EYB and ckbk are linking up

We are delighted to announce that we have connected the EYB database to ckbk’s library of digital cookbooks. ckbk is a cookbook subscription site where you can access the full content of more than 700 great cookbooks, the majority of which are indexed here on EYB (and more will be indexed every week). Every book in the EYB Library that is also on ckbk now has a ckbk logo with a link to the full book.

Every indexed recipe in those books now has a link directly to the full recipe on ckbk. The link to the full recipe is the ckbk logo, differentiating it from our existing Online Recipe links.

In order to get the most from this collaboration, we advise you subscribe to both services. ckbk is offering an introductory 25% discount on their one year membership to EYB members. You immediately gain access to 120,000 new recipes. Without a subscription you can access 3 free recipes per month before the paywall goes up. You can view the entire ckbk library on their site – there is also a ckbk filter in the Library Books and Library Recipes.

We have made it very easy to add every ckbk digital cookbook to your Bookshelf (this feature is only available to Premium paid members). Click Bookmarks under My Bookshelf, then Books. At the top you see the ckbk Bookmark and you can add all their books by clicking “Add all to Bookshelf”.

Once you have added the ckbk books to your Bookshelf, you can filter your recipe results by applying the ckbk Bookmark filter. Every recipe in your results has a link to the full recipe.

You may view our Press Release here and learn more about this new feature here in Help.

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  • apattin  on  May 11, 2023

    I need more cookbooks like I need a hole in the head!!! But I’m glad you did this

  • ThePatheticBaker  on  May 11, 2023

    First glance most of my favourite books are there. Could be useful to have them as ebooks too; already have some ebook duplicates via Apple Books.
    Second glance the really useful thing is the selection of books detailing the cuisine of other countries. I have an ad hoc project of Around the World in 80 Meals. This new resource will help me “go to” places I had never considered. Might prove to be Around the World in 180 meals.

    Well done EYB and ckbk.

  • Indio32  on  May 11, 2023

    Seriously tempted especially as the membership is already down from 39.99 to 29.99 plus an additional EYB members discount of 25% BUT another subscription!!!

  • Fyretigger  on  May 11, 2023

    Should we decide to cancel CKBK, will it be as easy to remove CKBK from our libraries as adding it, without removing the books we actually do own?

    • Jane  on  May 12, 2023

      That enhancement will be up shortly – at present if you add the ckbk books then delete them, they will all be removed from your Bookshelf. Our developers will be working on changing the delete function so it does not delete books previously added. So I suggest you don’t yet delete them if you were planning on doing that. UPDATE: now deleting ckbk will not remove books you have added separately to the ckbk import.

  • KatieK1  on  May 11, 2023

    If I had just a few books it might be worth it, but thanks to the enabling of EYB, I’d rather buy more ebooks with the money.

  • debkellie  on  May 12, 2023

    Nice .. but instructions to “add all ckbk” to my bookshelf just brings up those books on my bookshelf that are already in ckbk too (and in my case that’s 5 books on my shelf that are in ckbk). And I’ve purchased the premium membership.. so is seems that I’d have to add the books to my library manually .. ie: shouldn’t it be in the EYB library that you can sort by ckbk tag and then import all ckbk books to my bookshelf .. instructions seem to miss the point..
    Here’s how to add the ckbk collection to your EYB Bookshelf with just a few clicks.:

    Select Bookmarks from the My Bookshelf drop down menu.
    Select the Books tab.
    Click on “Add all to Bookshelf”.

    • Jane  on  May 12, 2023

      Following the instructions adds all 700 books on ckbk to your Bookshelf. You don’t need to add them individually. You are applying the ckbk Bookmark without having first imported all 700 books. So you only see the 5 ckbk books you already have on your Bookshelf.

  • debkellie  on  May 12, 2023

    SO, if I add an indexed book from EYB main library to my shelf and it’s also on CKBK should that icon appear next to it ? I just tried with EYB’s most popular book : Plenty , added it to my shelf, its in CKBK library but it doesn’t arrive when I do a search using the bookmark in my bookshelf

    • Jane  on  May 12, 2023

      Plenty is on ckbk as what they call an à la carte book – you pay extra to have access to the contents of those books (just like buying an eBook). We have not included à la carte books in our ckbk collection as they are not part of a ckbk subscription. You can view which à la carte books are available in your territory here on ckbk – not every book is available in every country (e.g. Plenty is not available in the USA).

  • debkellie  on  May 12, 2023

    According to ckbk:
    “The linking between EYC and ckbk is a work in progress, but already more than 67,000 ckbk recipe links from the 400 most popular books on ckbk have been added to EYB, and links for all of the 120,000+ recipes and 700+ books on ckbk are being added as EYB extends its coverage.” I’d like to add all 400 books ; but I don’t want to do that individually if there’s a better way!

    • Jane  on  May 12, 2023

      Follow the instructions here in Help and you can add all 700 ckbk books at once. 406 are indexed and the rest are currently unindexed but we are working our way through them, so they are worth having on your Bookshelf.

  • debkellie  on  May 12, 2023

    Thanks Jane! My error was not using the drop down menu that hangs from “my bookshelf”, but rather the side “only show” filter! … Duh ….

  • Rinshin  on  May 13, 2023

    I think I am missing something. I see ckbk but when i click on the recipes, I see no recipes.

  • Rinshin  on  May 13, 2023

    I see the recipes on ckbk and go to their app, I see the books. Unfortunately, the recipe fonts are too small for me. My reading eyes are not great and I usually enlarge which works well on kindle but no way to enlarge in ckbk. Not able to use without being able to enlarge.

    • Jenny  on  May 13, 2023

      Rinshin – you can increase the font size on ckbk here.

  • boncie  on  May 13, 2023

    Amazing! Thank you so much, I was getting weary of having to manually add the CKBK books to EYB!

  • Indio32  on  May 16, 2023

    Can any one explain A La Carte book purchases?
    How are they different from a kindle version.
    CKBK are charging £18.20 for the digital version of Dishoom whereas Kindle is only £11.83 and regularly £5.70.

    • Jane  on  May 16, 2023

      The A la carte titles on ckbk reside on the ckbk site/app and you access the full recipes from there. Amazon has traditionally undercut publisher prices significantly – it’s the same with their price differentials on print books compared to independent booksellers.

  • Indio32  on  May 17, 2023

    Can’t say that Amazon is my favorite company in the world but when it comes to ebooks they did fight tooth and nail for the consumer while the publishers and Apple secretly colluded to raise ebook prices. The publishers & Apple were brought to trial, convicted and ordered to pay $450 million in compensation.

    Anyway that’s by the by….. what I’m asking is if I give CKBK £18.20 for the the eBook edition of Dishoom is it only accessible via the CKBK app? Also, as CKBK is a newish start-up if they went bust what would happen to any customer purchased a la Carte ebooks?

    • Jane  on  May 18, 2023

      If you buy the eBook through ckbk then it is only available on that platform, in the same way when you buy on Kindle, Nook, etc it is only available there. And yes, continued access to A la carte books is tied to the continued availability of the ckbk platform.

  • Zoosie  on  May 22, 2023

    Is there a list somewhere of the 700 available books?

    • Jane  on  May 24, 2023

      You can now filter the EYB Library to see all ckbk books and also all indexed ckbk recipes. The filters are on the right under Only Show or in the Filter menu on a phone.

  • Tapper42nd  on  May 25, 2023

    Nothing changes for EYB if we don’t subscribe, correct??

  • Rinshin  on  May 26, 2023

    It does enlarge for me using ipad. The staff indicated that it is one of their most requested item. They hope to have it functional at some point.

  • dzeldaz  on  May 26, 2023

    This is cool! More cookbooks with no space taken up on my already overcrowded bookshelves. And the directions were easy to follow. Thank you!

  • Shelmar  on  May 28, 2023

    Could you make a filter to exclude the online recipes of ckbk, as with this addition they are a set of recipes inaccessible to non subscribers.

    • Jane  on  May 28, 2023

      You can view 3 free recipes a month on the ckbk site before you need to sign up. But yes, we will look into an exclusion option. UPDATE: you can now opt out of seeing ckbk recipes in your Online Recipes search. The On/Off toggle is on your Account page, accessed from the drop-down menu under your username at top right (or under the menu on a phone). You can change it on and off as often as you like.

  • tgirlza  on  June 13, 2023

    Would like to see an AND NOT / EXCLUDE ckbk recipes option, TBH: when filtering recipes by selecting “online”, all ckbk recipes are included in the results – though not actually accessible without a subscription. They might be a great resource for subscribers, but as a non-subscriber, all the inaccessible recipes simply clutter non-subscriber results when filtering for “online” recipes (which usually include a fully accessible link). Perhaps this is possible some other way – would be grateful for a steer…

    • Jane  on  June 13, 2023

      You can do that from your Account page, accessed from the drop-down menu under your username at top right (or the Menu on a phone). There is an On/Off toggle for “Include ckbk recipes in Online Recipes?” And you can actually access 3 full recipes for free each month on ckbk. So maybe have it turned on until you use those then turn it off for the rest of the month?

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