Kindle Cookbook and Holiday Deals

Please remember Eat Your Books when you shop on Amazon, click our affiliate link before you begin your cart filling. Amazon USAAmazon CanadaAmazon UK Check out this week’s cookbook deals! Please note these deals may expire at any time. If a seemingly high price comes up the sale is over and I will delete the entry when I update the… read more

David Chang wins $1 million for charity

Chef David Chang has been vocal in both his support for restaurant workers and criticism of how national, state, and local governments have failed to protect the restaurant industry during the pandemic. The outspoken chef recently competed on the celebrity version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, playing for his chosen charity the Southern Smoke Foundation. Chang became the… read more

Food news antipasto

Several weeks ago we posted about Kitchen Arts & Letters starting a fundraising campaign to help save their store. The appeal was successful, with KAL raising enough money to keep the doors open despite a huge drop in foot traffic. An EYB Member provided us with a link to an interview with owner Matt Sartwell on how KAL is coping… read more

Great British Bake Off – Recap – Weeks 9 and 10

Because Darcie posted about the hate mail Laura received after making to the final, we decided not to bombard everyone with another GBBO post and combined the final and semi-final recaps into one. Each of us will take turns with our own impression of the last two episodes after the rundown of challenges. Reminder: New shows for those watching on… read more

Making the case for instant coffee

Until the pandemic hit, I hadn't given instant coffee a thought for years. I used instant espresso in baked goods on occasion, but the idea of actually drinking instant coffee did not cross my mind. Why would I do that when I have a world of flavorful, aromatic, high-quality coffee available at my fingertips? If my local supermarket did not… read more

Gingerbread house season is here

In my post on 'charcuterie chalets' a few days ago I mentioned that I usually find a magnificent gingerbread house to share with you during the holiday season. It didn't take long for one to find its way to my news feed, and this one is a doozy. Joseph Daigle submitted his gingerbread house to a contest held in Newark,… read more

Not your grandmother’s Brussels sprouts

A couple of weeks ago Jenny rhapsodized over Brussels sprouts, and the image that accompanied that article received more clicks than almost anything else we have published this year. The most popular Thanksgiving recipe "by far" on NYT Cooking's website is Mark Bittman's Roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic (pictured below). My neighbor's 12-year-old daughter requests the tiny brassicas for almost… read more

Using up the leftovers

This Thanksgiving I'm cooking for a 'crowd' of only four, and both of the guests will be at their own home, where I will deliver the food for them to enjoy. Despite the fact that this is one-third as many people as our usual gathering, I seem to be incapable of reducing the size of the meal. I had pre-ordered… read more

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Weeks after vanishing abruptly, Fine Cooking's website is back up and running. The return was announced via tweet on November 19. I was able to log in to my Fine Cooking account, and the site appears to be fully functional, although I did not have any recipes saved to my Recipe Box so I do not know if that also… read more

GBBO contestant bullied online for making the finals

Spoiler alert: if you haven't watched the semi-final episode of GBBO/GBBS, stop and return after you have done so. I have to admit that my favorite contestant of the series did not make it through to the finals. Hermine made an unwise decision to use untested recipes in the semi-final, and she paid the price by being eliminated. Up to… read more

Recreating lost family recipes

Most family recipes handed down from generation to generation relied on a tradition of daughters learning how to cook a dish from their mothers or grandmothers. It wasn't until very recently that written recipes became the norm, and in many families writing things down just wasn't the way these cherished foods were handed down. Some people (selfishly in my opinion)… read more

What’s on food writers and chefs holiday wish lists?

I gave up on making a holiday wish list years ago, as it became evident that my husband and family members all preferred to do their own thing with regard to gift buying. Nevertheless, it's interesting to see what others would put on their wish lists - especially chefs and food writers. What kinds of goodies or equipment would they… read more

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Make this instead of a gingerbread house

Every holiday season I usually post an awe-inspiring gingerbread house. I'm sure that between now and year's end, I will find another to share with you. But in the meantime, there's a new miniature house trend that caught my eye. Ingenious people with too much time on their hands (that describes a lot of us right now) have been creating… read more

It’s okay to hate cooking (really)

Whenever people hear that I collect cookbooks, they logically assume that I love to cook. That is true most days, but not always. There are times when I cannot stomach the thought of chopping a vegetable or stirring a sauce or cleaning up yet another sink full of bowls, so I fire up the oven and pop in a frozen… read more

Food news antipasto

Everyone's favorite Hamptons cook recently released her latest cookbook Modern Comfort Food. But as she tells NPR in an interview, "All my books are really about comfort food." In the 8-minute discussion, the domestic doyenne also dishes great one-liners such as "I often say that you can be miserable before eating a cookie and you can be miserable after eating… read more

Celebrate National Bundt Day

Today is National Bundt Day (an offically-named celebration day here in Minnesota, birthplace of the Bundt). The iconic pan was invented in the late 1950s by Nordic Ware founder H. David (Dave) Dahlquist. You can read more about the birth of the Bundt in Jenny’s post from 2018. Although cakes baked in ring shapes have been around for centuries, Bundt cakes got… read more

Great British Bake Off – Recap – Week 8 – Desserts Week – a.k.a. Desserts the judges have resurrected from the dead

Reminder: New shows for those watching on Netflix. On December 4th, Netflix will air season 3 of the holiday shows. Hooray! Christmas in the tent. Season 3 contestants, if I’m correct, will showcase Briony Williams (Series 9), Tom Hetherington (Series 8), Yan Tsou (Series 8), and Terry Hartill (Series 9). Here are our bakers: Dave, 30, Armoured GuardHermine, 39, AccountantLaura,… read more

When size matters

Thanks to virtual meetings and interviews - and the Twitter account Room Rater - I have seen gobs of bookshelves this year. It's easy to see why so many people chose to have a bookshelf in their Zoom background - it makes you look smart and sophisticated, unlike the unmade bed that you would see if I turned on my… read more

This week: All about lefse & recipes, gift guides, cookbook and cookware giveaways, EYBD Previews & more

As I was talking with a friend this week, she mentioned that she had sent her granddaughter a book entitled "My Grandma Makes Lefse". That comment sparked my desire to make lefse again. I have a lefse rolling pin and have made it once (Amy Thielen's recipe: Cream potato lefse). Our talk about lefse made me realize how fast life… read more

The story of Staub

We've written plenty about Le Creuset here at EYB, whether to announce their new must-have colors or a big sale, but there is another French cookware maker that also deserves our attention: Staub. Their products, while similar in many ways to Le Creuset, have subtle but important distinctions, as explained in an article by The Lux Cut that explores the… read more

2020 Gift Guide for the cookbook lover and cook & an Emile Henry tagine holiday giveaway

Several times a year, I put together a gift guide of great products and cookbooks that would make a special gift for the cook/cookbook lover in your life. My 2020 gift guide for the baker can be found here. For sake of brevity, I will refer you to my Best Books of Fall/Autumn 2020 and Best Books of Spring 2020 for cookbook… read more

Some like it hot – and that might be good for them

Do you like spicy food? The kind that makes your brows sweat and has you reaching for water? If so, you might live longer, according to new research. The new study will be presented next week at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2020. This meta-analysis of over 4,729 studies on chili peppers from five leading global health databases shows… read more

Great British Bake Off – Recap – Week 7 – The 80’s and the Curse of the Melting Ice Cream Cake

New shows for those watching on Netflix. On December 4th, Netflix will air season 3 of the holiday shows. Hooray! Christmas in the tent. Season 3 contestants, if I'm correct, will showcase Briony Williams (Series 9), Tom Hetherington (Series 8), Yan Tsou (Series 8), and Terry Hartill (Series 9). Back to the recap. It is always this way: the day… read more

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I participated in the Bake a Bundt online class offered by Bake from Scratch Magazine's Brian Hart Hoffman, Williams-Sonoma, and Nordic Ware. During the class, Nordic Ware's Jennifer Dahlquist announced that in connection with Nordic Ware's 75th Anniversary - happening in 2021 - the company will be making several special, limited edition Bundt pans. They will be offered first (or… read more

Tips for sending food through the mail

Since many of us are not going to be able to travel and gather together with family and friends for the upcoming holidays, we will miss the feasts that often accompany them. I have been pondering whether to send 'treat boxes' to people I would normally see during the holiday season. Since I often created cookie boxes for work, it… read more
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