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A recent TikTok trend has people boiling their wooden kitchen utensils in an effort to sanitize them. A video of someone giving her wooden spoons a bath in a vat of boiling water has over 49 million hits. One person who is not jumping on this bandwagon is Rachel Cooke. The daughter of microbiologists, she was taught that wood is… read more

What’s the deal with all these ice cream flavors?

a single scoop of chocolate ice cream sits inside a waffle cone. The background is a blank white canvas so the cone stands out.
A few days ago an advertisement for Van Leeuwen's Hidden Valley Ranch-flavored ice cream passed through my news feed. I showed it to my husband who replied, succinctly, "No." This savory take on a beloved treat - matched with a major brand, in this case Kraft Foods - seems to be a growing trend. Not everyone is a fan, especially… read more

Mysterious food deliveries stymie L.A. neighborhood

Move over 'Murders in the Building' - there's a new mystery afoot, but it (thankfully) doesn't involve anyone being killed, just phantom deliveries from Uber Eats. Apparently a neighbor in Los Angeles is being vexed by a series of unwanted food deliveries from McDonald's and Starbucks - and no one can figure out who is ordering the food. The small… read more

Pi-e Day is a time to celebrate

I will always believe that today is the perfect date to celebrate pies because 3.14 (pi) is such an integral part of anything round. I noticed many people celebrating via posts on social media today, but even if you missed the "official" date, pie is so delicious that you can definitely have a makeup day. I ended up making a… read more

Food news antipasto

World Central Kitchen and José Andrés just announced that the organization is releasing a cookbook this September. According to an email, the WCK team has "gathered recipes from and inspired by many of the places our Relief Team has cooked following disasters and other crises worldwide, as well as sharing powerful narratives from the people and communities we’ve met along… read more

Movie-themed ideas for your Oscars party

The Academy Awards are coming up tomorrow, but it's not too late to make changes or additions to your Oscar party menu (or to start planning an impromptu get together if you haven't already done so). You might want to consider some of the recipes from The Washington Post, which came up with themed foods to match some of this… read more

GBBO making changes for 2023

While the Great British Bake Off musical may have received mixed reviews (at least one critic didn't think it was worthwhile but one of our Members and last year's winner Syabira Yusoff thought it was great), even die hard GBBO fans were a bit disappointed with the 2022 season. The show's producers have taken note of the criticism (and a… read more

Does the GBBO musical live up to the show?

The reviews are in for the musical adaptation of The Great British Bake Off, the series that bakers around the world adore. The big question is whether this stage show can live up to the fascinating charm of the television program, which is coming up on its fourteenth anniversary. According to Matt Wolf of The New York Times, the answer… read more

Food news antipasto

Looking for ways to get your kitchen better organized? Head over to The Kitchn, which recently posted about their favorite IKEA solutions to keep your cooking area tidy while also looking stylish. The products include utensil organizers, pegboards, and clip-on baskets. One of my favorite IKEA organizing products is their Hultarp series. I have three rails in my kitchen and… read more

Cookbook Deals

I will update this post when time permits– new additions are always at the top of each bulleted list below. If no update is available, be sure to check the publisher links and "cookbook deals" links under each region as they are updated periodically. As an Amazon Associate Eat Your Books earns from qualifying purchases when using our links: USACanadaUKAU If you… read more

Do chain restaurants deserve more respect?

My friends know that I love to cook, bake, and dine at nice restaurants, and sometimes this makes them self-conscious about food or dining out. If we are talking about a recent restaurant meal they enjoyed they might say something like "You probably wouldn't like that place, it's not very fancy, just a chain restaurant." While I have on occasion… read more

A 10-year scone sampling project

I admire dedication to a project, and if it involves food all the more so. This one features baked goods, making it rank even higher in my appreciation. Sarah Merker, from Isleworth, recently completed a 10-year quest to sample scones at every possible National Trust location, ranking each on her blog. Diana Henry's Easter scones from Diana Henry at The… read more

Yuzu is lemon’s mellower cousin

Yuzu is a form of citrus that has attracted fans well outside of its original East Asian place of origin. Cultivation of the fragrant fruit with floral overtones has expanded to the Mediterranean, New Zealand, and Australia, but whole fruits are still difficult to find in the U.S. However, it's fairly easy to find the juice, as Aleksandra Crapanzano explains… read more

Why refrigerators are bad for bread

You probably already know that storing bread in the fridge only hastens its demise, but freezing it is a good way to store it. That might seem contradictory - after all both are cold, right? It's not that simple, as Serious Eats' Dan Gritzer explains, providing us with the science behind the staling of bread. What causes that soft sandwich… read more

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I found a lot of interesting tidbits this week, so let's just dive right in. First up is an edited excerpt in The Washington Post from a new book (not a cookbook) called Eat & Flourish: How Food Supports Emotional Well-Being by Mary Beth Albright. In the Wapo excerpt, Albright discusses how eating with others nourishes us in more ways than… read more

Massive air fryer recall issued

Cosori, a manufacturer of a popular brand of air fryers, recently announced a recall of over 2 million devices due to the risk of fire. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission informed people who own these appliances “should immediately stop” using them and contact the manufacturer to obtain a replacement at no charge. Cosori has created a website dedicated to the… read more

UK vegetable shortages could last weeks

UK shoppers looking for salad staples like tomatoes and cucumbers have been coming up short, as supplies of these produce items are extremely low right now. According to Environment Secretary Therese Coffey, these shortages could last two to four additional weeks. Supermarkets such as Asda, Morrisons, Aldi, and Tesco have imposed limits on how many of these vegetables customers can… read more

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Molly Yeh, an EYB Member favorite author, branched out from her cookbook writing in 2018 with a series Girl Meets Farm. This week we learned that Yeh recently inked an exclusive two-year deal with Food Network for additional episodes of the Midwest-inspired cooking show. Production is set to begin in March. How to make a king cake for Mardi Gras… read more

Kitchen mishaps can leave a lasting mark

If you cook often enough, you are going to have a kitchen injury. Knives, mandolines, hot oven racks, boiling liquids - all are potentially dangerous and most cooks have a scar or two that tells a tale of kitchen woe. So too does The Guardian's Jay Rayner, who writes that "Making dinner means dicing with danger." While not exactly proud… read more

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We start off the week's news with a tidbit from Epicurious about one of my favorite KitchenAid mixer attachments. Just like Grace Elkus, I've discovered that this tool is perfect for making flaky pie crusts. Although it looks unassuming, it does a great job of cutting cold butter into flour without overheating the butter like a food processor can. It… read more

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This week we learned that cookbook author Jean Anderson has died at the age of 93. The winner of five best cookbook awards (Tastemaker, James Beard, IACP) and a member of the James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame, Jean Anderson has written for Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Cottage Living, Gourmet, and other magazines. She published over twenty cookbooks, among them The Food… read more

Boiling water the right way

Everyone's an expert on social media. At least that's what it seems like when you read the comments section on almost any post about politics, warfare, climate, constitutional law, or even food. I can't tell you how many posts I've seen that claim "you are cooking xxx wrong." This goes from complex dishes all the way to the simplest: boiling… read more

Is this the next kitchen fashion?

A few years ago, we asked EYB Members if they wore aprons while cooking, and many responded with a resounding yes. The latest sartorial suggestion from Epicurious might not get as many people replying in the same way, however. Wilder Davis recently posited that wearing a jumpsuit in the kitchen is even better than wearing an apron. Davis suggests that… read more

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carton of eggs
After three years of having only virtual events, Michelin will launch its 2023 guide for Great Britain and Ireland at an in-person celebration on 27 March 2023. The ceremony will be held at the Silverstone Circuit in Northampton. Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the Michelin Guides said: "After two years without being able to organise a physical event in Great… read more

Keeping it real

I've seen a lot of promoted posts in recent days informing me that I could write blog content faster and easier by using AI (artificial intelligence) writing tools. While it was tempting to see what the automated system would gin up with only a slight prompt, I didn't want to give my information to these companies nor do I want… read more
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