Argan oil is the new darling of chefs

One of the biggest beauty trends of the last several years has been argan oil-infused products. Now the Middle Eastern oil is finding its way into the culinary world. Chefs like Michael Solomonov have embraced the nutty oil, produced mainly in Morocco.  The historic method of retrieving the nuts - by pulling them out of goat droppings - has been… read more

All You Can Watch Weekend at Craftsy!

Craftsy, for this weekend only, is allowing free access to every class and video in their All You Can Watch Weekend. That's 1,300 plus classes! Find out more here (no credit card required). Recently, I shared that Katie Workman and Robin Miller launched a new cooking show through Craftsy entitled Real Life Cooking. There are many cooking and baking classes are available from our favorite chefs and authors including Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, Rick Rodgers, Gesine Prado,… read more

February’s Summary of the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club

February has us cooking up recipes from The Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart by Alex Guarnaschelli, Nigel Slater (online), How To Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Food  by Nigella Lawson, and Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life by Jamie Oliver in the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club. And, desserts are still be churned out in our second… read more

Oh, sugar

  When I was growing up, there were only two types of sugar in our house: white and brown. It was only after I started cooking for myself and became interested in cuisines different that what I was familiar with that I discovered there are many plants that can produce sugar beyond sugar cane and sugar beets. Knowing what to… read more

Eat Your Books Cookbook Club April – July Selections

Last September we announced the formation of the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club on Facebook and shortly thereafter the Eat Your Books Sweet Ottolenghi Cookbook Club. The latter is of course to bake our way through Ottolenghi and Helen Goh's Sweet and the former to cook through certain titles as a community. We continue to grow and welcome all to… read more

Online options for connecting through food

Let's face it, we are all stretched for time whether it be family, work or any number of responsibilies which limit the opportunity to go out and do something just for ourselves. Exploding all over social media lately are online options that allow us to participate without leaving our home (and even watch at a later time or date). Can't… read more

How to cook any type of grain

  The number of grains that available to cooks today is staggering. You can find everything from quinoa to farro to barley in almost any supermarket, and it's easier than ever to come by lesser known items like amaranth or millet. Along with this great variety of options comes a confusing array of cooking times and liquid volume. Indexed magazine… read more

Tips for online cookbook clubs

The Cookbook Junkies is a group for cookbook lovers that I started around 2004 as a way to connect with other cookbook lovers after the birth of my son. When CBJ was small, there were no specific rules. As we grew, rules for organization and order had to be set up so that the group worked for everyone.  Fast forward a… read more

Three women bringing their adventures back to our kitchen

People who love to create and explore are often incredible writers. They need to be, they rely on their ability to convey what they are experiencing to us in mere words. They weave their magical web to draw us into the beauty of their food or location and when we find ourselves trapped in their experience, we have no desire… read more

January’s Cookbook Club Summary

We have been busy working through Smitten Kitchen Every Day, The Zuni Cafe Cookbook and Dorie Greenspan recipes over in the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club, our online cooking group. Desserts are still be churned out in our second group working through Ottolenghi's Sweet (please see our errata sheet for the Americanized version of this book). Please be sure to… read more

Add another tool to your cooking arsenal

  A good cook should have several tools in her or his toolkit for amping up flavors or adding zing to a dish. Umami boosters like soy sauce, fish sauce, and Parmesan cheese are commonly used to provide depth of flavor. But sometimes umami isn't what's missing, and you need to add a little tang. For those cases, says indexed… read more

Like browned butter? Try toasted cream

  Browned butter's ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary is nothing short of a miracle. The complex flavor that develops by heating the milk proteins adds depth to a variety of goods both sweet and savory. As Sohla El-Waylly of Serious Eats shows us, this amazing transformation also works with cream.  Of course, once you think about it… read more

Finding deliciousness in unexpected places

  When you enter an upscale grocery store or posh farmer's market, you expect to see the finest produce and the highest-quality foods. Shopping in one of these establishments can be a pleasant experience, as they are usually well-appointed, attractively lit, and have helpful staff. As good as that shopping experience may be, nothing compares to the joy in finding… read more

Eat Your Books Cookbook Club December Roundup – Part II

Today, I am sharing Part II of the December roundup for the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club, our online cooking group, and our second group that is working through Sweet (please see our errata sheet for the Americanized version of this book). Helen Goh, is going to try to join us in 2018. Part I was shared earlier this month. This… read more

The most Googled recipes of the year

  What did we ever do before Google? It's difficult to imagine a world without it - it's become the go-to source for finding the answers to almost every question. Naturally, many people use the world's most popular search engine to look up recipes (only because they don't know about EYB!). Last week Google reported which recipes were searched for… read more

Eat Your Books Cookbook Club December Roundup – Part I

We are doing the roundup of the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club, our online cooking group, and our second group that is working through Sweet, a bit earlier as the newsletter will go out next week before the holidays. Before the end of the year, I will prepare a Part II roundup so that we can share more greatest from this… read more

Vanilla extract in an instant

A couple of weeks ago we discussed vanilla in our Spice Support on baking spices. There was a blurb about a shortcut to homemade vanilla extract - and now we have details to go along with that blurb. The Kitchn recently posted a tutorial on how to make vanilla extract with an Instant Pot.  While traditional recipes require weeks or… read more

Neapolitan pizza-making achieves UNESCO World Heritage status

Naples, the city where pizza was perfected, just received major recognition for its world-famous pies. UNESCO, the cultural arm of the United Nations, recently added pizzaiuolo -- the art of Neopolitan pizza-making  -- to its 'Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity'. More than two million people had signed a petition in support of the Italian city's bid for world… read more

Chocolatiers aim to make you rethink white chocolate

  White chocolate is often derided as not being "real chocolate", and critics dismiss it as being one-dimensional and overly sweet. A growing number of chocolatiers are quietly changing that perception, one confection at a time, says food writer Simran Sethi, author of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love.  Most food historians agree that we can… read more

Eat Your Books Cookbook Club January – March Selections

In September we announced the formation of the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club on Facebook. We have grown to over 4,400 members and welcome all to join us. In October and November, roundup posts highlighting the wonderful creations our members have been posting were shared. For ease in locating EYB Cookbook Club articles, I have tagged all posts with #EYBcookbookclub and include a link… read more

November’s Eat Your Books Cookbook Club Summary

It's time for the monthly roundup of the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club, our online cooking group. November's books were Half Baked Harvest or any of Diana Henry's cookbooks or online recipes that we have indexed here at Eat Your Books. As a reminder, in December we will be cooking from Six Seasons or Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat, plus… read more

Imagine new ‘pastabilities’

  There are hundreds of different pasta shapes, each with its own special attributes that make it the perfect companion to a particular style of sauce. Barilla, the world's largest pasta company, isn't content to limit itself to this large world of pasta. For the past few years, the company has been experimenting with intricate 3D pasta shapes. Barilla hosts… read more

Potato, potahto

  White, red, russet, gold, fingerling - while these are the types of potatoes you will find in most supermarkets, there are actually dozens of varieties. You might see some of the lesser known cultivars at farmers' markets or upscale grocery stores. It's tempting to pick up a bundle of purple potatoes, but then what? We've found a handy guide… read more

Eat Your Books Cookbook Club Monthly Roundup

Last month, we announced the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club - an online cooking group. More information is available on our introduction post. We have already scheduled out the rest of the year as follows: October - Victuals or Orange Appeal, any Southern title, or any Donna Hay recipe from one of her cookbooks or her online recipes that we have indexed here… read more

French butter shortage causes consternation

  A perfect storm of various trends is causing a butter crisis in France. Increased demand for French baked goods in Asia and other locations, coupled with a reduced European milk supply, has caused a shortage of butter and a resultant spike in prices that shows no sign of abating.  Butter prices in France have increased 60-percent the past year.  Photos… read more
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