This week: New online baking classes, a peek inside Dorie’s upcoming cookbook, EYBD Preview, cookbook giveaways and more!

This week Williams-Sonoma announced their lineup for the next series of Baking School with Brian Hart Hoffman of Bake From Scratch. I have added these dates and particulars to our calendar. I want to take a moment to highlight cookbooks (and upcoming cookbooks) from some of the bakers joining Brian in Baking School. The Cupcake Diaries was written by the… read more

The last two weeks: Cookbook libraries, new print feature at EYB, cookbook giveaways, EYBD previews and more!

Since my last roundup, we've been busy! There have been many cookbooks indexed and a new member added to our team. But before we cover those things, I thought it would be nice to talk a bit about cookbook libraries or libraries with a heavy cookbook collection for today's topic. April 4th begins National Library Week so this is a… read more

This week: So many cookbooks, our week in review, new recipes, giveaways, EYBD Previews and more

This week I have been happily buried in reviewing new cookbooks as well as continuing to update our 2021 preview post and our Library. Did you know you could sort the library by the date the books were added? Doing so brings up recent additions by members and new 2021 titles added by myself or our team. A few recent… read more

This week: Irish brown bread, St. Patrick’s Day grub, cookbook giveaways and EYBD Previews

Please don't send evil Leprechauns after me but I do not like typical Irish soda bread (online recipes) or corned beef (online recipes). I do however love brown bread (online recipes) and potatoes (especially Colcannon) - I am an Irish girl after all. I'll give up all the other meal components for extra slices of sugary topped craggily brown bread.… read more

The last two weeks: Basque cheesecake, recipes, Spring cookbook highlights, EYBD previews and more!

Last week we held our roundup as the timing fell close to the monthly newsletter. We prefer to space out our mailings as a courtesy to our members. Nothing drives me bonkers more than getting several emails in the span of a week from the same party. "Yes, Sur la Table, I know I left something in my shopping cart.… read more

This week: Celebrating Black cookbook authors releasing titles in 2021 and a look at BEM Books & More; along with recipes, cookbook previews and more.

This week in celebration of Black History Month, I have highlighted upcoming 2021 cookbooks written by Black authors along with some information about a recently launched Black-owned cookbook shop. These are titles that have been on my 2021 cookbook preview post which I continually update because I am obsessed with cookbooks just like you! Expect more in-depth reviews of many… read more

This week: Online cooking and baking classes, Spring cookbooks, recipes, EYBD previews, giveaways and more.

February is nearly half over and we are entering the second busiest time of the year for cookbook releases. This week, I spent a great deal of time editing our EYB Library and reviewing the Spring books that I have been fortunate enough to have received a galley. I am also linking ebook versions of the new books as we… read more

The last two weeks: Game day food, recipes, cookbook giveaways, EYBD Previews and more!

The Super Bowl is this Sunday in the US. Millions of Americans will be glued to their television screens for the football action and the commercials. Usually, every year, I make wings and other finger food but I am doing something different this weekend*. Beer cheese dip I bought a spiral ham which I will warm and glaze, two racks… read more

This week: Dumplings, dumplings, and more dumplings recipes, baking previews and online classes, EYBD previews and giveaways

My mother's version of a dumpling was a canned biscuit tossed on top of a simmering stew. Those same canned biscuits would be fried in hot oil, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and called homemade donuts for a treat on Friday night. And, of course, those versatile machine pressed rounds of dough were turned out as biscuits to go with… read more

This week: 2021 cookbooks, recipes, giveaways, previews and more

2021 is looking like another stellar year for cookbook lovers. This year we have books coming from Julia Turshen, Dorie Greenspan, Eric Ripert, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Zoë François, Pepper Teigen (Chrissy’s mom), Carla Lalli Music, Joshua McFadden, Giada De Laurentis, Sybil Kapoor, Rosie Birkett, Mary Berg, Emma Galloway, Ross Joseph Dobson, Tom Parker Bowles, Michael Smith, Chetna Makan, Bobby Flay,… read more

This week: Pound cakes, recipes, giveaways and previews

This week I had planned to feature recipes for a healthy start to the new year. After having a personally difficult week compounded by the happenings in the US in regards to the attack on the Capitol and with COVID still running rampant worldwide, I went for comfort again. Black & white pound cake from Food52 While I love baking… read more

The last two weeks: Global dessert cookbooks, EYBD Previews, giveaways, best books of 2020 and more

How the rest of the world "desserts" is totally fascinating to me. You can bet your last dollar if there is a dessert book for a certain ethnicity I have it or I am on my way to finding it because I have a cookbook addiction which is even worse when it comes to baking titles. As I was strolling… read more

This week: Kransekake and Baumkuchen cakes, cookbook and product giveaways, EYBD Previews and more!

You may have guessed that I have an unhealthy obsession with all things baking. One of this week's (many) bakes that pulled me into its sugary vortex is the Kransekake cake. Its towering magnificence has me making promises to myself to dust off my kransekake molds. Kransekake from Sweet Paul Magazine, Winter 2015 (#23) by Paul Lowe The kransekage which translates to wreath cake… read more

This week: Yule log recipes, hot chocolate bombs, cookbook and product giveaways, and more

As I was scrolling through social media on Wednesday, an article at Vogue featuring stunning Parisian yule logs stopped me in my tracks. I fully admit I am an odd duck and while the other cakes blew me away I was most taken with the modern design below by La bûche Jardin sous la Neige du Shangri-La. While I drooled… read more

This week: The perfect sugar cookie, cookbook store deals, giveaways, and more!

Every holiday season, I make a promise to myself that I will take my time and make perfectly decorated cookies. Back in New York, I actually had a small business, baking and decorating cookies, cakes, and other baked goods but that was long ago when I was younger and full of hope. Each year I have delusions of grandeur that… read more

The last two weeks: Holiday cookbooks, shopping deals, gift guides, cookbook and product giveaways, EYBD Previews & more

We skipped last week's roundup as the monthly newsletter was going out around the same time and we try to respect your inboxes. While many of us in the US are still recovering from turkey comas, the last thing we want to read about today is more recipes! Instead, I'll share a short roundup of some special holiday-themed cookbooks that… read more

This week: All about lefse & recipes, gift guides, cookbook and cookware giveaways, EYBD Previews & more

As I was talking with a friend this week, she mentioned that she had sent her granddaughter a book entitled "My Grandma Makes Lefse". That comment sparked my desire to make lefse again. I have a lefse rolling pin and have made it once (Amy Thielen's recipe: Cream potato lefse). Our talk about lefse made me realize how fast life… read more

The last two weeks: Brussels sprouts, gift guides, cookbook giveaways and EYBD Previews

Your eyes are not deceiving you. I am going to write about Brussels sprouts - the one vegetable that my 16-year-old son and I fight over at the table. We fight over who gets the last sprout. Every time I make them, my son and I half-heartedly attempt to get my husband (his father) to try them. We want Jim… read more

This week: The Book on Pie pre-order bonus, EYBD Previews, and giveaways!

I promised you last week that I would be back with more recipes this week but I fibbed. This week has been super busy with preparing for the October new cookbook review (and a little battle with a flu bug) and I didn't want to prepare a mediocre recipe roundup. Instead, I will share some pie news. What is better… read more

This week: Let’s talk cookbooks and mistakes, EYBD cookbook previews and giveaways

Before I begin this week's topic on errors found in cookbooks (recipe roundup will return next week), I wish to preface my thoughts with the following. As a cookbook reviewer, I do receive many review copies from publishers, but as a cookbook lover, I also buy plenty of cookbooks myself. Some publishers won't send review copies or often I don't… read more

This week: Apple cider doughnuts and apple recipes, best cookbooks 2020, giveaways, EYBD previews and more

We talked about pumpkin last week. If there is another food synonymous with fall/autumn it is the apple and apple cider. One of our favorite things to do back in New York was to go apple picking. Heading out on a day when there is a slight chill in the air and picking our own fruit was always met with… read more

Two weeks at EYB: Pumpkin recipes, cookbook clubs, giveaways, EYBD Previews and more

We skipped last week’s roundup as the monthly newsletter had just been published and we try to respect your inbox by spacing out our roundups and newsletters. October, my favorite month, is here, and in America, the arrival of cooler temperatures comes with an explosion of pumpkin spice everything. What is pumpkin spice? No, isn't one of the Spice Girls… read more

This week: Cookbooktober is in full swing! Kitchen Arts & Letters’ fundraiser. Cookbook previews and giveaways!

Things are ramping up here with the arrival of Cookbooktober (that period from mid August to late November when cookbook releases are plentiful) and we've been busy, busy, busy. We've been indexing upcoming titles, preparing EYBD Previews, and working on loads of great promotions (cookbooks and products) for our members. Next week, we'll be back to our regular recipe features… read more

This week: Soup’s on, previews (including 2021 titles), cookbook giveaways and more

In Colorado, the weather is confused. This week we had temperatures in the 90s (°F) on one day and then the next we were in the 30s with icy rain and snow. I'm not complaining, I love fall and winter but trying to plan what we're going to cook from one day to the next is a little up in… read more

The last two weeks: Cookout ideas, cookbook giveaways and previews and more

You may have noticed that we skipped last week's roundup as the monthly newsletter had just been published. Today's roundup will contain twice the information so I promise not to linger on any one topic. Here in the US, this weekend marks the official end of the summer season with our Labor Day holiday. Many Americans will be firing up… read more
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