Do you really need to rinse rice before cooking?

Whether you are a fan of Uncle Roger or not, there is no denying that for some people, washing rice is necessary while others view it as heresy. You might ask 'What does the science say?' and if that is your response, look no further than Nik Sharma's latest article appearing over at Food52, where he tackles this question head-on.… read more

Food news antipasto

Ina Garten's cookbook tour is going virtual. Williams Sonoma announced that it would host the Barefoot Contessa herself in a series of events to celebrate the launch of her latest, Modern Comfort Food. The first event sees Ina chatting with Jennifer Garner on October 20, followed by a talk with Katie Couric on November 17. For both events, fans must get… read more

Kindle Cookbook Deals

Check out this week’s cookbook deals! Please note these deals may expire at any time. If a seemingly high price comes up the sale is over and I will delete the entry when I update the post. I will be continuing to update this post throughout the week if you see a great deal please email me at and… read more

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

The 1980s was a decade of excess. Gravity-defying hairdos paired with neon-colored clothing, and television shows lured us in with dizzying displays of consumption: Ferraris on Miami Vice and Magnum PI, and mansions, jewels, and designer clothing on Dynasty and Dallas. It was a decade of one-upmanship - the fancier, the better. This was reflected in food, too. Commercials like… read more

Inspiration for us all

When you reach an age where you don't want to have all of the candles on your birthday cake, you can think that it's all downhill from here. But this story proves that it is never to late to start something new. A Latrobe, Pennsylvania woman has became a Facebook sensation for her cooking and baking videos at the age… read more

This week: Cookbooktober is in full swing! Kitchen Arts & Letters’ fundraiser. Cookbook previews and giveaways!

Things are ramping up here with the arrival of Cookbooktober (that period from mid August to late November when cookbook releases are plentiful) and we've been busy, busy, busy. We've been indexing upcoming titles, preparing EYBD Previews, and working on loads of great promotions (cookbooks and products) for our members. Next week, we'll be back to our regular recipe features… read more

An iconic cookbook store needs your help

It's no secret that we love independent cookbook stores - not only because they offer a wide selection of our favorite books, but also because they render so many great services. Whether it is author talks, cooking classes, or just insightful recommendations from knowledgeable staff, cookbook stores provide amazing benefits to food lovers. It is also no secret that cookbook… read more

Living Lively by Haile Thomas

Haile Thomas is 19 years old and has accomplished more in her years than most twice her age. At the age of 12, she founded the non-profit HAPPY (Healthy, Active, Positive, Purposeful, Youth) to redefine youth empowerment through holistic education and address the need for free/affordable plant-based nutrition and wellness education in underserved/at-risk communities. At age 16, she was the… read more

Porridge perfection

People in Scotland have just ended the Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight, an annual celebration of the best that Scotland's food and drink sector has to offer. One item that might not be fêted during this event is porridge, a homey staple that usually does not inspire much excitement. Connoisseurs of porridge might disagree with this statement, especially those who participate in… read more

One Tin Bakes by Edd Kimber and Nordic Ware Pan Giveaway

Enter our US giveaway to win one of 3 copies of One Tin Bakes: Sweet and Simple Traybakes, Pies, Bars and Buns by Edd Kimber, and one of three 9 x 13 Nordic Ware baking tins. Being a Great British Bake Off fanatic, I keep track of (stalk) the cookbooks the contestants publish as well as the companion books that… read more

Cook’s Country names new editor

Cook's Country magazine, part of the America's Test Kitchen franchise, has announced a new editor-in-chief. Toni Tipton-Martin, whose books The Jemima Code and Jubilee have won both awards and our members' hearts, will become the new editor in chief of Cook’s Country. The change comes as publishers grapple with the issues of cultural appropriation and alleged discrimination against people of… read more

Praise the baking gods, GBBO is back!

On August 10th I was feeling down and wrote Perspective is everything – an open letter to the Great British Bake Off which reflected my deepest desires for GBBO to bring some light into our crazy, mixed-up lives. My friend Tanya who was on the Great American Baking Show Holiday Edition in 2019 posted the above on Instagram today and… read more

Fighting kitchen burnout

These days my emotions are whipsawing back and forth between joy from time spent in the garden feeling connected to the earth to a sense of dread from eerily red sunsets that are the result of huge fires burning a thousand miles away. All of this plus surpassing six months of an altered reality that means very little socializing and… read more

The Great Big Cookbook Club Roundup

As our members know, each month we offer at least four cooking options in our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club. There are other fun cookbook clubs around the interwebs and we'd like to highlight those for those members who might want to cook or bake something other than our choices. We will try to keep you up-to-date on these clubs' choices… read more

Food news antipasto

The culinary world lost a shining star this week. Restaurateur and designer Terence Conran has died at the age of 88. “He was a visionary who enjoyed an extraordinary life and career that revolutionised the way we live in Britain,” his family said in a statement announcing his passing. Seeing beautiful images of food has become a respite in a… read more

When you’re not a morning person

Some people can spring out of bed at the crack of dawn, complete a workout, make a great breakfast, and get ready for work, all with a smile on their face. I am not one of those people. I hit the snooze until the last possible moment, drag myself out of bed, and rarely have time for more than a… read more

Melting Pot Cookbook Giveaway and Quick Bites Samantha Mui

Enter our worldwide giveaway to win a signed copy of Samantha Mui's Melting Pot: Stories and Recipes from a Chinese American Daydreamer. Samantha Mui is a native of California (Bay Area). A former culinary student and current food blogger, she has worked in and out of the food industry for more than a decade. Her cooking style is inspired by… read more

This week: Soup’s on, previews (including 2021 titles), cookbook giveaways and more

In Colorado, the weather is confused. This week we had temperatures in the 90s (°F) on one day and then the next we were in the 30s with icy rain and snow. I'm not complaining, I love fall and winter but trying to plan what we're going to cook from one day to the next is a little up in… read more

Nadiya Hussain’s baking tips

We love all of the Great British Bake Off contestants, many of whom have gone on to write fantastic cookbooks and even star in other television shows. Nadiya Hussain, who won Bake Off five years ago, has done both with aplomb. She recently spoke to the BBC prior to the premiere of her BBC Two series Nadiya Bakes, and in… read more

How to avoid stress eating

A few days ago I made a batch of my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Naturally I had to have one warm from the oven, but I did not stop there. By the time the evening ended I had downed six cookies. That is not a healthy way to eat, but these days I seem to lack the willpower to… read more

Using up the bottle

As someone who has cookbooks that celebrate cuisines from all over the world, I frequently encounter recipes that call for an ingredient that I previously have not tried. I am game to take chances in my cooking, so I will often go ahead and find a bottle, jar, or can of the substance, but sometimes struggle to use up the… read more

Ikaria – Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ giveaway to win one of three copies of Ikaria: Food and Life in the Blue Zone by Mary "Meni" Valle. Ikaria is known worldwide for its incredibly high life expectancies and low rates of chronic disease, much of which can be attributed to diet. The inn owner where Meni stayed answered the question "What do you think… read more

Looking to 2021 cookbooks

If it were not for cooking, cookbooks and family, 2020 would be one do-over year for sure. While preparing for all the cookbook pub date changes this year, I took some time to start prepping my 2021 preview post. I wanted to share this 2021 preview earlier than usual as the months of September through December will be extremely busy… read more

The ‘right’ way to cook rice

Rice is the most widely consumed staple food for a significant portion of the world's population, especially in Asia and Africa. Each rice-centered culture uses different techniques to cook this versatile cereal crop. What is preferred in one country can be anathema to another. The BBC's Hersha Patel discovered this the hard way when YouTube personality Uncle Roger mocked her method… read more

The ebb and flow of seasonal eating

In the depths of winter, while comforted by hearty stews and decadent pies, I dream of the first raspberries plucked off the vine in late spring and ripe tomatoes adorning a BLT in August. When August finally rolls around, I look forward to cozy nights by the fire, apple desserts, and warming soups. This is not to say I fail… read more
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