2024 Cookbook Preview

Every September (this year I'm running a little behind!), I begin cataloging the following year’s cookbook releases. I do this for several reasons: 1) so our members know what is waiting down the pipeline and 2) it makes the monthly new cookbook reviews a little easier for me as I keep the original post updated when changes occur. As I… read more

2023 Cookbook Preview Listing

Right before each September, I begin cataloging the following year’s cookbook releases. I do this for several reasons: 1) so our members know what is waiting down the pipeline and 2) it makes the monthly new cookbook reviews a little easier for me as I keep the original post updated when changes occur. This year I have organized the monthly… read more

Fall/autumn preview: Part II – Non-baking titles

Last month, I shared Part I of my fall/autumn preview which highlighted baking cookbooks. I recently updated that post to include a few books which have come in. Here in Part II I will tell you a bit about the non-baking books that I’ve been fortunate to review either by galley, pdf or copy of the book and as these… read more

Fall/Autumn 2022 Cookbook Preview: Part I: The Baking Titles

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are in the midst of summer but fall/autumn is fast approaching. This year we have an exorbitant amount of tempting releases - many of which have been moved from either last year or from earlier this year. (Let's hope they don't get further delayed because of COVID issues.) In this preview - Part I… read more

Spring 2022 Cookbook Preview

It's time for a Spring preview post which will cover all titles from February to May. Please note EYB's Spring preview is much larger than most as we feature books from around the world. While preparing this preview a few of the Spring titles were moved so if you are looking for a book, check the 2022 preview post for updates. Speaking… read more

Looking forward to 2022 cookbooks

Every September, I begin cataloging the following year's cookbook releases. I do this for several reasons: 1) so our members know what is waiting down the pipeline and 2) it makes the monthly new cookbook reviews a little easier for me as I keep the original post updated when changes occur. Preview posts for the second half of 2021 -… read more

Cookbook preview for the second half of 2021

We're approaching August at warp speed. August begins the soft opening of Cookbooktober, those magical months through November where cookbooks are released in a frenzy. In February, I shared my preview for January through July and now that seems like years ago! (Full listings of this year's titles can be found on the Cookbook Preview). Please note that I have… read more

Spring 2021 Cookbook Highlights

As most of you are aware, I continually update the 2021 Cookbook Preview post with additions each week. Working on the EYB Library and adding new cookbooks is one of my favorite jobs. Adding these soon-to-be released titles to our preview post gives me the same feeling of excitement as Christmas morning to a child. Today, I'm going to share… read more

All Things Baking: 2021 Baking Titles; Online Baking Classes

This week Brian Hart Hoffman from Bake from Scratch announced his new series of baking classes at Williams Sonoma. Brian's classes are great fun and I have attended several in the past and I have registered for the entire upcoming series. The classes have been set up on our calendar. Below I have created an outline showing the topic and… read more

Looking to 2021 cookbooks

2021 is looking like another stellar year for cookbook lovers. This year we have books coming from Julia Turshen, Dorie Greenspan, Eric Ripert, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Zoë François, Mark Bittman (two books), Pepper Teigen (Chrissy’s mom), Carla Lalli Music, Joshua McFadden, Giada De Laurentis, Sybil Kapoor, Rosie Birket, Mary Berg, Emma Galloway, Ross Joseph Dobson, Tom Parker Bowles, Michael Smith,… read more

Preview of Autumn/Fall 2020 Cookbooks

This year has been like no other, it has been topsy turvy, to say the least. It makes sense that my preview posts follow that course. I began with dessert first: pies and then cake, now it's time to get to the main course. While I have an entire yearly compilation of cookbook releases outlined in my looking forward to… read more

Let Them Eat Cake!

A short while back I wrote, Were you a pie baker, when pie baking wasn’t cool?. I was excited and overwhelmed by the sheer number of pie cookbooks slated for publication this year. Move over pie cookbooks, cake cookbooks are heading into Dodge. Personally, I am a cake over pie dessert person and this year's crop of cookbooks covering cakes… read more

Looking forward to 2020 cookbooks

While the last twelve months have provided a great deal of enjoyment for cookbook lovers, 2020 is looming bright and not too far off on the horizon. The last year sped by and while I would like time to slow down a bit I always find joy in the excitement of what is to come. This outline will provide a… read more

Must Have Books for Fall 2019

We are proud of our global membership here at Eat Your Books. With a world of cookbooks to cover our "lists" are heftier than others. Even though this preview post takes into consideration cookbooks from all points on the map, I did try to pare it down for brevity's sake. That being said, please know that there are myriad titles… read more

Summer 2019 Cookbook Previews

For those of us who feel as if we just decked our halls with boughs of holly, it's frightening to realize how quickly six months have passed. June and July are slower months in the publishing world but we still have a few great books to look forward to before August begins the madness that is Cookbooktober. For a peek… read more

May 2019 Cookbook Previews

It's preview time! This month's releases bring us a nice variety of titles from Italian small plates to pizza making, barbecue secrets, to unleashing vegetables from the amazing Jose Andrés. EYBDigital titles are noted and other pertinent information is  shared.  As always, if I have the book, I will share a blurb - if I do not, I hope to… read more

April 2019 Cookbook Previews

It happens every time. Every month, the anticipation of new cookbooks arriving builds and I am amazed by the "must have" designation I assign to many of them. But in the same measure, I have a tiny wish that so many of the new releases wouldn't be keepers. Why would an avid cookbook junkie say such a thing? It is… read more

March 2019 Cookbook Previews

The calm between Cookbooktober (that period that starts late August and ends in November) and Spring releases (February through May) has abruptly ended. March ushers in a selection of titles that I am excited to share details about today with additional information in my end of the month new cookbook review. Back in December when I started my 2019 Preview post, these… read more

February 2019 Cookbook Previews

After preparing the 2019 Preview post in late December, I skipped a preview post for January as it would have been repetitive. We are approaching a new season of cookbook releases with February through April being big months for publishing (not as big as Cookbooktober though!) so I'm back with a preview. If I have a review copy, I have… read more

Looking forward to 2019 in Cookbooks

While the new book smell has yet to disseminate on this year's cookbook crop, I've been looking forward. At first blush, 2019 appears to be another epic year for cookbook lovers. The New Pie (Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin), Joanne Chang, Andy Ricker, Sean Brock, Maida Heatter, Lidia Bastianich, Tartine, Madhur Jaffrey and legions of others are among the offerings for the… read more

November 2018 Cookbook Previews

If you have wondered if there are any cookbooks to be excited about after October's onslaught, have no fear there are plenty.  November delivers some beautiful books including a few EYBD titles. For more information on EYBDigital see our EYBD Page which will be updated later this week with new additions. Right now, EYB has three dozen giveaways open including books that… read more

October 2018 Cookbook Previews

Our EYBD program is in full swing with new titles being added frequently. For more information on those books that are part of this program, please see our updated EYBD post. The EYBDigital Previews added since September's preview post are set out in the table below. Click on the book title to go directly to the EYBD Preview. Giveaways are… read more

EYBD Previews for Hardie Grant & Quadrille Titles

In April, I shared a post featuring Hardie Grant & Quadrille titles and today I'll share all the and blurbs for all the additional titles that have been added since that date. Beside each blurb, I will include a link to my previous or current review, events and other details such as if a giveaway is open (US/UK/NZ/AU.) Vegan Christmas:… read more

September 2018 Cookbook Previews

Last month, we launched and shared a promotion for our first EYBDigital Book Southern Baked. We're just a few days into September and two additional EYBD Books have been published Seattle Cooks: Signature Recipes from the City's Best  (see our promotion) and Just a French Guy Cooking: Easy Recipes and Kitchen Hacks for Rookies (see our promotion). We have a fantastic collection of books… read more

August Cookbook Preview Summary

A new cookbook season is in the air and cookbook lovers everywhere are counting the days until September and October titles start rushing in. We have been very busy working behind the scenes in preparation for the books that are headed our way. And, already I've been adding books to the library for early 2019. Cookbooks are still white hot. We are… read more
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