What are your favorite festival foods?

Although next weekend is the official kickoff for summer here in US, festivals, fairs, car shows, swap meets, concerts, and other mainly outdoor gatherings are already taking place. One thing all of these events have in common is that someone will be selling food from a concession stand or food truck. The usual fare where I live includes tacos (street or walking), corn dogs, funnel cakes, hot dogs and hamburgers, mini donuts, milkshakes, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and kettle corn, with other items sprinkled into the mix depending on the location and occasion. –

Mini funnel cakes from Leite’s Culinaria by Taylor Mathis

I like all of these offerings, but corn dogs and funnel cakes are my favorites. What can I say, I am a sucker for almost anything that is deep fried (although I draw the line at Oreos because they get weirdly soggy). These foods are as much a part of summer as baseball games, fireworks, and sunburns. Even as a child, I was drawn to the food at the fair just as much as I was to the rides and games. Today the rides and games hold little appeal, but the food still draws me in.

Tomorrow my husband and I are headed to a vintage flea market/swap meet and I’m already deciding which items I will nosh on as we stroll up and down the aisles looking at antiques. I always have an eye out for vintage kitchen ware, and last year I snagged a pair of cute cast iron mini cake pans. Even if we don’t find any must-have items, it will be an enjoyable outing due to the warm weather and tasty snacks. What are your favorite festival/fair foods?

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  • janecooksamiracle  on  May 18, 2024

    That was interesting. I’ve often heard of funnel cake from American tv but always imagined something like pound cake 😀

  • averythingcooks  on  May 18, 2024

    Those little bags of mini, freshly fried donuts I used to get at the Ottawa Exhibition/Agricultural Show (cinnamon sugar being my preferred topping). Tiny Tom donuts I think? The last summer I had them was likely 1978…I sure miss those little guys.

  • matag  on  May 18, 2024

    At the Minnesota state fair sweet corn grilled in the husk!
    Oh, and Pronto Pups …. A corn dog but made with corn flour ,wheat flour and rice flour

    • Darcie  on  May 18, 2024

      Pronto Pups are THE BEST!

  • Rinshin  on  May 20, 2024

    I am picky with hot dogs so no corn dogs unless made at home. Around here, it is wine festivals, fisherman’s festivals etc. Have’t gone to state or county fares since early adult time.

    In Japan, festivals mean yakisoba since my childhood time. The smell of soy sauce on flat top outdoor grill is very enticing for most Japanese. Another is grilled corn on the cob with slathering of butter and soy sauce at minimum.

  • Fyretigger  on  May 21, 2024

    Lemon Ice is almost a reason of its own to go to a Renaissance Faire.

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