The rise of Nordic baking

In the past decade, Nordic baking - that is, baking in the traditional styles of the Scandinavian countries plus Finland, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands - has been on an ascendant arc. Why has it reached a much wider audience in recent years than it ever has before? Some of it has to do with superstar authors like Trine… read more

How many licks does it take?

If you are over a certain age in the US, you probably remember the commercial for Tootsie Pops where a cartoon kid asks a wise owl how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of the sucker. I was reminded of this commercial the other day when I made the Soft gingerbread tiles with rum butter… read more

An ode to tiramisù

There are people who think tiramisù is not a great dessert. While it's true that in the wrong hands it can be stodgy or one-dimensional, but done well it strikes a perfect balance with its creamy, light structure and boozy notes that cut through the richness. Chris Crowley makes the case for tiramisù, saying that "it is just the right… read more

Meet a cookbook power couple

Some people are destined to write cookbooks. At least it seems that way when they are able to write dozens of bestselling books on numerous topics and assemble a huge following. I'm talking about Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, two prolific authors who write about everything from Instant Pots to ham to chocolate cookies. A charming article in The Hartford Courant… read more

Looking back at the decade in food

Perhaps you have seen the '10 year challenge' popping up in your social media feeds: a photo of someone in 2009 paired next to one from 2019. Another decade has gone by, and humans love to take stock and reflect at the major tickmark on the graph of years. What people do for themselves, Tim Hayward of The Guardian is… read more

St. John celebrates a quarter century

If you utter the phrase 'nose-to-tail eating' these days almost anyone with even a passing interest in food will know what you mean. Back in the mid-1990s, when Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver founded their iconic London restaurant St. John, the concept was definitely not in vogue. The pair's eccentric eatery almost single-handedly forged a path for 'nose to tail'… read more

Food news antipasto

A crown roast of lamb makes for a gorgeous presentation. It looks intimidating, but having a good butcher goes a long way to making the rack look great. Two adventurous butchers recently attempted to make this impressive roast even more grand, by making a roast that encompasses the entire rib section. Be forewarned that they start with a whole lamb.… read more

Tom Parker Bowles on his latest cookbook

Tom Parker Bowles' most recent cookbook, Fortnum & Mason: Christmas and Other Winter Feasts, was released in the UK last fall but only recently made it to US bookstores. Parker Bowles, who writes a weekly column for The Mail on Sunday and is Food Editor for Esquire, recently sat down with Town & Country Magazine to talk about his latest… read more

20 years since the last ‘Two Fat Ladies’ aired

Last week I was describing an event to two young women and they asked me how long ago it occurred. I replied "The late 90s, not that long ago." They chuckled, and I then realized that the late 1990s were, in fact, 20 years ago. That is also how long it's been since the last 'Two Fat Ladies' episode aired.… read more

The ’12 days of cookies’ trend spreads

I don't know who started the '12 days of cookies' phenomenon, but Food Network was the first entity to ask me to sign up for it. For several years now, beginning sometime in late November, I have received a dozen emails from Food Network, each with a different holiday cookie recipe (there is usually a bonus thrown in for good… read more

Is a french fry shortage on the horizon?

Even though I make most meals at home and try to eat a well-balanced diet, there are times when a trip through the drive-thru is the best way to get dinner on the table. When that happens, I usually can't resist the allure of fast food french fries. Few things taste better than piping hot fries. That is why an… read more

A new series based on the life of Chef Aarón Sánchez is in the works

ABC (US) is developing a new drama based on the memoir by Chef Aarón Sánchez titled Where I Come From. The new show will follow divorcee and chef Zoila Sanchez, a character based on Sánchez’s mother. Inspired by events from Sánchez's own childhood, the show depicts Zoila moving to New York from Texas along with her twin sons so she… read more

Joy of Cooking’s enduring appeal

Ask almost anyone in the U.S. to name their favorite cookbooks and you will probably hear 'Joy of Cooking' somewhere in the list. The book, which first debuted in the 1930s, has taught several generations not only how to cook, but also how to preserve food and much more. Abagail Weir explains why Joy has had such longlasting appeal. Weir… read more

Food news antipasto

'Tis the season for baking, and one item that many families enjoy this time of year is making a gingerbread house. Whether it's cozy and rustic or elaborate and expansive, gathering around the table to assemble a gingerbread house is sure to create memories. If you are new to this pastime, Australian Gourmet Traveller has a primer on how to… read more

New ideas for edible gifts

Those of us who are passionate about food frequently look to the kitchen for gifts to give our friends, family, and neighbors for the holidays. While many people give candies or baked goods, there are savory options and items such as homemade liqueurs that also make excellent gifts. We tend to have our favorite tried and true gifts, but sometimes… read more

Reheating with ‘art and discernment’

Following holidays that traditionally feature a large feast, we frequently include a post on what to do with the leftovers. (See this article and this one for two examples.) Making meals with leftover food is, of course, not a new concept, but there is a fascinating history of the practice in France. In fact, in the late 1800s, French chefs… read more

How famous artists would plate Thanksgiving dinner

We want to wish all of our US Members a Happy Thanksgiving. The crazy weather in many parts of the country has fouled up travels plans and caused flight delays, so if you are holed up in an airport waiting for a storm to pass, here is a little something to distract you from your dilemma: two slideshows on how… read more

Chef Gary Rhodes has died at 59

We were shocked and saddened to learn that television host and chef Gary Rhodes, one of Britain's best-loved Michelin-starred chefs, died suddenly at the age of 59. Rhodes presented TV shows including MasterChef, MasterChef USA and his own series, Rhodes Around Britain. He was awarded an OBE in 2006. While not the first TV chef, he was undoubtedly one of the… read more

Relax, you’ve got this

My Twitter feed is nearly 24/7 Thanksgiving prep at this point. It's been building over the past couple of weeks in the lead-up to the biggest food holiday in the US. Usually on the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving I would be elbow-deep in turkey (literally, to season it for dry brining), finishing the make-ahead gravy, making pie crusts, and performing… read more

Airbnb’s new service is aimed at food lovers

Millions of people use Airbnb's services to secure vacation getaways, unique places to stay for business trips, and even places to host parties. Now we have learned about another experience offered by the company that will pique the interest of food lovers around the world. Airbnb is launching a new category simply named “Cooking,” which allows users to book cooking classes taught… read more

Food news antipasto

Let's start this week's installment off with something that definitely fits the 'quirky' food news category, about a Canadian bartender's dying wish. You might expect that it would be to meet an icon in the field or to serve a drink to someone famous. Not even close. The real truth is so absurd that I doubt you could guess it… read more

Lamenting the loss of recipe cards

At one time, the recipe box was a standard fixture in almost every household. Women kept the boxes, filled with family recipes and perhaps clippings from a newspaper or magazine, close at hand and used them often to help create family meals. With the internet, there is virtually no need for such an item, and it appears as though the… read more

Holiday gifts from your favorite authors

Jenny has already provided her comprehensive lists of holiday gifts for cooks and cookbook lovers. In addition, we have compiled a list featuring holiday hampers and more from popular chefs and cookbook authors around the world. Many of these sites have sales going on now just in time for the holidays.  These gifts would be a delight for any food or… read more

The secret origins of some popular foods

What do banana bread, artichoke dip, and Rice Krispies treats have in common? Besides being delicious, the three food items share a common theme in their origins: they were each created to help sell a product. Taste of Home tells the story of these and other favorite dishes that were all concocted by marketers. It's difficult to believe that something… read more

Get ready for Thanksgiving

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving next week (yes, it's only a week away!), we hope you are using EYB to find and bookmark recipes and make your shopping lists. For a big meal like this, however, sometimes you need more than just recipes, you need assistance with the whole package: decor, timelines, and tips on how to make certain items.… read more
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