September 2023 New Cookbook Review

Here we are in September and well into Cookbooktober. Last week, I published the preliminary 2024 Cookbook Preview and don’t forget that you can create a wishlist here and share it with your loved ones.

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United States

Gohan: Everyday Japanese Cooking: Memories and Stories from My Family’s Kitchen by Emiko Davies is a beautiful book reflecting the cuisine of her mother and grandmothers. See our promo and five book giveaway for more information.

The Complete Book of French Cooking by Hubert Delorme and Vincent Boue is a comprehensive, illustrated guide to classic French cooking techniques and recipes, with detailed explanations from culinary school instructors. This book is an essential reference for the home cook. The secret to success is demonstrated in two hundred step-by-step kitchen fundamentals: knife techniques (chopping, slicing, paring), cooking methods (braising, grilling, frying, steaming, poaching, roasting), sauces and stuffings, eggs, and dough.

Italy by Ingredient: Artisanal Foods, Modern Recipes by Viola Buitoni: In this debut cookbook, Viola presents the history and geography of Italy’s most iconic ingredients, showing modern home chefs how to incorporate robust flavors and techniques into their kitchens. With recipes organized according to a single ingredient, each chapter bursts with taste: learn how to make a traditional ragù sauce with conserved tomatoes; layer a plate of prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella; or bake a polenta custard tart. Practical guidelines for seasonal eating, easy substitutes for hard-to-find items, and valuable shopping tips complement the approachable recipes.

Chinese Menu: The History, Myths, and Legends Behind Your Favorite Foods by Grace Lin is a groundbreaking, lushly illustrated, and beautifully written full-color book that explores the whimsical myths and stories behind your favorite American Chinese food. From fried dumplings to fortune cookies, here are the tales behind your favorite foods.

Sweet Little Cakes from Mrs. Zabar’s Bakeshop: Perfect Desserts for Sharing by Tracey Zabar shares a delectable collection of recipes for making little cakes is the perfect go-to for when you want a sweet tiny treat to share. From original twists on time-honored classics to intriguing new flavor combinations, these recipes will suit every palate. There are even directions on how to scale up a recipe for a crowd and pro tips on baking equipment and techniques specific to making small cakes.

Piecemeal: A Flexible Repertoire of Effortless Meals in 124 Recipes by Kathryn Pauline: A new meals-in-minutes cookbook based on the idea that one go-to component can anchor several meals, Piecemeal is designed to help a busy home cook prepare delicious meals simply, in 5+, 15+, or 30+ minutes. This strategy-based cookbook features recipes for 30 transformational components – such as grilled corn, turkey meatballs, tzatziki, roasted grapes – each used in three different ways, for a total of 120 delicious and adaptable recipes. The featured components were selected for maximum performance: each is flavorful, storable, and versatile and can stand alone or be used in multiple ways.

Every Season Is Soup Season: 85+ Souper-Adaptable Recipes to Batch, Share, Reinvent, and Enjoy by Shelly Westerhausen Worcel: From the author of the bestselling Platters and Boards comes this versatile collection of 85+ go-to recipes for soups, soup fixings, and more. Plus 100 beautiful photos that will make you instantly crave a luscious bowl of soup!

Gatherings: Casual-Fancy Meals to Share by America’s Test Kitchen: The cooks of America’s Test Kitchen share how they entertain at home, with 140 recipes from simple to show-stopping and airtight planning strategies.

The Party Shirt Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Next-Level Eats by Xavier Di Petta and Nick Iavarone: TikTok powerhouses Xavier and Nick give their fans the wild, crazy, and delicious recipes you didn’t know you were craving. They will show you how to take your eating life to the next level, creating super fun and whacky pairings that anyone can make. Packed with 100 strangely tasty concoctions and hilarious anecdotes, this book is perfect for snack lovers, adventurous foodies, and junk food fanatics alike. So head to the kitchen and get ready to put your party shirt on!

Cali Baja Cuisine: Tijuana Tacos, Ensenada Aguachiles, San Diego Cali Burritos + more by Michael Gardiner: The Baja region has a wealth of distinctive ingredients from the ocean and the land such as: the fish of Popotla, San Diego’s sea urchins, the wine of the Valle de Guadalupe, California artichokes or the ubiquitous avocados on both sides of the border. Baja chefs, street stand vendors and home cooks use these ingredients and flavors to create dishes from old homes elsewhere. The mission of this book is to help it be the next big thing out of your kitchen.

Cook It Up: Bold Moves for Family Foods by Alex Guarnaschelli and Ava Clark shares 75 family favorites that get leveled up to be even bolder, saucier, cheesier, and crisper thanks to Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and her highly opinionated chef-in-training daughter Ava. Events

Let’s Eat: 101 Recipes to Fill Your Heart & Home by Dan Pelosi: In his debut cookbook, larger-than-life personality Dan Pelosi offers up a warm hug of home cooking, sharing both comfort and connection with 101 of his nearest and dearest Italian American recipes. Some have been passed down through his family, and others have been cooked up from scratch—but all are made with love and accompanied by fun, meaningful stories to warm your heart while filling your belly. Events

Pistachio: Savory & Sweet Recipes Inspired by World Cuisines by Georgeanne Brennan and Barbara Bryant celebrates the striking flavor of this jewellike, delectable nut. With over 60 recipes, the authors draw inspiration from the culinary traditions of Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, North Africa, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and the Middle East, giving the dishes a contemporary spin.

Eater: 100 Essential Restaurant Recipes from the Authority on Where to Eat and Why It Matters: Eater’s dedicated team of on-the-ground experts, spread out across the country, live to drink, dine, and let you know about it. In this invaluable book, they will tell you: where to eat and what to order; how to stock your home kitchen and what to cook once you’re in there; and the low-down on the most creative chefs right now and what they’re cooking. Events

Made in Taiwan: Recipes and Stories from the Island Nation by Clarissa Wei: Taipei-based food journalist Clarissa Wei presents Made in Taiwan, a cookbook that celebrates the island nation’s unique culinary identity -despite a refusal by the Chinese government to recognize its sovereignty. The expansive book contains deeply researched essays and more than 100 recipes inspired by the people who live in Taiwan today. Clarissa has one virtual event planned on October 17th.

Noon: Simple Recipes for Scrumptious Midday Meals and More by Meike Peters is spectacular title for more information see my review in my preview post. Events

For The Culture: Celebrating Black Women and Femmes in Food and Wine by Klancy Miller is a must-have anthology of the leading Black women and femmes shaping today’s food and hospitality landscape – from farm to table and beyond – chronicling their passions and motivations, lessons learned and hard-won wisdom, personal recipes, and more.

South of Somewhere: Recipes and Stories from My Life in South Africa, South Korea, and the American South by Dale Gray is a unique culinary tour of the beloved food blogger’s life to date. Her journey goes way back to South Africa on the outskirts of Capetown. Dale grew up with a close-knit family who has resided in her hometown for generations, but it’s almost impossible to encapsulate her heritage in a few words. She describes the people of South Africa as a product of centuries of colonization, enslavement, apartheid, and intermarriage between people from Asia, Africa, and Europe – now compromising a colorful blend of Eastern, Western, and African heritage

The Secret History of Christmas Baking: Recipes & Stories from Tomb Offerings to Gingerbread Boys by Linda Raedisch is a very interesting title that you won’t be able to put down if you are a fan of baking at Christmas time. Sprinkled among the fascinating facts are recipes to use during the holidays.

Sohn-mat: Recipes and Flavors of Korean Home Cooking by Monica Lee showcases recipes for soon tofu, the iconic Korean soup made with soft tofu, from her beloved LA Koreatown restaurant Beverly Soon Tofu.
Sohn-mat is a master class in how to make this exceptional tofu soup at home, as well recipes for all of the other dishes you need to complete the meal, from banchan, to kimchi, to large-format dishes like bibimbap. Blending the technical expertise of a chef with the practical know-how of a home cook, Sohn-mat offers what no other Korean book on the market does: a level of sophistication that is still geared toward the home kitchen.

Crave: Bold Recipes That Make You Want Seconds by Karen Akunowicz: Spicy, sour, salty-sweet-crunchy, cold and creamy 100 recipes from award-winning chef Karen Akunowicz capture what you crave! Gorgeous photography and many helpful tips fill this debut cookbook.

The Secret of Cooking: Recipes for an Easier Life in the Kitchen by Bee Wilson was released in the UK last month. Bee’s new book shows us how to get a meal on the table when we’re tired and stretched for time, how to season properly, cook onions (or not) and what equipment really helps. The 140 recipes are doable and delicious, filled with ideas for cooking ahead or cooking alone and the kind of unfussy food that makes everyday life taste better.

Pasta Every Day: Make It, Shape It, Sauce It, Eat It by Meryl Feinstein is one of the most impressive pasta cookbooks I have held in my hands in recent years. It is absolutely stunning and the multiple step-by-step photographs on various techniques are priceless. Inspiration abounds in this debut cookbook from the creator of Pasta Social Club.

Skinnytaste Simple: Easy, Healthy Recipes with 7 Ingredients or Fewer by Gina Homolka and Heather K. Jones is a delectable collection of 120 healthy dishes that use seven ingredients or fewer to deliver big flavor without the fuss – the easiest, simplest recipes yet from #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Skinnytaste Cookbook. Don’t forget you can add more than 2,000 recipes from Gina’s blog to your Bookshelf.

Vegan Vietnamese: Over 60 Plant-Based Traditional Recipes by Helen Le recreates over 60 popular Vietnamese dishes as vegan for delicious, healthy, and easy-to-make meals that have all the flavor of the originals. Helen Le – the author of Simply Pho and creator of the most popular Vietnamese cooking channel on YouTube, Helen’s Recipes – brings you simple, satisfying recipes for vegan salads, wraps, and rolls; soups and noodles; braised, fried, stir-fried, and grilled dishes; breads and dumplings; rice and sticky rice dishes; and more,

Diner: Day for Night by Andrew Tarlow: The acclaimed owner behind Marlow Collective shares the journey to opening his first restaurant, Diner, with personal stories, 48 seasonal recipes, and a treasure trove of intimate photos. Featuring flavorful recipes and evocative photography (be aware the first 140 pages of this title are photographs of staff, restaurant guests, and miscellaneous shots that include one of someone’s denim-clad backside), this fun and whimsical cookbook takes us through the history of Diner. The recipes are based upon the food so many have come to love and are built around each season.

I Could Nosh: Classic Jew-ish Recipes Revamped for Every Day by Jake Cohen brings Jake’s signature modern flair to traditional Jewish recipes that are soon to become everyday favorites and new holiday traditions. With this cookbook, readers can nosh morning, noon, and night, with creative, must-cook recipes. Events

Shabbat: Recipes and Rituals from My Table to Yours by Adeena Sussman is the latest masterpiece from Adeena sharing 145 recipes. Woven throughout these recipes is a rich portrait of Shabbat in Israel, where it is practically a national holiday. Taking us inside the kitchens and traditions of local cooks who have shared their most beloved recipes, Shabbat brings to life Sussman’s adopted home country with transporting, slice-of-life storytelling. Deeply personal and brimming with life, Shabbat inspires us all to embrace the delights of Shabbat. Now more than ever, Shabbat cooking is what we all need. Events

Sweet Soulful Baking: Recipes Inspired by Southern Roots by Monique Polanco shows home bakers how to make show-stopping desserts for special occasions that come together miraculously easily and don’t require a ton of ingredients. Her decadent recipes are secretly simple thanks to the myriad of tips and tools Monique has for saving time and accommodating tastes. Everything from Eggnog Rum Cake to Apple Tarts and Orange Bourbon Pecan Pies are laid out in this beautiful and informative cookbook.

The Food of Sicily: Recipes from a Sun-Drenched Culinary Crossroads by Fabrizia Lanza is an all-new cookbook where one of the world’s greatest food cultures is distilled in 75 recipes for the home cook, plus a loving tribute to its ingredients, passions, influences, and history.

Vegan Treasures of India: 60 Home-Style Recipes that Capture the Country’s Favorite Flavors by Anusha Moorthy Santosh shares a treasure trove of crave-worthy Indian dishes that have been missing from the Western restaurant scene is now at your fingertips. Whether you are entertaining guests, packing lunch or fixing a weeknight meal, this book has you covered with flavorful, homestyle Indian recipes that use only use the most delicious plant-based ingredients.

Tacos A to Z: A Delicious Guide to Inauthentic Tacos by Ivy Manning is your one-stop taco shop for non-traditional tacos. Here, you will find a creative approach to tacos that will fill your table with meals inspired by cooking from all over the world. Learn how to build your own puffy, bendy, delicious corn and flour tortillas with detailed instructions that will convince you that homemade tortillas are worth making from scratch.

Simply West African: Easy, Joyful Recipes for Every Kitchen by Pierre Thiam: This is West African food for every kitchen, a generous, warm welcome to its delicious, irresistible culinary mainstays and rhythms. If you already cook with ingredients like hearty greens, yams, black-eyed peas, and okra, or have enjoyed Southern staples like jambalaya and gumbo, you have tasted the deep culinary influences of this interconnected region that spans Senegal, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Nigeria, and more. Celebrated chef and West African cooking authority Pierre Thiam unlocks the region’s essential tastes for the everyday home cook. With helpful tips and tricks that teach readers the basics of the cuisine, Pierre shows how seamlessly these flavorful, easy-to-execute dishes can become weeknight staples or the star of your table for weekend gatherings.

Big Yum: Supersized Cookies For Over-The-Top Cravings by Chloe Sexton: Cookie fanatics, rejoice! Bakery owner and beloved TikToker Chloe Joy Sexton is here to bring you the biggest, yummiest, most indulgently scrumptious cookies you’ll ever taste. Discover outstanding recipes for oversized confections that will recall all the joys of your childhood cookie jar. Sweet or salty, fruity or stuffed – thanks to Chloe’s bold and inventive approach to cookie-making, there’s a giant cookie recipe for every giant craving.

From Our Family’s Table to Yours by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and Tanya Bastianich Manuali: Nothing brings a family together like food. And no one knows food like Lidia Bastianich. In this inviting, deeply personal new cookbook, she shares the dishes she cooks for those she loves the most. This is the first book Lidia has written since the death of her mother, Nona, who was beloved not just by Lidia’s family but by millions of cookbook and TV fans. With all the family stories and passed down recipes, in many ways, this book can be seen as a tribute to Nona. Events

Yellowstone: The Official Dutton Ranch Family Cookbook: Delicious Homestyle Recipes from Character and Real-Life Chef Gabriel “Gator” Guilbeau by Gabriel “Gator” Guilbeau: Gabriel – a real-life chef and the set caterer for Yellowstone and fan-favorite character on the show – shares his hearty and delicious recipes from the Dutton Ranch. Learn Gator’s secrets to making a perfectly smoked pulled pork (a ranch hand staple), an authentic gumbo, and flawlessly fluffy biscuits. Whether you’re hosting a Yellowstone viewing party or serving up a comforting homestyle meal, wrangle up your ingredients and bring the exciting world of Yellowstone into your kitchen.

The Book of Sichuan Chili Crisp by Jing Gao: Born in Chengdu and raised everywhere, chef and entrepreneur Jing Gao has introduced America to the hot, tingly sensation of chili crisp and the Sichuan flavors that inspire it, first through her wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and currently through thousands of grocery stores across the United States. Now, in The Book of Sichuan Chili Crisp, Jing shows how nearly every dish can be elevated with Sichuan’s complex flavor flavors, taking you on a unique journey from her hometown to your own kitchen stove, all while sharing her personal story and reflections on this storied cuisine and the challenges she’s encountered along the way.

The World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope by José Andrés and World Central Kitchen – learn more about this fascinating book in our promo and giveaway. Events

Simply Symon Suppers by Michael Symon is the chef’s biggest collection of recipes to date and offers mains and sides strategically paired for every week of the year to keep dinner deliciously streamlined and beginner-friendly. The chapters curate plates based on the season.

The Simple Art of Rice: Recipes from Around the World for the Heart of Your Table by JJ Johnson and Danica Novgorodoff is a celebration of rice and the many cultures in which this life-giving grain takes pride of place at the center of every table. The recipes are influenced by these global flavors from Asia to Europe, Africa to the Americas, and feature many of the world’s favorite dishes. The authors take readers on an informative and exciting culinary adventure that will help anyone master the art of cooking rice. Events

Pie Is Messy: The Pie Hole Cookbook by Rebecca Grasley: Learn how to make 100 perfectly imperfect pies with time-honored techniques to maximize taste from the founder of Los Angeles’ beloved Pie Hole bakery.

Old-Fashioned on Purpose: Cultivating a Slower, More Joyful Life by Jill Winger: From the author of The Prairie Homestead Cookbook comes a dedicated volume on everything one needs to make more meaningful choices in life from baking bread to growing our own food. Tips and challenges on how to make the best choices when making purchases (of almost anything) and making more things by hand fill this handy title. Recipes are sprinkled throughout and include sourdough starter, salves and even candle making!

Other titles of interest:


Fraiche Food, Fuller Hearts: Wholesome Everyday Recipes Made With Love by Jillian Harris and Tori Wesszer is filled with simple, feel-good recipes that focus on fresh, whole foods for you and your loved ones to enjoy any day of the week. The book is plant-forward with ways to adapt recipes for vegan versions wherever possible. Featuring over 135 everyday recipes along with some beloved classics that have a modern, healthyish, often plant-forward twist, inspired by the smart hacks their moms and granny used to whip up memorable, easy-to-make meals.

Always Hungry!: The Cookbook by Laurent Dagenais: Chef and social media phenom Laurent Dagenais never imagined that he would one day leave his job in the restaurant business to devote himself exclusively to creating online cooking videos. Now in his highly anticipated debut cookbook Laurent shares some of his favorite recipes for the first time, including twenty that have gone viral (cue the incredible tacos al pastor, grilled octopus and signature beef tartare). Appealing to both amateur and more advanced cooks alike, you’ll find over 70 recipes ranging from elevated everyday meals like mushroom risotto to showstoppers like prime rib with garlic escargots.

Multicooker Everything: Delicious Recipes for Your Multicooker, Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot by Ricardo Larrivée: In Multicooker Everything, Ricardo and his team provide another collection of must-have recipes that you will return to again and again. This time with the help of your multicooker, pressure cooker, or Instant Pot! Cooking faster, enhancing flavor and even saving energy—there’s almost nothing the multicooker can’t do. 

Farmhouse Vegetables: A Vegetable-Forward Cookbook by Michael Smith: From vegetable-forward dishes to full vegetarian meals, eating plants is more than just good for us. We thrive when we eat more vegetables. Inspired by the bounty of his culinary farm at the Inn at Bay Fortune, chef Michael Smith shares everything that he has learned about vegetable cookery – ideas, techniques, and recipes – in this stunning cookbook so you can develop your own vegetable cooking style that suits your lifestyle. Whether leaning into eating more vegetables or going meat-free a few days a week, you’ll find unique, flavour-packed recipes where vegetables are always the star.

The Buddhist Chef’s Homestyle Cooking: Simple, Satisfying Vegan Recipes for Sharing by Jean-Philippe Cyr: Full of traditional, crowd-pleasing recipes, veganized and packed full of flavor, this new title from Cyr is a warm-hearted, comforting collection of recipes. The 75+ recipes are inspired by the two universal themes at the heart of every great meal – flavor and enjoying it with those you love – and are brought together with a dash of The Buddhist Chef’s signature sense of humor.

Plantcakes: Fancy + Everyday Vegan Cakes for Everyone by Lyndsay Sung: Fun and fanciful, the recipes in Plantcakes are extremely approachable. With step-by-step instructions, easy-to-find ingredients, and accessible plant-based alternatives for all the baking essentials, Plantcakes makes vegan baking a breeze. Whether you’ve never baked before or are an experienced baker ready to explore the vegan side, you’re bound to learn a thing or two – like how to make the best buttercream ever (without the butter!) or some sweet piping techniques—from self-taught baker, Lyndsay Sung, creator of the wildly popular cake making and decorating site, Coco Cake Land.

The Lost Supper: Searching for the Future of Food in the Flavors of the Past by Taras Grescoe: This trail-blazing book is the first to explore an idea that is quickly spreading among restaurateurs, producers, scientists, and food-lovers around the world. The key to healthy eating, they argue, lies not in looking forward, but back to the foods, many of them forgotten or on the verge of extinction, that have sustained us through our half-million-year existence as a species. Ancient sourdough bread last baked by Egyptian pharaohs; raw-milk farmhouse cheese from critically endangered British dairy cattle; ham from Spanish pata negra pigs that have been foraging on acorns on a secluded island since before the United States was a nation; Neolithic wines from long-lost grapes uniquely capable of resisting quickly-evolving pests and modern pathogens: in ten brisk and gripping chapters, The Lost Supper introduces readers to the surprising and forgotten flavors whose revival is captivating food-lovers around the world.

United Kingdom/Ireland

Flavour: Every Day Food Made Exceptional by Mark Moriarty teaches us to turn our everyday food we makes at home from ordinary to extraordinary. This is Mark Moriarty’s specialty – bringing his restaurant know-how home. Mark’s home cooking – as watched by hundreds of thousands on his hit RTE TV show – packs ordinary dishes so full of flavour, you just want to try them for yourself. Mark has an event at Waterstones on October 2nd.

River Cottage Great Roasts by Gelf Alderson: For great roasts – all you will need are good ingredients, an oven and some simple bakeware to create easy weeknight dinners, showstopping Sunday roasts, fuss-free breakfasts, tea-time treats and indulgent puds. Often only requiring one roasting tin and minimal prep, these are recipes that let the oven do the hard work, and leave you with very little washing up

The Great British Bake Off: Kitchen Classics: Signature Bakes from the Heart of the Home shares 80 mouth-watering recipes for Signature Bakes that will sit proudly on the kitchen table, with crowd-pleasing appeal. The book features recipes from Paul, Prue, and the bakers from the 2023 season of the show. Their creations – with a brief to add a fresh twist to the classic recipes we all know and love – are truly awe-inspiring signature dishes.

Mildreds Easy Vegan by Mildreds is packed full of punchy flavours and food that will satisfy even the most ardent meat eater. Designed for seasoned vegans and novices alike, this book has more than 115 simple recipes, as well as tips for how best to cook with plants.

The Farm Table by Julius Roberts shares honest tales of farming life and easy, thoughtful dishes to reconnect us to nature and the seasons. Making the most of simple ingredients, The Farm Table is unfussy home cooking at its very best. (US release 2024)

Soups: 80 Tasty, Easy & Thrifty Recipes by Maggie Ramsay: Soup is one of the most beloved and flexible of all dishes. And it’s a star of health and sustainability, a great way to get more vegetables into your diet and cut down on food waste. This comprehensive guide from the National Trust covers every kind of soup, from classics like Broccoli and Stilton and Minestrone to new favorites like Thai-style spiced squash. There’s a handy guide to perfect garnishes and accompaniments too.

Nadiya’s Simple Spices by Nadiya Hussian unlocks a world of joyful flavour in your kitchen using only 8 simple spices. When it comes to spice Nadiya’s family cooking is never complicated and always delicious. Now Nadiya wants to share with you how to use the 8 readily available spices she uses at home daily to cook her most-loved meals. The same spices that her Mum uses and her Nani used before her! Cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, chilli, bay leaves and curry powder are all you need to create any recipe in this book.

Mob 6: Tasty 6-Ingredient Meals by Mob: Mob offer up their simplest cookbook yet, with each recipe using just 6 ingredients. Mob is back with their much-anticipated simplest cookbook yet – ultra-tasty recipes made with six affordable ingredients, without ever compromising on flavour or originality. Easy to shop, easy to make, quick to demolish. Find food for every craving with 115 new recipes,

Roast Figs, Sugar Snow: Food to Warm the Soul by Diana Henry is an updated edition of Roast Figs, Sugar Snow with seven new recipes. Events

The Chocolate Spoon: Italian Sweets from the Silver Spoon by The Silver Spoon Kitchen features 100 of the best Silver Spoon chocolate recipes, accompanied by all-new photography and design, as well as 30 core recipes for working with chocolate, each with step-by-step photography.

The Lula Cafe Cookbook: Collected Recipes and Stories by Jason Hammel: This book is the story of 20 years of cooking, love, friendship, and community told through food, with each recipe taking a particular moment in time as its inspiration. Chapters include: Brunch, Soups, Snacks, Salads, Vegetables, Pasta, Meat/Fish, and Desserts, along with dozens of ‘building block’ recipes and ‘classic’ signature dishes. With 90 all-day recipes, each marked with the date of their creation, this first book about Jason Hammel’s bustling hotspot, Lula Cafe, gives a vibrant insight into the food and story of this iconic Chicago restaurant, written by its admired chef-author owner.

Gluten Free Christmas: 80 Easy Gluten-Free Recipes for a Stress-Free Festive Season by Becky Excell will show you just how simple it is to recreate all your festive favorites, from Christmas Eve nibbles and the main event, to sweet treats, edible gifts and a Boxing Day feast. Best-selling author Becky Excell has spent years developing delicious dishes and sharing them with her followers on Instagram. She is here to show you that a gluten-free Christmas can be enjoyable and easy, without having to miss out on anything. Becky has events at Waterstones.

Paradiso: Recipes and Reflections by Denis Cotter captures the essence of the restaurant – Paradiso – now, with just a nod to the past and an eye on the future. It is a collection of new and evolved recipes, presented in a way that reflects how the dishes are prepared and served in the restaurant. And there is a comprehensive section that will teach you how to make the core elements that are the building blocks of the kitchen, the things that deliver concentrated flavours and textures. With these building blocks, you will be able to bring a touch of Paradiso to everything you cook.

What’s for Dinner in One Pot?: 100 Delicious Recipes, 10 Weekly Meal Plans, In One Pan or Slow Cooker! by Sarah Rossi shares 10 weekly meal plans and shopping lists for 100 tasty, triple-tested recipes – all cooked in just one pan – so making dinner has never been simpler.

Pub Kitchen by Tom Kerridge: In Pub Kitchen he distils his knowhow of pub cooking into 100 super tasty recipes for home cooks. Taking inspiration from modern gastropubs, Tom’s recipes are simple, contemporary and delicious. The book includes gastropub favourites like prawn tagliatelle and chicken curry, twists on classics like tempura cod, a chapter on Roasts & Pies and another on simple ingredient-led Veg Mains, and of course loads of indulgent puddings like legendary sticky toffee and apple crumble.

Whisky: Shake, Muddle, Stir: Over 40 of the Best Cocktails for Whiskey Lovers by Dan Jones teaches you how to stock your home bar, pick some of the world’s best whiskies and pull together your own infusions and syrups. Try your hand at classics like an Old Fashioned or The Sazerac, or modern hits like Bourbon Smash or The Rattlesnake. With over 40 whisky recipes, you will see just how versatile whisky is.

The Elizabeth David Collection by Elizabeth David: In 1965 Elizabeth David opened a shop in Pimlico, London. While she was still involved with the shop which bore her name, Elizabeth David Ltd, she produced a series of four little booklets: The Baking of an English Loaf; Dried Herbs, Aromatics and Condiments; English Potted Meats and Fish Pastes; and Syllabubs and Fruit Fools which were sold exclusively in the shop. They were simple black and white productions which have now become rare, highly sought-after and very expensive collector’s items. So Grub Street is delighted to have acquired the rights to these booklets from the David Estate and they have redesigned them as four hardback books in a slip case with specially commissioned beautiful artwork making them the perfect gift item. So for the first time in over 50 years these charming works are available once again.

Mr Lyan’s Cocktails at Home: Good Things to Drink with Friends by Ryan Chetiyawardana: In this new edition Mr Lyan (award-winning mixologist and the man behind a number of the world’s best bars) shows how to craft 70 classic and innovative cocktails to enjoy at home.

Dragtails: Fierce Cocktails Inspired by Drag Royalty by Alice Wood and Greg Bailey: Just when you thought your favourite cocktail couldn’t be more camp! Here are 50 delicious cocktail recipes inspired by drag superstars, past and present. Each dragtail is brought to life with an inventive illustration that echoes the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent of the particular queen that inspired it.

The Grazing Table: How to Create Beautiful Butter Boards, Food Platters & More by Natalie Thomson features butter boards, charcuterie, cheeseboards, antipasti, mezze, fruit platters, dessert boards and more. This book is full of inspiring ideas for building your own grazing boards at home and includes more than 60 simple recipes for making some of the elements from scratch.

The Thrifty Baker by Hermine Dossou (GBBO 2020) presents 65 delicious, affordable and impressive recipes, complete with gluten-free options, plus advice, tips and hacks covering many areas of shopping, baking and cooking in general. Filled with clever ideas and useful features, the book is written with a realism and empathy that comes from the heart, from a lived experience. It isn’t just a book of great recipes, but an essential manual for anyone baking today.

Cake: A Slice of British Life by Andrew Baker: Travelling the country from Dundee to the Isle of Wight, writer Andrew Baker serves up the story of our national obsession with cake, one slice at a time. On this greediest of quests, Andrew seeks to discover the ‘True Slice’ of each iconic cake. This enviable task sees him eat sponge sandwiched with jam and cream at Queen Victoria’s holiday home Osborne House, discover the illustrious yet scandal-filled history of the Battenberg’s saccharine squares and learn how a caterpillar enrobed in chocolate became a party-starting birthday centerpiece.

Sundays: A Cookbook by Sophie Gordon is a lovely title filled with laidback food that’s packed with flavour. Sunday is about sharing, feasting with friends, BBQing, leisurely long lunches or brunches because it’s the one day of the week when mealtimes are flexible. Sophie Gordon delivers a book to make Sunday even more delicious.

Ramen Forever: Recipes for Ramen Success by Tim Anderson encourages us to enjoy delicious homemade ramen on a regular basis, and gives us the tools to build our own ramen. The book is broken into five sections – Broth, Seasoning, Aromatic Oils and Fats, Noodles and Toppings – to enable you to mix and match to create your own ramen to suit your taste. Tim has events scheduled at Topping & Company.

Thai Made Easy: Over 70 Simple Recipes by Yui Miles: Dive into Thai cooking with this delicious collection of more than 70 authentic, easy-to-follow recipes. With clear, uncomplicated instructions and accessible, supermarket-friendly swaps for traditional Thai ingredients, Thai Made Easy demystifies the process of cooking flavourful Thai dishes at home.
You’ll learn to cook everything from classics like chicken satay, spring rolls and pad Thai, to all your favourite Thai curries from scratch, from red and green to Panang, massaman and beyond. With plenty of plant-based recipes, this cookbook contains every Thai recipe you’ll ever need.

How to Butter Toast: Rhymes in a Book That Help You to Cook by Tara Wigley is the antidote to cookbook-overload; it is a recipe book without any recipes. In this collection of fun and entertaining rhymes, Ottolenghi co-writer Tara Wigley makes cooking with ease a cinch for cooks of all levels. Perfect your roasts, bakes, sauces and cocktails with this gorgeous gift book.

Vietnamese Made Easy: Simple, Modern Recipes for Every Day by Thuy Diem Pham: From broths and noodle soups to salads and stir-fries, Vietnamese Made Easy is a modern and vibrant collection of quick, easy, flavoursome recipes.

Easy Vegan Christmas: 80 Plant-Based Recipes for the Festive Season by Katy Beskow is a 70-recipe cookbook showcasing simple vegan recipes, for a fuss-free festive season.

Winter Celebrations: A Modern Guide to a Handmade Christmas by Arounna Khounnoraj is a celebration of the festive season through craft, featuring a beautiful collections of over 20 decorations and gifts that draw upon Arounna’s natural aesthetic. From fir garlands, advent calendars to handmade tablescapes for family gatherings – get ready to hunker down and make yourself a handmade Christmas.

Other titles of interest:


Korean Home Cooking: 100 Authentic Everyday Recipes, From Bulgogi to Bibimbap by Jina Jung: Elegantly simple, big on flavour and strong on comfort, these family favourites with step-by-step instructions make an ideal introduction to Korean cooking at your place. For lovers of all things Korean comes the ideal step-by-step entry point to recreating your favourite dishes at home. Start with traditional, simple and tasty family recipes and stay for the opportunity to learn new skills, like fermenting your own pickles, and creating classic stews, soups and your own Korean barbecue. Enjoy this rich resource of authentic family recipes to help you create delicious Korean meals at home.

Peináo: A Greek Feast for All: Recipes to Feed Hungry Guests by Helena and Vikki Moursellas is a contemporary celebration of traditional tried-and-tested Greek food, delivered feast style: cooking for roommates, brunch with your besties, or making Sunday dinner for the whole family. It isn’t another taverna cookbook; authors Helena and Vikki Moursellas are here to share their fun and modern spins on the Greek classics, presented in a beautiful coffee table cookbook.

Fish Butchery: Mastering The Catch, Cut, and Craft by Josh Niland learn more about this title in our promo and giveaway.

The Vegan Home Baker: Delicious Sweet & Savoury Recipes to Bake at Home by Georgia Irwin: Welcome flaky pastries, rich cinnamon scrolls and melt-in-your-mouth cookies back into your life with 80 recipes from TikTok vegan baking sensation The Kindness Echoes. Whether it be a fresh, tangy raw lemon tart from her famous Magic Range for a picnic, or a decadent, creamy baked cheesecake for a dinner party, The Vegan Home Baker is an indispensable vegan baking book you’ll never put away.

Pasta Love: How to Make, Eat and Celebrate Pasta Like an Italian by Jaclyn Crupi: According to the author – a proud Italian-Australian pasta maker and devotee – pasta is love, pasta is life. Pasta can be a quick and simple meal or a culinary masterpiece, but in essence it is about generosity, comfort and the beauty to be found in simplicity and quality ingredients. In this book, Jaclyn shares recipes for pasta doughs as well as shapes and seasonal sauces. She explores where pasta comes from and who makes it, profiles nonnas and chefs alike, and shows that anyone can and should give pasta-making a go.

The Modern Mediterranean Diet by Catherine Itsiopoulos and Vivienne Koutsis shows us how the traditional Mediterranean diet can be adapted so that everyone can enjoy its plentiful benefits. With big flavours and little fuss, these delicious recipes have all been created with modern-day lifestyles in mind, whether you are eating less meat for ethical or environmental concerns, you’re avoiding gluten or dairy, or you want to enjoy a classic dish without the traditional preparation time.

Nixology: Low-to-no Alcohol Cocktails by Elouise Anders: For anyone looking to drink less, to leave alcohol permanently on the shelf, or to wake up a little less hung over on Sunday, shake and stir up your next party with Nixology. There are 60 classic cocktails remixed with low-to-no alcohol in this title.

Pizza Night: 60+ Recipes for Date Nights, Lazy Nights, and Party Nights by Deborah Kaloper: Explore the delicious world of pizza with this fun cookbook. The author provides over 60 incredible recipes, from Neapolitan classics and deep-dish pies to the sweet and fried.

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