Playing Around // xoxoDorie Club

Last June we shared the details of a newsletter from one of our favorite people - Dorie Greenspan. Now, Dorie has formed the Playing Around // xoxoDorie Club and she'd love for us to join her. It’s a way for Dorie and her fans to talk and bake together. It’s part of a new, paid tier of the aforementioned newsletter. And yes,… read more

Another warning about self-cleaning ovens

A couple of years ago I wrote about one person's screed against self-cleaning ovens, an article that attracted a lot of comments on the subject. The post I took issue with was filled with hyperbole (“The self-clean button opens a portal to hell”) but lacked substance. I said pish-posh and stated that I would continue to use my self-cleaning oven… read more

Jeremy Pang’s School of Wok Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our worldwide giveaway to win one of three copies of Jeremy Pang's School of Wok: Delicious Asian Food in Minutes by Jeremy Pang. Jeremy Pang's School of Wok: Delicious Asian Food in Minutes delivers 80 recipes for quick and easy Asian cooking from School of Wok founder and chef Jeremy Pang. Bringing together the best Asian flavors from across the… read more

NEW FEATURE: Adding a book to the EYB Library

Until now the only way for members to add a missing book to the EYB Library was to import the ISBN number using Import Books, which is available under the My Bookshelf tab (for Premium members only). We then import the book data from Amazon. However this system did not allow for books without an ISBN number or books not… read more

Food news antipasto

If you live in the UK or are planning a trip there, The Evening Standard has just published a list of the best food festivals happening this summer. Highlights include the Kew Gardens' Food Forever Event which "is an art exhibition, food festival and sustainability lesson rolled into one," and a picnic social at Lincoln Castle. Jean-Georges Vongerichten's influence on the world… read more

A lazy person’s guide to smoking

My husband is one of those old-fashioned "lump-hardwood-charcoal-is-king" kind of barbecue smoking dudes. There is no denying that his old-school methods turn out wonderful smoked chickens, turkey breasts, ribs, briskets, and pork butts. However, the work involved is not insignificant, there is a lot of fussing and fiddling to be done, and that means we do not get to enjoy… read more

Jane and I talk cookbooks with TASTE

Recently, Jane and I had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Rodbard of TASTE to discuss our favorite topic - cookbooks - on the TASTE podcast. The first portion of this podcast features Ji Hye Kim, one of Food & Wine's new best chefs of 2021 and we bring up the rear of the podcast. We discussed spring titles, cookbook… read more

Debunking myths about cheese

Assorted cheeses on a rustic wooden board
As with many foods, there are some "old wives' tales" about cheese that persist despite factual evidence to the contrary. I'm not talking about the myth that the moon is made of cheese, which I hope no one believes (although some people still think the earth is flat so....). Janet Fletcher of Planet Cheese, an expert on all things cheesy,… read more

Comfort food isn’t always enough

You have all probably heard the heart-wrenching news out of Texas, where another mass shooting took place at an elementary school. Twenty-one families mourn an unspeakable loss, and a nation again grieves. For those outside the US who are aghast at the frequency with which these events occur, I wish I could explain why we have done nothing to prevent… read more

May 2022 New Cookbook Review

I keep longing for the month that I begin the cookbook review and not have to edit at least a dozen book records with new publication dates. I am keeping the 2022 preview post updated. In the next month, I'll prepare my fall/autumn preview post highlighting titles for our members. This month's titles focus on outdoor cooking (barbecue season!) with an emphasis… read more

May 2022 EYB Cookbook Club Summary

Each month we offer at least four cooking options in our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club. This month we have been cooking from: Cookbooks: Half Baked Harvest Cookbook, Half Baked Harvest Super Simple and Half Baked Harvest: Every Day by Tieghan GerardBaking: The Cake Book: Beautiful Sweet Treats for Every Craving by Rebecca Firth – online recipesOnline: Half Baked Harvest blog — add to your bookshelf for over 2,500 recipes. For past… read more

Food news antipasto

Chef and philanthropist José Andrés is always in motion. Whether he is flying to the latest disaster scene or hosting a bipartisan gathering of Senators to discuss ways to solve world hunger, he is busy trying to find solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Veteran Hollywood producer Ron Howard followed the globetrotting chef for a year to make a documentary on… read more

Have you Phoodled yet?

If you have been living on a remote island isolated from all social media you may not have encountered Wordle, the word game recently purchased by The New York Times (and still free - so far). The simple game has amassed a huge following and has spawned many knockoffs including Heardle (featuring sounds), Quordle (play four Wordles at once with… read more

This week: Mochi makes everything better, recipes, EYBD Previews and more

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and sometimes other ingredients such as water, sugar, and cornstarch. This treat dates back to ancient China with the sweet paste making its way to Japan at the end of the Jōmon period (c. 14,000–300 BCE). In February, I came across the Mochinut donut and wrote about… read more

Keep your edge in the kitchen

Keeping your knives sharp is one of the best things a home cook can do to make their cooking tasks faster and more precise. For instance, a sharp blade will allow you cut thinner slices of onion and help keep you from crying (because fewer cells that release the pungent aroma are crushed). With all of the gadgets available and… read more

Snackable Bakes Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our worldwide giveaway to win one of two copies of Snackable Bakes: 100 Easy-Peasy Recipes for Exceptionally Scrumptious Sweets and Treats by Jessie Sheehan. Jessie Sheehan is the author of three cookbooks: Icebox Cakes: Recipes for the Coolest Cakes in Town; The Vintage Baker: More Than 50 Recipes from Pecan Butterscotch Curls to Sour Cream Jumbles and now Snackable… read more

The history of to-go container art

Over the last two years, it seems as though I have eaten more takeout orders than I did in all pre-COVID years combined. So many of us were eating to-go orders that restaurants ran out of containers and had to scramble to find something in which to put their food. One Mexican restaurant near me went through four different types… read more

June 2022 Great Big Cookbook Club Summary

As our members know, each month we offer several cooking options in our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club. There are other fun cookbook clubs around the interwebs and we’d like to highlight those for those members who might want to cook or bake something other than our choices.  We want to get this information out to you so you can prepare… read more

Guild of Food Writers announces 25th Anniversary Awards finalists

The UK Guild of Food Writers has published the list of finalists for its 25th anniversary annual Awards. The winners will be announced at an in-person event at London's Royal Institution on Wednesday, 22 June 2022. Below is a selection of the finalist categories and nominees. There is a fair amount of overlap between this list and the Fortnum and… read more

Food news antipasto

Mario Batali's trial for sexual misconduct wrapped up this week in Boston, with a jury issuing a not guilty verdict. The charges stemmed after a woman accused Batali of forcibly kissing and groping her at a Boston bar in 2017. Batali still faces a civil trial in the matter, but he will not face any jail time. Will the former… read more

This week: EYB Features, The Art of Eating prize, Fortnum & Mason Food Awards; recipes, giveaways and EYBD Previews

Last week, Jane announced that the search of your own Notes feature was live. Be sure to visit this post to learn more: Search your own Notes. This week we want to remind our members about our Bookmarklet feature. Whenever you see a recipe on a food website that you like the look of, you can add it to your… read more

Atsuko Ikeda – Author Quick Bites & Cookbook Set Giveaway

Enter our US/CA/UK giveaway to win one of two sets of the following three titles by Atsuko Ikeda: Otsumami: Japanese Small Bites & Appetizers; Atsuko's Japanese Kitchen: Home-Cooked Comfort Food Made Simple; and Sushi Made Simple: From Classic Wraps and Rolls to Modern Bowls and Burgers. Many times, I have shared my love of Japanese cuisine and culture. When Atsuko… read more

Fortnum & Mason Food Awards 2022

The Fortnum & Mason Food Awards celebrate their tenth anniversary highlighting the best in food and drink writing and broadcasting in the UK. In a blurb on the awards home page, F&M CEO Tom Athron's noted the milestone by saying "In 2022 we celebrate ten years of discovering and championing the achievements of the UK’s writers, editors, publishers, photographers and… read more

The Art of Eating Prize for 2022

The Art of Eating magazine first appeared in 1986 in the form of an eight-page black-and-white newsletter written by Edward Behr. After three decades in print, it transformed into a digital-only, advertising-free magazine with subscribers and contributors around the world. The magazine is about the best food and wine – what it is, how it is produced, and where to find it… read more

Explore the sweet-sour punch of tamarind

I first discovered tamarind while searching for pad Thai recipes years ago. Once I had purchased a brick of it, I explored other recipes that used this tropical fruit, finding that it was used in a host of cultures in both sweet and savory applications. When I saw that Food and Wine's Lara Lee recently posted a comprehensive guide to… read more
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