Upgrade of Bookmarks feature

One of the most common requests from members has been to allow the addition of bookmarks to multiple recipes at once. I'm pleased to announce that feature has today gone live. At the top of your Bookshelf Recipes page you will see a new link Add multiple bookmarks. When you click that a check/tick box appears next to each recipe… read more

Help with buying ingredients

We know it can be frustrating to come across unusual ingredients in a recipe and have no idea where to find them. With online shopping it is much easier now than it used to be - but how do you know that the supplier is reliable and the products are good quality? EYB to the rescue - we are adding… read more

EYB is now accessible and translatable

We have added a very cool tool to EYB that improves the usability of the site for our members with disabilities. Click the new green symbol at bottom left of your screen and see all the options - specific accessibility profiles like blind, color blind, dyslexia or ADHD can be selected and the site will adjust accordingly. Or you can… read more

13,000 Books Indexed!

Earlier this month we shared that Eat Your Books reached a milestone with 2,500,000 indexed recipes and now we are pleased to announce that over 13,000 books have been indexed. Our Library has a great mix of new releases, classic cookbooks and even Member Indexed non-English titles! In addition to these titles, we have connected the EYB database to ckbk’s library… read more

2,500,000 recipes indexed

When we launched Eat Your Books in 2009 I couldn't have imagined we would grow the site into what it is today. We launched with 550 cookbooks indexed (about 92,000 recipes) and in the years since we have added almost 6,000 magazine issues and the indexed books total is almost at 13,000. Plus of course 470,000 online recipes. Whew! This… read more

Efforts to stop bot activity

As regular visitors will know, we have been having site performance issues related to very high levels of search bot activity. The bots fire thousands of requests per second at our site which causes the server to get overloaded and grind to a slow crawl or even a halt for anyone else using it (our members). Our short-term solution was… read more

EYB and ckbk are linking up

We are delighted to announce that we have connected the EYB database to ckbk's library of digital cookbooks. ckbk is a cookbook subscription site where you can access the full content of more than 700 great cookbooks, the majority of which are indexed here on EYB (and more will be indexed every week). Every book in the EYB Library that… read more

New blog index: RecipeTin Eats

We have today added a new blog index, RecipeTin Eats. Nagi Maehashi is the voice, cook and photographer behind the Australian food blog with a devoted worldwide following. A former finance executive, Nagi started RecipeTin Eats in 2014 to share her passion for creating affordable everyday meals with the 'wow' factor and classic dishes of the world done right. Nagi and… read more

Increase in membership fees

The EYB membership fees will be increasing on February 1st to $40 per year or $5 per month. This is our first increase since 2015 and the site has developed enormously since then. In case you need a reminder of just a few things that are available on the site: 2.3 million recipes are now indexed, from 12,200+ cookbooks, 5.300+… read more

New blog index: Ottolenghi

We have today added a new blog index, Ottolenghi.co.uk. Ottolenghi's style of food is rooted in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean traditions, but also draws in diverse influences and ingredients from around the world. Check out the 362 recipes indexed from the blog. And because we have also indexed all of Ottolenghi's cookbooks plus his recipes in magazines and newspapers, we have… read more

New Feature: EYBD Preview indexes

In March 2018, EYB launched our EYBDigital Preview and EYBDigital Recipe feature. An EYBD Preview is where a selection of full pages are available with many including a sampling of recipes. Please see this article for a full explanation of EYBD Previews and Recipes. To date we have 1,445 EYBD Previews in our Library. Of those Previews 890 are attached… read more

NEW FEATURE: Report Broken Links

Our EYB Library has 375,325 online recipes at this time. Those online recipes were all active when the links were created. However, websites revamp their site thus changing recipe locations or blogs close down so some links have become inactive or broken. We have added a "Report Broken Link" icon - next to the "Recipe Online" icon - so that… read more

NEW FEATURE: ‘No Recipes’ books

We have had the Indexing status 'No Recipes' for some time but until now you could not use that as a filter. You now can! 'No Recipes' is one of the selections under the Only Show filters on the right (or under the Menu on a phone) when you are in Library Books or My Bookshelf Books. 'No Recipes' books… read more

New blog index: Green Kitchen Stories

We have today added a new blog index, Green Kitchen Stories by David Frankiel & Luise Vindahl. Their recipes are for healthy and simple vegetarian food with natural ingredients, whole grains, good fats, fruit and vegetables. David and Luise live in Stockholm with their adorable family. In addition to the wonderful recipes, gorgeously photographed by David, there are posts about… read more

NEW FEATURE: Adding a book to the EYB Library

Until now the only way for members to add a missing book to the EYB Library was to import the ISBN number using Import Books, which is available under the My Bookshelf tab (for Premium members only). We then import the book data from Amazon. However this system did not allow for books without an ISBN number or books not… read more

Search your own Notes

Members have been asking for a way to search their Notes and we have now added this feature to the site. Now you can easily access your own Notes under the My Bookshelf tab (My Notes). And once there you can search your Notes and if you wish you can print them out and store those notes in the cookbook.… read more

A Half Baked Harvest double feature

Today is the publication day for Tieghan Gerard's newest book Half Baked Harvest Every Day, Our index is live which includes 6 full recipes in our EYBDigital Preview. I'm a big fan of Tieghan's recipes so I am also delighted to announce we have indexed every recipe on her Half Baked Harvest blog - all 2,543 recipes (below is a… read more

Nigella Lawson – Complete Blog Index

This month we completed the indexing of Nigella Lawson's blog: Nigella.com. As of this writing there are 836 recipes indexed; be sure to add Nigella.com to your Bookshelf for quick access to all those recipes. We have only included recipes by Nigella and her Cookbook Corner guest authors, not community recipes. Nigella is one of our complete indexed authors with… read more

New wishlist feature

Many of you have been asking for this feature for a long time. We are delighted to announce that the Wishlist is finally here. Next to each book and magazine's indexing status in the EYB Library you will see a red heart outline. When you click it, the heart turns to a solid red - the book or magazine is… read more

EYB Milestone: 1000 EYBDigital Previews

Today we uploaded our 1000th EYBDigital Preview! The EYBD Preview shares a selection of full sample pages from cookbooks so that our members may get an overall idea of the book. You can learn more about EYBDigital Previews here. Below is a screenshot of the EYB Library page where we have filtered the EYBD Previews by book publication date: One of… read more

Printing out your Bookshelf

We have added a new feature today to EYB - you can now print out your Bookshelf books list or recipe searches. You can also download those to a CSV file (comma-separated values). The print option is also available in the Library though not the CSV download. For Books it works like this: 1. Select the minimal View option.2. Sort… read more

EYB Milestone: 10,000 books indexed!

Just last month, we shared the news that we had reached 2,000,000 recipes indexed and here we are announcing that we have just published the index on our 10,000th book! Which book holds the honor of setting this EYB record? Simply Julia: 110 Easy Recipes for Healthy Comfort Food by Julia Turshen. We will have a full promotion on Julia's… read more

EYB by the numbers

We are fast approaching the one year anniversary of lockdowns for most of us. The first stay at home order where I live was March 13, so three weeks from today will mark one year since our lives were upended by the coronavirus known as Covid-19. I went from commuting 100 miles each day to working from home nearly full… read more

EYB milestone: Two million recipes indexed

When we launched Eat Your Books back in 2009, we could not have imagined ever reaching 2,000,000 recipes indexed. That we have survived and thrived while many other sites have fallen by the wayside is a testament to the hard work, perseverance and, yes, stubbornness of our wonderful team. Plus of course our lovely members who have renewed their membership every… read more

More than 10,000 Member-uploaded photos in the EYB Library

Thanks in part to an extremely prolific new Member, we now have over 10,000 images submitted by Members in the EYB Library. We appreciate everyone who has submitted photos, with a shout out to new Member Tina_Berlin, who has uploaded over 470 images since joining a couple of weeks ago. Of course, we would be remiss not to mention the… read more
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