Kindle Cookbook Deals

The Kindle deals page is now listed on our home page under Essentials for Cooks - the last entry. I update this post throughout the week - new additions are always at the top of each bulleted list below. If you see a great deal please email me at and I will add the deal to this page. Also… read more

Food news antipasto

It's not a bowl and it's not a plate, but it can be the ideal piece of dinnerware to serve everything from pasta to salad. I am referring to the latest home trend: the blate. Shallower than a bowl but with a larger lip than a regular dinner plate, the blate is cropping up at retailers and specialty shops alike,… read more

Who gets to decide which foods are disgusting?

If you ever watched Anthony Bourdain's show No Reservations, you probably saw the erstwhile chef eating foods that to most Western palates would be deemed 'disgusting', items such as warthog anus and fermented shark fin. However, to the peoples where these foods originated, they are thought of as delicacies, or at least national symbols to be proud of. This notion… read more

News from Australia and New Zealand

Yoko Dining (Brisbane) - Seafood Ramen
In Brisbane, delicious magazine’s month out continues throughout May with Otto Osteria offering a $65 2-course sharing menu of char-grilled tiger prawns and a classic pasta (cacio e pepe, ravioli, or rigatoni amatriciana) plus a glass of wine, all with views over Brisbane River. If you’re after that view but with a Japanese bent, pop into Tokyo-izakaya-style Yoko Dining between… read more

Don’t try to use these food scraps

Cookbooks like Cooking with Scraps by Lindsay Jean-Hard, Scraps, Wilt & Weeds by Mads Refslund and Tama Matsuoka Wong, and the forthcoming Cook More, Waste Less by Christine Tizzard all address the issue of combatting food waste by making use of things you would normally discard. These items include carrot and other vegetable tops, fruit and vegetable peels, and aquafaba, to name just… read more

Food news antipasto

We start this week off with two lists. The first comes to us from Eater, which presented its inaugural Eater New Guard Awards, which honors persons in the food world who have "risen to the challenges of the current moment, prioritizing the well-being of others and making a meaningful change in their community." The second list hails from 50 Next… read more

The many facets of tofu

Tofu has been a staple food in the East for centuries and had been available in the US off and on since the 1700s when Benjamin Franklin first brought it to these shores, but it never reached a wide audience here until the 1960s and 70s. Its popularity was limited, however, as it was mainly viewed as a politically conscious… read more

An online archive lets you cook your way through India

Cookbooks are wonderful repositories of a culture's foodways, along with recipes handed down from generation to generation via oral tradition or passed along through recipe cards. As groups of people move in response to political or cultural issues and as tastes change, community recipes that have not been codified in cookbooks can be lost. A trio of students at Flame… read more

News from Australia and New Zealand

Matt Moran with Jane and Jimmy Barnes - KItchen Tales
Season 2 of Matt Moran’s Kitchen Tales has just launched, and this week Matt catches up with Aussie rocker Jimmy Barnes and wife Jane, who are releasing their own cookbook later this year. Broadcast on YouTube and IGTV, the series shows Matt cooking for friends and inspirational guests in his home kitchen. He makes each meal extra special by uncovering… read more

Eleven Madison Park goes meat free

Daniel Humm's award-winning NYC restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, was shuttered for months due to COVID-19 restrictions. The chef and his staff pivoted to feeding the hungry through a partnership with a nonprofit organization. This morning Humm announced that the fine dining establishment would soon return, but with a huge change in the menu: it will no longer serve any meat… read more

Food news antipasto

If you enjoy beer and history, listen up: a county in the UK is hiring someone to visit pubs for a year. The Lincolnshire County Council has recently posted a job listing for a Heritage Project Officer. The job, which pays $40,000 USD for a one-year stint, will involve "researching and recording the architectural and social history of public houses along… read more

Making the most of rhubarb season

One of the first signs of spring is when I see the deeply ruffled leaves of my rhubarb plants poke their way through the remnants of last fall's leaves. The green leaves are followed by crimson red stalks of the tart vegetable (it’s not a fruit, despite its usual treatment as a dessert) and I am excited for the tarts… read more

Thanks for everything, Deborah

Our longest serving staff member, Deborah, has now retired. Deborah has been with Eat Your Books as our Data Manager since before we launched in 2009. She has now retired though since she is planning a complete restoration of her antique home in western Massachusetts I don't think it is going to be a rest. At Eat Your Books Deborah… read more

20th Century Cafe shutters its doors

Scores of EYB Members have praised the magnificent Baking at the 20th Century Cafe by Michelle Polzine. The stunning honey cake depicted on the cover is a mainstay of the book's namesake restaurant, and is only the tip of the iceberg of great recipes found inside. Yesterday we learned the sad news that Polzine is permanently closing her Hayes Valley… read more

News from Australia and New Zealand

Lennox Hastie, Alessandro Pavoni & Lucio Galletto
One of the most beautiful aspects of Australia’s hospitality industry is the camaraderie and respect that exists among our leading chefs. Woodfired-cooking maestro Lennox Hastie celebrated the 6th birthday of his iconic Sydney restaurant, Firedoor, this week by getting together to cook a few ‘snacks’ with six of his favourite chef buddies: Alessando Pavoni (a’Mare and Ormeggio), Peter Gilmore (Quay… read more

Where’s the beef?

If you are of a certain age in the US, you probably remember the Wendy's fast-food commercials from the mid-1980s, where a cantankerous elderly lady peering into the competitor's burger asks the infamous question: "Where's the beef?" She might ask that question again today, but she would aim it at the recipe website Epicurious, which recently announced that it will… read more

Food news antipasto

Raghavan Iyer, best known for his comprehensive book 660 Curries, is working on a new project. The idea for the venture was hatched during Iyer's recent recovery from colorectal cancer and the ensuing treatments. He found that the hospital dietician was not speaking his culinary language, so he has devised a program that aims to assist patients and the medical… read more

Celebrate National Independent Bookstore Day

The last Saturday in April means it is National Independent Bookstore Day here in the US. Here at EYB we take pride in promoting specialty cookbook stores in several ways. First, we have a listing of our favorite cookbook store worldwide, plus we list bookstore events on our Worldwide Calendar of Cookbook Events. In addition, we celebrate these stores with our annual… read more

News from Australia and New Zealand

Shannon Martinez, of Melbourne’s vegan hotspot Smith & Daughters, has partnered with Ian Curley to create the eats and drinks at the recently opened Lona Misa in South Yarra’s new retro-chic Ovolo Hotel. It boasts a casual daytime café and cold-pressed juice bar, a more substantial evening menu and a lively Latin bar all with a completely vegan menu. There… read more

When it’s okay to be in hot water

The phrase "you're in hot water" usually implies a negative circumstance, but there are occasions when hot water is just the ticket. We are not talking spas and hot tubs, either: water just off the boil comes in handy in many cooking and baking applications, as The NYT's Rachel Wharton explains. Topping the list is hot water pastry, essential for… read more

Food news antipasto

You can get whiplash from reading various articles about whether certain foods are healthy - one day eggs are going to kill you, the next day they are the best thing ever - so we rarely post about food and nutrition. When it comes to chocolate, however, we are here to spread the good news about the health benefits of… read more

Mother’s & Father’s Day Gift Guide

It's almost time to celebrate the special people in our lives, mom/mum and dad, and if they are cooks and bakers, I have a few ideas for gifts they will enjoy (and not return). Let's touch on some great new cookbooks this Spring (see my Valentine's gift guide for other ideas and book suggestions) as well as our current promotions… read more

News from Australia and New Zealand

Food writer, Sophie Hansen, who farms deer near Orange in the NSW Central Tablelands, celebrates all that’s fine about coming together with family and friends in her latest book: In Good Company (US/UK release set for May). With her innate flair and sense of country hospitality, Sophie reminds us that entertaining can be easy, with simple seasonal recipes grouped into… read more

Free “Baker’s Helper” conversion charts available for download

Update: Rick has revised his conversion charts. Head over to Rick's site to download the new version. Rick has also scheduled his first set of classes which we have added to our calendar. Be sure to check out all the amazing desserts he will be featuring. We will be sure to keep our calendar updated as well when new classes… read more

Food news antipasto

For the past few months, Jay Rayner has been focusing on classic cookbooks that have had a significant and lasting impact on the way he cooks. For his last column in the series, instead of focusing on a cookbook, he turns his attention to a collection most of us have tucked away somewhere: a binder or scrapbook filled with clippings… read more
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