Kai: Food Stories and Recipes from my Family Table by Christall Lowe: The gathering of food and the gathering of people to share a meal are at the heart of Maori family life. Award-winning food photographer Christall Lowe invites us to join her whanau table and experience for ourselves an abundance of mouthwatering dishes, a veritable feast for the eyes and for the stomach. Kai is a passionate homage to a life deeply rooted in food, where exquisite flavours weave seamlessly with cherished food memories. It is impossible not to open the pages of this book and be inspired by the beautifully captured recipes, and compelled to recreate the deliciousness of Kai in your own kitchen. This book is a precious taonga – a treasure trove of recipes gifted to you from Christall’s pataka (storehouse), for your family table.

Ripe Recipes: Thought for Food by Angela Redfern: Angie Redfern and the Ripe Deli team are back with the fourth addition to their successful cookbook series. This cookbook goes beyond the pleasure of good food and looks at the importance of us doing better with the way we produce and consume food in general.

The RNZ Cookbook: A treasury of 180 recipes from New Zealand’s best-known chefs and food writers by David Cohen and Kathy Paterson: An authoritative and above all useful cookbook from New Zealand’s favourite broadcaster, featuring 180 trusted (and tested) recipes hand-picked from the thousands of delicious recipes that have featured on RNZ shows such as Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Saturday Morning in recent decades. The format is mapped to a day on air on RNZ: the recipes are in categories that take the user from morning to well into the night. Featuring recipes from key personalities from down the years – from Alison Holst and Julie Biuso to Martin Bosley, Nadia Lim and Peter Gordon – it’s a terrific way to track our food history. With a rich essentials section plus radio and food key-moments timelines, The RNZ Cookbook connects the hundreds of thousands of kitchens around New Zealand and abroad who turn to RNZ for direction on great food. Afternoons host and foodie Jesse Mulligan provides the foreword.

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